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How Has Agent Grad School Helped You?

I was dreading doing things like cold calling and door knocking that other people teach. Now I know EXACTLY how to communicate to my audience! Agent Grad School has given me a way to consistently attract clients.”

“The techniques are truly easy to implement and they work.

Colleen Cancio, Real Estate Agent

How Has Agent Grad School Helped You?

I had only been an agent for two months; I started Agent Grad School and learned what works and what doesn’t. It’s immediately obvious how simple and effective the methods are. But, I never expected that after just two weeks of following the marketing plan, it would turn into a $3M lead!”

“Following the marketing plan for only two weeks turned into a $3Millon lead!

Graham, Real Estate Agent

Why Did you Start Agent grad School?

How Your Clients Will be Talking About YOu

“Thank YOU, Jennifer, for your endless advocacy on behalf of my home purchase and all the others. You’re like a realtor crusader; like ‘Wonder Realtor’ (insert theme music here). You are amazing. I’m so glad you’re my Realtor.” - Brianne

"I don’t think we could ever thank you enough for all you have done for us during this process! You truly have been a god-send! You gave us peace of mind throughout everything.  You’re the best!!" —Dan & Alicia 

"You know, you are probably the best agent in DC, right? Hands down. I think you should totally reform the system."  —G.B.

She listens to what we’re looking for and doesn’t try to convince you of something you don’t want just to make a deal. She’s 100% professional

We went through a few realtors before we decided to go with Jennifer. She was the best Realtor we found in terms of competence, knowledge, skill, and fun! We’d recommend her wholeheartedly to anyone, and will definitely choose her whenever we are looking to change homes again. –Sheela 

"Jennifer's clients love her communication and the details to make things happen even when there are big obstacles. Jennifer has also helped me become a better lender; by seeing her processes and steps, I have translated this information to my lending profession." —Jay 

"Jennifer Myers is the only person in the process whom we fully trust and respect, and someone who handles all matters with the highest level of professionalism. She stayed in touch with us, followed through and determinedly solved problems. If everyone in real estate were like Jennifer, the whole process would be pleasant."
—Dustin & Shannon 

I suggest that everyone I know calls you about buying a place. You really are the best!!!” - Avital 

Her candid, honest manner and her help in reminding us of our wants and needs so we didn’t get wrapped up in the excitement of the whole process. –Maria

She is organized, listens to her clients, and pays attention to details that may go overlooked by other agents. –Jessica

all the phone calls, door-knocking, handing out business cards, wearing a name tag, networking, bothering everyone you know,  creating a logo, posting on social media, hoping, wishing, waiting, always having to be "on", or buying online leads

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