Tip Tuesday for Real Estate Agents

Tip Tuesday

Get Organized For The New Year Series
Week 1: Get Your Online Files Set Up

Get Organized For The New Year Series
Week 1: Get Your Online Files Set Up

Let’s get organized for the new year!

This is week one in the “Let’s Get Organized for The New Year” Series, happening throughout January!

In this week’s Just a Tip Tuesday, I show you how spending just a few minutes setting up your folders in Dropbox (or iCloud or Google Drive) saves you time all year long!

I even take you inside my personal Dropbox folders to see exactly how to set it up once and then “fo-getta-bout-it” all year long.

You’ll be ready to save your files exactly where you can find them quickly and easily and then run out the door to see your clients!

Copy and paste the same exact system to your own real estate biz to save you time and keep you organized.

I hope this quick tip helps you in your real estate business.

To your success,


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