Have A Steady Stream Of Clients Coming To You Without Being Salesy, Using Old-School Tactics—Like Doorknocking or Pop-bys—Bothering Everyone You Know, Paying For Online Leads, or even posting on social media (unless you want to).

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To Have A Steady Stream of Clients Coming to You Every Month

(even if you're a new agent)

Imagine having a business like this...You have a steady stream of clients coming to you consistently each and every month… Clients you love working with, that value you, your time and your expertise. 

You no longer had to wonder where your next client was coming from...Or when your next client was going to come along...They just kept coming, almost too many to handle, and they all just HAVE to work with you to buy and/or sell a home.  So many clients wanting to work with you that you have a WAITING LIST of clients.

This kind of real estate business IS possible and so much more!
I know because I created one just like I described. I’m going to show you how I did it and how you can do it too.

and have them coming to you instead

Stop chasing clients

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The 3 Mistakes Even Smart Agents Make That Drive Clients Away and What To Do Instead

Why most agents unknowingly making these mistakes and how they cost you clients every single day.  


The Secret To Having All The Clients You Need and Want Coming To You, Wanting to Work With You

Without paying for online leads, knocking on doors, having coffee dates, or posting on social media (and it's the opposite of what you're hearing everywhere else). 


The Surprising Truth About Why Having Enough Clients Is So Much Harder Than It Should Be

And how to stand out as the go-to agent in your marketplace. 


My Simple 5 Step Framework For Creating a Consistently Profitable and Scalable Business

And how to finally get off the lead generation cycle so you can focus on helping clients, not getting clients. 

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You keep thinking there's got to be a better way. You decided to become an agent for a reason. If the business and life you imagined isn't what you thought it would be, don't give up. There's a better way. 

You don't have the consistent income you thought you would. There is a way to create a consistency in your business—consistent income, consistent closings, consistent clients coming to you, wanting to work with you.  

All the ways you are being told to get clients don't feel quite like you. There are ways to attract your ideal clients just by being YOU. Learn how to use your unique personality to your advantage to bring the clients you want right to you.

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Learn From an Agent Named One of the Top 1% in the US by Real Trends and The Wall Street Journal

I've been a real estate agent for 17 years and went from not being able to sell a home my first TWO years as a full-time agent to being featured in the Wall Street Journal as one of the top 1% real estate agents in the U.S.

I've never paid for a lead. I've never cold-called, door-knocked or used any of the traditional ways real estate agents are told to get clients. Instead, I created a system that had them coming to me

Through Agent Grad School's online trainings, I show real estate agents the exact step-by-step process I used to create a million dollar per year real estate business.

I can't wait to show you exactly what I did so you can create your own version of a successful real estate business too!

Real Estate Agent, Podcast Host and Founder Of Agent Grad School

Hi, I'm Jennifer! 

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