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Real Estate Agents: Never Meet a Stranger at a House Again

Why would you ever meet at stranger at a house?

Please, just pause for a moment, stop doing what everyone else in your office is doing when it comes to meeting new clients, what the online lead salesman is telling you to do and really think hard about this.

In no other field would a professional consider just showing up at an unknown location to meet an unknown person, in hopes of  closing a deal or performing their services. Does a doctor agree to meet a stranger in an operating room, ready to go? Does an event planner agree to meet a stranger on the big day, with no plan or preparation?

I have personally worked with thousands of clients and sold hundreds of homes in my 13 years in real estate, and have never ever met a stranger at a house. And never will.  If you do this as part of your real estate business, please stop today.

Why? Because not only is meeting a stranger in an empty house unsafe, but it’s also a huge waste of your time. Running out to meet at stranger at a house they saw online does not establish the kind of professional relationship you should be creating with your clients.  There are many questions that need to be answered and steps that need to be followed before you begin showing homes to a client.

How do you know they are qualified to buy that house?

Does they know the amount of their monthly payments or necessary down payment to purchase that house?

How do you know that the house is the right fit for their long term needs?

How do you know they’ve thought long and hard about the biggest financial decision of their lives – enough to make the right decision?

Do you know if they have already made a commitment to working with another agent?

Safety aside, if you meet strangers at a house because they called you after seeing it online, you are doing them a huge disservice.

Does people buy homes this way?  Sure, everyday. It’s what all the online lead salesman tell you to do. It’s what people who call you after seeing a home online think and hope will happen. It’s how many agents in your office are conducting business.

But should it happen? Absolutely not.

If the buyer ends up buying that house, are they making the best and most informed decision? They may think so, but if all we are doing as real estate agents is opening a door and writing up a contract, we should all quit our jobs.

You are more than a door opener. You must have more confidence in yourself and the value you provide to your clients.  Providing true value to a client does not involve running around town and meeting complete strings that call you out of the blue.

Serious buyers have agents before they start seeing homes. Good agents help their clients understand the financing piece of buying a home before they run out and show them houses. You should want to be the type of agent that provides clients true service and value, creates a relationship with them and learns their preferences before even broaching the topic of making an offer on a house.

Oh, I know, your hope is that you will woo and impress them with your knowledge of the market and other houses they haven’t seen online they will stop calling other agents who will run out to meet them too and commit to working only with you.

You should absolutely woo them and impress them with your knowledge and how great of an agent you are so they commit to working with you, but you should do it in your office before you start meeting them at houses.  Period.

I have personally sold over $165,000,000 worth of real estate in the last 10 years and have never once met a stranger at a home. I would never, under any circumstance, recommend that any agent meet a total stranger at a home, because there’s no reason to. I’m not telling you this to boast about my sales. I’m telling you this so you will see that you can do real estate a different way. You don’t have to do what everyone is doing.

There is a better, safer way to do business as a real estate agent. If it worked for me, it will work for you too, I promise.

Please start doing things differently today. Please start operating your real estate business like a true professional and stop running out to meet strangers at houses because they ask you to.

I hope every real estate agent takes the horrible news we are hearing about what is being done to our colleagues to heart. Only YOU can change what the public requires of us and expects of us. Meeting a stranger at a house puts you at a huge unnecessary risk, but if you need more of a reason than that, it’s just bad business.

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