You DIdn't Become a Real Estate Agent To Moonlight as A BookKeeper

Bench handles bookkeeping for you—so you have time to focus on what matters most.

cross bookkeeping off your to-do list for good

Bench is the largest small business bookkeeping service in North America. They offer an all-in-one, inexpensive bookkeeping solution. You get a professional team to do your books for you, and a straightforward app to track your financials. No software tutorials, no novel-length help docs. And your books are always complete, correct, and up-to-date.

Bench gives you a dedicated team who do your small business bookkeeping for you, an intuitive app to track your financials, and financial reports that make tax season easy.

Each month, your bookkeeper automatically import transactions from your bank and merchant processors. Then, your dedicated team of bookkeepers categorizes them for you. Plus, they create monthly financial statements for your business—so you can track where your money is going, and plan for growth.

Plus, you get easy to read visual reports that help you understand your finances at a glance, and you can message your bookkeeping team any time.

Come year-end, a complete set of financial statements makes filing taxes easy. 

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what you get with Bench

Automatically imported transactions. Your team at Bench links up with your bank, credit, and merchant accounts to track your business transactions.  It’s on autopilot—your Bench team imports and tags transactions for you, so you can focus on selling more houses.

Monthly financial reports. Profit and Loss Reports, Balance Sheets, and Cash Flow Statements tell you every month how your business is performing. Your professional bookkeeping team prepares them for you. Then, the Bench app turns them into beautiful visual reports, so you get all the info you need at a glance.

A Year-End Financial Package. After the end of the financial year, Bench gives you a package with all the info you need to file your taxes correctly and on time. They can even deliver it straight to your accountant. No more hunting down old receipts or copies of invoices. OMG, thank you!! 

Bottom line: Bench could end up saving you plenty of time and money (and endless frustration come tax-time).

Why do your own bookkeeping?
Bench gives you a team of professionals to handle all your  bookkeeping for you.

So you get error-free, up-to-date books—painlessly. 


I personally use Bench to do my books and love them so much, we are recommending them to you.  When you sign up using our link, not only will you get a free trial month of bookkeeping, but you also get a second month of bookkeeping free.  Referring you means I may also receive a small referral fee.