About Your First Successful Year

Want to learn exactly how to attract your ideal clients like bees to honey? Want to turn those leads into clients you love working with and raving fans, referral sources and repeat clients? Want to learn how to keep in touch with these clients in a way that adds value to their lives well after the transaction is over so they naturally choose you when it comes time to buy or sell again (and refer all their friends to you in the meantime)?

In Your First Successful Year, you’ll learn exactly how to do that and more, step-by-baby-step. You’ll learn exactly how to build a unshakeable, unbreakable real estate business from scratch so you can have a consistently profitable and sustainable real estate career from your first successful year and beyond. Oh, and you’ll also have the time, income and energy to build a life outside your business that you love too. Because, in the end, isn’t that what it’s all really about?

Enrollment only opens twice per year, sign up below to be on the waitlist and be notified when our next semester opens up.