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The Biggest Mistake Almost Every Real Estate Agent Makes (and how to make sure you don't)

To Be Or Not To Be (On a Team)…That Is The Question

How I Went from Rock Bottom to Real Millionaire Agent & How Agent Grad School Came to Be

From Fear to Fearless (and becoming a Top-Producer at the same time)

How to Grow Your Business By Six Figures This Year

Pick The Right Brokerage For YOU Whether You’re A New Agent, Top Agent or Anywhere In Between

Why You DON’T Need A Facebook Business Page

How to Succeed In Real Estate When You’re Short On Time

You'll hear from our most successful students and get my "real talk" advice about how to launch and grow your real estate business.  No fluff, no theory, no outdated sales techniques, or paying for leads.  But, be prepared, what you hear will likely be the opposite of what you are hearing everywhere else.  

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- Jennifer Myers, Agent Grad School

If you have to ask for business, your business isn't working. Stop bugging everyone you know for clients and have them coming to you instead.

I've been a real estate agent since 2003.  I couldn't sell a house or get a client to save my life those first few years.  So, I worked at Rock Bottom Brewery to pay the bills.   The universe has a wicked sense of humor but it sends a clear message - Crank the music up. Dig in. Get creative. Figure it out.  So it did.  And now I'm sharing what I did to go from Rock Bottom (literally) to one of the top agents in the US in every episode of this podcast.  

Real estate agent, Podcast host, & Creator of Agent Grad SchooL

Hi, I'm Jennifer Myers

Your host

Wondering what to do first right after you got your license or maybe you want to know how to get more done in less time. Maybe you have a client issue you need help solving. Whatever burning question you have, I want to know! What’s the number one question you have about how to launch or grow your real estate business? Be as specific as possible so I can be as specific as possible with my answer. Can’t to hear from you! 

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"I am always looking for podcasts to listen to so I can continuously learn and grow. Not only grow my business...but to grow myself. I stumbled on this podcast as I was searching for something to listen to during my workout. I’m so glad I listened and can’t wait to hear more. My first episode I chose to listen to was “Why should someone choose YOU to be their real estate agent”. It was so good!! Thank you!! I will return to listen to more." —Lorie

All real estate agents should listen!

"As a new agent this podcast has really help me learn some of the in’s and out’s of the real estate business! I especially like all the helpful marketing tip and the help with finding a niche, thanks Jennifer for the awesome free material!!!"  —Logan Neid

A must-listen for new agents!

"As a new potential realtor, this podcast has answered so many lingering questions! Super helpful!" —Sweetgirl116


"This podcast provides SO much value if you need help with marketing and branding. Thank you for sharing and confessing." —Elle

total gem!

"I just discovered this podcast & am hooked. The book club is a great catalyst for new ideas & different perspectives. I feel like I’m at a round table or mastermind without leaving the house." —TheMojoMissy

Like having my own coach

"When I got started in real estate I was at a huge brokerage that offered very little advice as far as what it really takes to get started selling homes. Jennifer’s advice helped me get to over $200k per year in income and growing! Her advice is simple but powerful. I always turn to her when facing a new challenge in my business." —BaileyBump

Amazing help getting started in real estate

"Jennifer has been crushing it in real estate for a long time so it’s great to hear real-world strategies that work to sell more properties. This show is now part Of my weekly rotation. Thanks for creating such a great resource Jennifer!" —Rick Mulready

It’s like having my own private coach!

"Jennifer's energy and expertise, coupled with a unique approach to finding success in real estate, make this podcast a must for any serious real estate entrepreneur." —Copy_Martin

Practical info, super fun host

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