Tip Tuesday for Real Estate Agents

Tip Tuesday

How Real Estate Agents Can Attract Clients They LOVE, Week 2:
Why Should Your Ideal Client Choose YOU?

How Real Estate Agents Can Attract Clients They LOVE, Week 2:
Why Should Your Ideal Client Choose YOU?

It’s February, love is in the air and I want you to LOVE every single client that you help buy or sell a home.

Throughout the monthly of February, I’ll be teaching you the exact step-by-step plan for attracting clients you absolutely LOVE working with.

Once you do the work and implement these steps into your own business, you’ll easily start attracting MORE clients and, not only that, but they will be the exact clients that you are best at serving.  Win-win for both you and them.

Last week, in week one, the tip was all about how you must first clearly and specifically DEFINE who it is you want to attract.

In today’s “Just A Tip Tuesday” video, you’ll learn step two to attract clients you love (and who love you too, by the way).  After choosing who your ideal client is (who you are best at helping), you must answer this question for them:

Why should they choose YOU, among all other options, including doing nothing at all?  

I know at first glance, you’re saying “huh??” But, just think about it.  You really do need to answer this question–why should your ideal client want to choose YOU as their agent and why should they be buying or selling a home at all right now?

You’ve got to clearly answer that in order for your ideal client to want to reach out to you to work together.   And, you’ve got to help them realize that they should even be buying or selling a home right now–that it’s possible for them.

In the video above, I walk you through how I did this for my own business–the ideal client I choose and then how I answered this question for them.

I’m also giving you a free worksheet to help you work through how to answer this pivotal, life-changing, business-changing question for YOUR business, for YOUR brand, and for YOUR ideal clients.  It’s not the same answer for everyone, but once you can answer this, your business and life will change forever.  Mine sure did.

It took a while to figure it out, so be patient with yourself, but keep working at it and get an answer for your business and the rest is easy!  I promise!

So, watch the video above, get the worksheet below and answer the question, why should someone (your ideal client) choose YOU, among all other options (every other real estate agent in your area), and why should they buy and sell at all?

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