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Tip Tuesday

How Real Estate Agents Can Attract Clients They LOVE, Week 3:
How To Communicate To Your Ideal Client So They Come To YOU
aka (how to never chase clients again)

How Real Estate Agents Can Attract Clients They LOVE, Week 3:
How To Communicate To Your Ideal Client So They Come To YOU
aka (how to never chase clients again)

If you’re a real estate agent and you don’t have enough leads, this is a must watch video for you.

This is the exact step-by-step way any real estate agent can have not only have more clients, but also have more of the exact clients you want to work with AND have them come to you when they are ready to buy or sell a home (vs. you feeling like you are constantly chasing them around and following up to see if they are ready).

So, to recap: We are in week 3 of the how to attract clients you love series.

In Week One, step one was to identify WHO you want to work with… who is your ideal client? You’ve got to know who you are trying to attract in order to know how to reach them.  I gave you a worksheet so you could go through the same process I went through to know which client you are best at serving and choose who you are best at serving.  That’s your ideal client.

Week Two, step 2 was all about how to answer the question that your ideal client doesn’t even know they are asking, but if you can answer this one question in your business, everything changes for the better.  Everything becomes easier.  Clients come to you without you having to ask, chase or hope.

It’s called your Unique Selling Proposition.  You must answer the question, “Why Should Someone Choose YOU among all other options, including doing nothing at all.”

For real estate agents, that really is, “why should the person you want to work with you, choose you among all other real estate agents out there, and why should they bother buying or selling a home at all?”

You’ve got to answer THAT question in order to get your ideal client to have the desire to buy or sell a home at all, and then, why they should decide to work with you instead of the thousands of other real estate agents in your town that are hoping they’ll choose them.

This is where many real estate agents get stuck and then their business never turns into the one they always hoped.  Don’t let this be you.  Don’t quit, keep going and figure this out.  You can do this and once you do, it will change your real estate business and therefore your entire life forever.  I promise you this.  I even offered to help you.  For Free.

Now, here we are in Week Three and once you know who you are best at serving and then you know why you are best at serving them and you know why they should want to buy or sell a home at all, you’ve got to communicate that why to that ideal client.  And, then you have to keep communicating it consistently.

Watch today’s video (above) and learn the two places you can start doing this today.   One of the two is completely free.  The other is easy.

Follow these three steps and change your business for the better.  This is how you fish.  You can either pay other people to bring you fish (aka online leads) or you can learn to catch your own fish (aka create your own leads).  Learning how to fish is harder at first, yes, but once you get it, you can eat for the rest of your life.  And, even, start selling the fish (read: leads), that you can’t eat yourself (meaning, YOU can start being the one to hand out leads and make thousands per month).

These are the exact same steps I personally took to take my business from barely making it to making a million dollars a year for over a decade. I’m still using these exact same steps today in my own business.  You can hear more about my story here.

I then taught the other agents in my brokerage how to do the same thing and the ones who applied it to their businesses had more clients than they could handle too.  You can hear about a few of them here and here.  The ones that didn’t, don’t have nearly the same success.

It’s a choice YOU get to make.

You can either learn to get your own leads or you can pay other people for leads.  Is it a little hard and out of the box at first? Yes.  But, you are an #AgentWhoRocks and I know and you know you can do this if you commit to figuring it out.

Once you do, everything your business and your life becomes easier, more rewarding and whole lot more fun.

To your success,


P.S.  Get the worksheet below to learn the three things that every real estate agent’s marketing must have to attract clients they love.  I even walk you through my very own website and show you how I apply the three things to my business as a real-life example of how you can do the same.  Get it now below…

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