Confessions of a record breaking real estate agent

I’ll show you exactly how I do it.

Your Real Estate Business Done Right…FINALLY

I’m here to tell you what no one else will tell you about how to turn your real estate business into a raging success.

Welcome to AGENT GRAD school.

Once upon a time, I was a new real estate agent with a dream. I thought a career in real estate meant free time and a lot of money to do whatever I wanted in life. A few months into the business, reality set in and I had neither. I asked all the agents in my office what to do and it either seemed like a big secret or they were doing the same things as everyone else and it wasn’t working that well.

I refused to accept the status quo.

I decided to look outside the real estate industry at what other small business owners were doing to grow their businesses. I started to see certain patterns that were exactly the same among these successful business owners. So, I applied them to my real estate business and created a formula that took me from struggling and frustrated to being one of the top-selling real estate agents in the country, year after year.

In fact, my formula worked so perfectly, I was able to personally (with no team of agents) easily sell $30,000,000 in real estate per year and had even more sales coming my way that I could not ever handle on my own. So I created my very own real estate brokerage, using the exact methods I will teach you.

I’ll show you exactly how to do it, too.

I will show you the exact strategies, tips, and advice I personally use and that I teach the agents in my office to use, now, every day, to create a business that is so easy, it feels like it’s happening automatically – running like a machine – naturally bringing you clients that you love working with, no matter how the market is doing.  


will take your business to the next level.

Are you ready?

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