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The Agent Grad School® method leads to you being seen as the local and national expert in real estate. Once you are seen as an expert, you will very easily and naturally receive interview requests, press exposure, raving fans, the highest production awards possible and other sweet rewards.
Want to learn how to get these same kinds of results for your business? I show you exactly how to do that here, here and here.


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Learn how to be ranked as the top agent in your area and in the country using the strategies here at Agent Grad School®.  

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Your clients, colleagues and partners will talk just like this about YOU, let me show you how.  


You are truly (I’m being 100% sincere) one of the best agents I have ever met and one of the most outstanding business leaders. I honestly can’t say enough positive things about you! It’s amazing what you’ve accomplished!”
Lori Mankin | Agent
Rockville, MD

“You know, you are probably the best agent in DC, right? Hands down. I think you should totally reform the system.
Getinet | Washington, DC

I suggest that everyone I know calls you about buying a place. You really are the best!!!”
Avita I. | Washington, DC

“I’ve worked with Jennifer for the past nine years and consider her to be an expert in the real estate industry. She has very specific processes for every step. Her clients love her communication and the details to make things happen even when there are big obstacles. Jennifer has also helped me become a better lender; by seeing her processes and steps, I have translated this information to my lending profession.
Jay W. Richardson | Lender
Washington, DC

I know I’ve said it repeatedly, but you are really fantastic at what you do. I greatly appreciate all the time, effort and assistance you’ve dedicated. Your advice is prudent, and helpful, and you always keep in mind our best interests and desires. In short, you are phenomenal.”
Ben & Brittany K. | Washington, DC

She’s patient, incredibly knowledgeable, and a great teacher to boot. I have nothing but top remarks for her.”
Nolan W. | Washington, DC

“Thank you so much. You are terrific and we could not have done this without you. With more gratitude than you know…”
David & Talia | Washington, DC

“Jennifer Myers is the only person in the process whom we fully trust and respect, and someone who handles all matters with the highest level of professionalism. She stayed in touch with us, followed through and determinedly solved problems. If everyone in real estate were like Jennifer, the whole process would be pleasant.
Dustin & Shannon | Washington, DC

“I have worked with countless numbers of Realtors over my 12 years as a mortgage lender. It is uncommon to see a realtor with such a high level of touch to assure a smooth transaction for all. It’s impressive to watch a professional at work!!! I would safely refer any of my clients to her.”
David Messineo | Mortgage Broker
Washington, DC

“Thank YOU, Jennifer, for your endless advocacy on behalf of my home purchase and all the others. You’re like a realtor crusader; like ‘Wonder Realtor’ (insert theme music here). Thanks for all of this. You are amazing. I’m so glad you’re my Realtor.”
Brianne N. | Washington, DC

“I always knew I would work with you when the time came. There wasn’t a doubt in my mind. You work and think like I do – hard and straight to the point and I really appreciate that. Thank you for making this such an amazing experience!
Ellice P. | Washington, DC

To our Realtor Extraordinaire: quite simply, you’re the best! Thanks for everything!”
Misty & Jack | Washington, DC

““You are a rock star realtor.
Molly | Washington, DC

Jen – the lady that makes dreams come true. We love working with you and always enjoy your low stress demeanor and ability to make us feel like everything will always work out, no matter the circumstances.”
Georgette & Jason M. | Washington, DC

“Thank you for making the house sale such a seamless process. We were in such good hands – you really know your business and are so customer focused. Thank you!”
Siste W. | Washington, DC

“I don’t think we could ever thank you enough for all you have done for us during this process! You truly have been a god-send! You gave us peace of mind throughout everything. You really went above and beyond and made our lives so much easier because of that! You’re the best!!”
Dan & Alicia H. | Washington, DC

“I’ve worked with many clients and companies of all types during my career. Jennifer’s real estate business is the fastest growing small business I have ever seen. Her business’s huge growth year after year is unprecedented!”
Elizabeth Zang | CPA
Washington, DC


I’ve been asked to co-author two books, one of which became a best seller. These are the same kinds of opportunities that will come your way too, when you apply everything you learn here at Agent Grad School®.








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