The 5 Marketing Mistakes Even Smart Real Estate Agents Make – And How To Avoid Them


The 5 Biggest Marketing Mistakes Even Smart Real Estate Agents Make – And How to Avoid Them

Hi, I’m Jennifer!

Rick Mulready is hands down the best person to learn Facebook ads from.   He recently did an episode on his podcast, The Art of Paid Traffic, just for real estate agents on how they can run profitable Facebook ads and he asked me to weigh in on the mistakes that most real estate agents make when it comes to their marketing and Facebook ads.

He asked, “what mistakes do real estate agents make in their marketing, that could derail an otherwise perfectly executed Facebook ad?

You can listen to the entire episode here:

In this episode, Rick walks real estate agents through exactly how to run an effective Facebook ad and then I come in at the X minute mark to talk about The 5 Biggest Marketing Mistakes Even Smart Real Estate Agents Make, because even the best Facebook ads strategy can be derailed if you make even one of these marketing mistakes.  Here’s a quick recap of the mistakes every real estate agent, even the smart ones, make most often and how you can avoid them:

Mistake #1: Not Understanding Your Business Operates in Three Phases 

Every small business owner, but especially real estate agents, must understand these three phases–Before, During, and After.

Facebook ads fall in the Before phase–the marketing and lead creation and capture phase, but you need to be sure that your during and after phases both support the marketing you did to create the lead.  I talk more about what that all means at the X minute mark.
And here’s the thing, if you don’t focus on getting the ‘Before Phase’ right (aka your Facebook ads strategy), you’ll never have to worry about the ‘During ‘ or ‘After’ Phases because you will never attract the right kind of leads or successfully turn them into clients.

Mistake #2: Not Niching  (a.k.a. Trying to Target Everyone, But Reaching No One)
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This one is make or break when it comes to any marketing real estate agents do, but especially with Facebook ads. I see a lot of incredibly smart and talented real estate agents who fall victim to the fear that they will limit their income potential by narrowing the focus of their marketing efforts.
This couldn’t be further from the truth!   I know it goes against conventional wisdom, especially among real estate agents and I also know this will go against everything you’ve learned before, but the minute you niche down to one particular type of client you want to attract, you will have more clients than you know what to do with.
I give you an exact example of how to do this around the X minute mark.
It’s when we try to be all things to all people, to speak to everyone instead of the individuals who can most benefit from our specific expertise, that we fail to reach anyone with the message they most need to hear in order to become an actual client.
The success of your marketing and especially your Facebook ads depends on your ability to niche down to one particular audience and speak directly to them.  But, this process is difficult and scary, I get it.   I got you!
Learn exactly how you can choose your own niche and turn the engine to your real estate business once and for all.  You must go wide, not deep, as they say.  Here’s exactly how to do that:

Mistake #3: Making Your Message About You, Not Them. 
You’ve sold 30 houses in the last three weeks? Awesome. Your the best agent in your market place?  Congratulations! However, focusing your marketing efforts on your own achievements is going to turn off more people than you attract.  I know this goes against what everyone else is telling you, but keep reading.
If you want to truly eliminate your competition and have clients reach out to you who want to work with you and only you, your marketing needs to center around what problem your ideal client is going through and how YOU (and only you) are the right real estate agent to help them through it.
Tip: You can’t do this, though, if you haven’t chosen an ideal client and niched down to one specific type of client whose problem you are best at solving.

Mistake #4: Falling Prey to Shiny Object Syndrome (a.k.a Lack of Consistency)

Facebook. Instagram. Post Cards. Email.
It seems there’s always another new platform popping up or another expert (present Facebook advertising experts excluded, of course!) 😉 telling you to use one platform over the other.
The real key is consistency.
Stop jumping from tool-to-tool and start with whatever platform you are on most and consistently on there before moving on to the next platform. If you’re on Facebook most days anyway, start there. Commit to becoming the best Facebook expert you can and post consistently.  Rick’s program, Facebook ADvantage Local can teach you how to run profitable Facebook ads better than anyone else.

Mistake #5: No Post-Sale Communication Plan (a.k.a. Dropping The Ball On The Easiest Sales You Will Ever Make)

You’ve put in the work (and spent a lot of money) to get a  client and they’ve had a great experience with you. But remember, your job is not complete after the transaction is over.

You’re now at the moment of biggest opportunity for future sales is repeat customers and referrals, but believe it or not, 90% of home buyers never hear from their real estate agent again after settlement and only 23% of home buyers use the same agent on a subsequent purchase.

Referrals and repeat clients are the cheapest and best leads to get and without a  post-settlement communication plan that actually adds value to your past clients’ lives, you are missing out on the easiest and least expensive new clients available to you.

Want to learn how you can put together a post-settlement communication strategy where your past clients are so happy to hear from you (not your typical recipes and junk that no one wants)?   Want to also learn how to choose an ideal clients, attract those clients like bees to honey, attract so many of them you’ll need to hire help to serve them all, then create a one-of-a-kind experience so they become raving fans, referral sources and repeat clients?

I teach that and so much more in my program called, Your First Successful Year. It’s designed specifically for new real estate agents to learn how to launch their real estate business (and also perfect for any agent who wants to relaunch a previously unsuccessful business).   You’ll learn the exact step-by-step process on how you can build a profitable and sustainable real estate career from your first year on.   One that will not only create clients you love working with, but one that allows you to have an amazing life outside your real estate business you love too (because, in the end, isn’t that what it’s really all about?).

You can learn more about how to have Your First Successful Year in Real Estate here.