Thoughts on how to grow a truly successful real estate business.  A manifesto for how we operate as real estate agents to the public, our clients and our colleagues.  A proclamation to our students about what to give and expect from our community.  The pillars upon which Agent Grad School was founded and continues to operate.  

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Core Values


The business & life we TRULY want is possible.  We have the ability to make it happen.

Work Hard/Have Fun

Working hard to achieve our goals is fun.  We accept the challenge and go for it.


We aim to create a  safe space where everyone feels welcome and valued. 

We come from an abundance mindset. We know we are not like every other agent out there and we communicate that “why” in our marketing. Our clients see us as completely different than any real estate agent, and so we’ve effectively eliminated the “competition.” We know that we can meet our own goals while other real estate agents, even in our own office or neighborhood can do the same for themselves. 

We believe there is enough business to go around for each and every one of us. 


We don’t pretend to know things we don’t. If we aren’t sure of an answer, we say so and we work hard to find out the answer. Everything we do and say is on the “up and up” and we are completely transparent in every way. 

We are honest and transparent.


We don’t just talk about doing things, we actually DO them. We don’t sit back and wait for results to come to us, we go out and actually DO THE REAL WORK to get the results we want to see. We don’t quit until we get where we want to go. We know that means putting in more effort than most other people are willing. 

We are doers.


We don’t even think about being someone we’re not. We know that the more we are ourselves, the more powerfully we’ll attract our true tribe, our raving fans. Our focus is on being ourselves more authentically and courageously sharing that with the world.

We have a very strict “just be yourself” policy. 


We know that real and lasting change takes commitment, hard work and consistency and all that takes time. We don’t look for get-rich-quick overnight success solutions. We know that every “overnight success” was a decade of hard work in the trenches that no one saw. 

We don’t expect immediate results. 


Hallelujah. We create our niche in the world and we stand solid in who we are, who we can help and who we can’t.

We aren’t for everyone.


Our motto for getting unstuck and making progress in the face fear,  indecision, or overwhelm. 

We “feel the fear and do it anyway.”


And we don’t want to be like everyone else. We don’t want to blend in, we want to stand out. There is not one person in history that created an impact that was seen as normal. 

We aren’t normal.


We know that there are likely at least three solutions to every problem if we think creatively enough. We apply creativity and outside the box thinking to every obstacle we face. We can quickly identify problems, and see ways to solve them that is best for everyone involved.  

We are creative problem solvers.


We understand that there is a direct correlation between how much money we make and the value we provide to others.  Our focus is on providing value and truly helping people.  If we do that, we know the money will come in proportion to the value we provide others. 

We aren’t in this for the money.


We love every minute of the journey, always being grateful for where we are, how far we’ve come but always looking at what’s possible next, and what could be even better now that we are where we are today.  

We are constantly seeking to do and be even better.


so glad you're here

If any of this sounds like something you're into, you'd fit right in.  We'd love to work with you to help you grow a successful real estate business just like this.

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