Tip Tuesday for Real Estate Agents

Tip Tuesday

Get Organized For The New Year Series, Week 3:
Get That Pesky Paper Organized Once and For All!

Get Organized For The New Year Series, Week 3:
Get That Pesky Paper Organized Once and For All!


This is the third and final week of my January Just A Tip Tuesday series  called “Get Organized for the New Year” series.

If you missed any, go here to see them all!

No matter how hard we try to have a paperless office, there are always those pesky tax forms and paper receipts that we need to keep track of throughout the year.

I still cringe at just the memory of what I did before implementing this system for paper files that I’m sharing with you today.

The night before my yearly meeting with my accountant to touch base about my taxes, I would be up until the wee hours of the morning with a huge pile of paper files and tax forms that inevitably get throughout the year.

One day, I said enough is enough!  I need a quick way to set everything up for the year just once so that I can be organized for tax time.

So, I created a very simple, very elementary system that I could easily use throughout the year so by the time tax time came around is just “grab and go” instead of sitting for hours to prepare for my meeting with the accountant.

This system takes five minutes to set up and you are good to go for the entire year.  You can file your paper receipts in seconds and run out of the office to meet your next client.

What used to take hours, now takes less than 15 minutes for the entire year…you’re welcome 😉

Hope this quick tip helps you in your real estate business.

To your success,


P.S.  It’s a TWO-FER!! Here’s an extra “Just A (bonus) Tip” for you from this week’s episode.

Keep this in mind not only when it comes to setting up this system but in everything you do in your real estate business! 🙂


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