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Tip Tuesday

How To Keep Buyers Engaged When The Inventory Slows Down

How To Keep Buyers Engaged When The Inventory Slows Down

In every market, there are times when the inventory slows down. In my market, in Washington, DC, like clockwork, every August and every Thanksgiving until until mid-January, the inventory slows down.

That doesn’t mean that there are NO homes to see, it just means that the houses that are on the market aren’t as great as other times of the year and the number of homes to see each week has decreased.

What’s your market’s version of this? Maybe it’s the same time of year, maybe it’s a different time of year, but this tip applies to whatever the slow down is for your market, regardless of which month.

This often times scares buyers into thinking that buying a home is too hard, or not possible for them. Your job is to keep their spirits up and keep them motivated to keep looking during this slow period.

Or, just put their search on hold until the inventory does pick up. It’s all about setting expectations, showing them what’s possible and that it’s a timing issue, not a “them” issue.

In this week’s #TipTuesday, I give you three specific scripts for you to proactively set your buy-er’s expectations during this slow time in the market.

Hope this helps you in your business.

To your success,

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