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Love At First "site"

In today's market, your website must bring you clients.  With our website templates, your leads and clients will fall in love with you (and only you) at first "site." 

You not only get a lead-generating website, you also get step-by-step videos so you know what to say and where to say it for maximum lead generation and conversion! 

Start generating your very own loyal leads online in 30 days or less (or maybe even this weekend).  We guarantee you'll love it, or your money back.    

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Marketing yoU

Attract so many of your ideal clients, you'll never run out of people you love working with (and finally ditch all the doorknocking, phone calls, paying for leads and all the other ways you've been trying to get clients).

Learn the modern marketing strategies that truly work in today's market so you proudly promote yourself in a way that brings your ideal clients right to you.   

You'll never chase a lead, ask for clients, or buy leads again.  The only might have too many clients coming to you to handle on your own.  Yes, for real.  

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Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is have a client newsletter that is your lead generating machine, bringing you clients...lots and lots of clients. 

This one-of-a-kind newsletter system and website content is the sole marketing strategy Jennifer used to become one of the top 1% agents in the US and directly generated over $1Million in revenue per year for over a decade. 

And now you can Swipe it and use it as your very own. Plus, we show you how to set it all up in your own business with step-by-baby-step videos so you can see every word and every click along the way.  

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The [Swipefile] newsletter is my primary marketing tool and has built a solid foundation for my business. The topics covered are extremely relevant—I just had a client on my list call me after reading one of the articles about buying and selling at the same time. We are now discussing their options for purchasing and selling!  That’s two deals from just one week of content! 

“Two deals from sending out one week of content!

Kaye, Real Estate Agent

Newsletter Templates

You need your client newsletter to look as unique and professional as you are.

Get one of our templates that are beautiful, work perfectly with our Swipefile newsletter content and matches your Love at First Website template too!  (Yes, we've thought of everything)

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Opt-In Guides

Let technology do the hard work of attracting and following up with leads for you, so you don't have to.

Get more buyer, seller, & move-up buyer clients by offering a free weekly guide, delivered to your leads by email, so they actually want to hear from you again and again.

Finally put your lead generation on auto-pilot, so you can be out doing things that are way more fun.  Use these guides to attract and keep in touch with new leads and turn them into actual clients, automatically.

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After completing Module One, I felt instant clarity about what I wanted out of my real estate career.  I never thought that being at home with my children, watching them grow and also building a successful and fulfilling real estate business was a possibility for me.  But, with your guidance, I really do feel like I have it all.”

“You helped me find the courage to believe in myself.

Lauren, Real Estate Agent

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