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I'm Jennifer Myers, Founder of Agent Grad School and host of Confessions of a Top Producing Real Estate Agent, The Agent Grad School Podcast.  My goal for each episode is to give you actionable steps you can implement today to grow your real estate business.

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I can hardly believe I’m saying this—it’s the 100th episode of Confessions of a Top Producing Real Estate Agent, The Agent Grad School Podcast! 🥳

When I started, there were 4 — yes, FOUR — listeners. I’m pretty sure they were me, my mom, my sister and my husband. 

And today, 100 episodes later, it’s been downloaded 457,587 times!

I don’t tell you that to brag, but to share that every “success” starts from zero and builds from there.  

To celebrate this 100th episode of this podcast – I’m sharing the TOP 5 THINGS I learned from doing something consistently 100 times.  

​​My hope is that it helps motivate you to keep going even whenever it feels like you aren’t getting the results you want in the timeframe you thought you would.  

Here’s a sneak peek into what you’ll learn in this episode:

  • How to set expectations about how quick you’ll see results when you start something new; 
  • Why focusing on metrics and “the numbers” can sabotage you and what to focus on instead; 
  • What to do if you aren’t getting any results and how to know if you should stay the course or jump ship; 
  • How to know if you are on the right track towards your goals, even if you don’t have the results you thought you would by a certain timeframe; 
  • And so much more!

But, before you dive in, I just want to say thank you. 

Thank YOU for inspiring me throughout creating these 100 episodes. I love reading your reviews and getting your emails. 

You tell me about how you are implementing (most important part!), not just listening, to this podcast and you are seeing results. 

THANK YOU for doing what you are doing and being part of this community. 

Now, take a listen into the five lessons I share with you in today’s episode.

When I think back, these are the same five lessons I learned from working with my first 100 clients and from selling my first 100 homes and I hope they help you do the same (or help you with your next 100).

To your success,

P.S.Whether this is your first or 100th episode, if you haven’t left a review yet, I’d love to hear from you! Tell me which episode is your favorite, what you’ve implemented that worked, or anything else you’d like to share! Head over to Itunes and leave your review. Thank you! 

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Episode Transcript

On today’s episode of Confessions of a Top Producing Real Estate Agent, we’re having a party to celebrate this being the hundredth episode of the podcast. When I started this podcast, I had four yes, four, cause I looked at the stats and it was pretty sad for listeners. I don’t know who you were or how you heard about it. And maybe it was me, my mom, my sister, and my husband, but either way, that’s where we started from on episode one and not just episode one, we had four listeners for quiet and over the course of these first 100 episodes, that number has grown to 40,000 listeners every single month, which is absolutely amazing. And beyond what I ever thought would happen. And I just want to say thank you for being here, being a listener, whether this is your first episode or you’ve listened to all 100 episodes. I’m so glad you decided to be here and listen in and to celebrate this hundredth episode, I’m sharing the top five things I’ve learned from doing something in my business in this case, it’s the podcast consistently 100 times. And I can tell you that these Five Lessons are very similar to the Five, to what I learned from helping my first hundred clients and selling my first hundred houses. My hope is that you’ll apply these same five lessons to your real estate business too. So that you’ll keep going, even when you don’t have any results so that you can have the results that you want. Listen it welcome to this episode of Confessions of a Top Producing Real Estate Agent. I’m your host, Jennifer Myers, listen in, as I share exactly what I did to go from not being able to sell a house for years to becoming one of the top 1% of agents in the U S even opening my own brokerage full of agents helped me serve all the clients that were coming my way. I taught those agents. The same strategies I use in day two became top producing agents. Now through this podcast and agent grad school.com, I’m sharing those same modern marketing and business strategies with you. Most of which I learned from looking outside the real estate industry, no fluff, no theory, no outdated sales techniques or paying for leads. Just the exact steps to get you the real estate business you’ve always wanted. And the life outside your business, you’ve always wanted to let’s make it happen and dive into today’s episode. I so often see people’s road to success. Get derailed simply because they don’t stick with what is working. They just aren’t seeing the results yet. They don’t do it long enough, or because they aren’t seeing immediate results. And they thought they would, if you aren’t seeing the results that you want to see in the timeframe you want to see them. This episode is for you. Here’s the thing, though. You’ve got to believe this is how you get results and how you become success because everybody starts from zero, but you’ve got to believe in what you are doing and the outcome that you want before other people do. You’ve got to put your head down and do the hard work consistently over time to see the results you want to see. And you have to be so focused on adding value and doing good work that you aren’t focused on. The actual results you’re focused on doing the work. The fact is building a successful business is really hard. It’s really hard. It makes it takes more time and effort than we all think it should. When we started the venture, I know that when I started my real estate business, I thought it was going to be easy. I really did. And I don’t know that if I would have done it, had I known what I know now about what it takes, but I don’t regret it at all. I’m so glad I kept going. I’m so glad that I went through the mud and felt like over and over again to build the life that I want. But if I had known that before I started, I don’t think I would have necessarily been so confident or been so brazen, but I am so glad. I didn’t know because I, that then allowed me to actually do it and move forward. So when I got started doing this podcast, my first several episodes literally had like four listeners. Every time I sent one out or every time I posted one, I use a platform called Liz lib Zen, and they have really great data. I love, I really do love looking at it because it, it, they show it so beautifully. And I could see how many people listen to a particular episode, how many listeners I had this week, or this month, and how many times this podcast has been downloaded in total. And I can remember being so excited when I was like at a hundred. I was like, well, fast forward to today. And my podcast has 42,000, had 42,000 listeners last month and has been downloaded over fi 450,000 times in just a few short years, those numbers I never expected. And I’m certainly not telling you these statistics to brag, not at all. I’m telling you these stats for two, for, for several reasons. One that every success quote, unquote, starts from zero and build from there. There’s no way I could’ve gotten to $450,000. If I didn’t start with one, that’s where we all start. Even if it takes a little longer and you know, it’s so easy to get discouraged. When you see episode after episode, and you only see one or two people listening to it for a very long time, but then all of a sudden, if you keep doing it, you start seeing these results. The other reason I’m sharing these stats is the lessons I’m going to share with you today. Five Lessons, my top five lessons, I could have kept going and going, but I just wanted to give you the top five things that I have learned from doing something consistently a hundred times, because it changes you. It changes the way that you think it changes. What you believe is possible. It changes you. And as I was going through these top five lessons, I realized they’re very similar to the same lessons that it took me to learn to get to my first a hundred clients and sell my first a hundred houses. And I realized that if we want result and we’re willing to do something a hundred times, we have to be willing to go through these five lessons. And so that’s why I’m sharing them with you today. Back when I couldn’t save, couldn’t get a client to save my life. I kept doing the things I’m going to tell you today. I kept going. I kept being consistent and I kept talking to myself in a way that kept me moving forward. And that’s exactly what I did to get to a hundred episodes. So when I was first starting agent grad school and starting this podcast, luckily I had the experience of building a real estate business of having to go from scratch with clients and building that over time. And so, as I was building these hundred episodes, I remember the process of building my first hundred clients. And so these are the things that are overlapping, those things, th those, these, what I’m going to share with you today are what I’ve learned from doing something a hundred times. Okay? So here we go. Lesson number one, plan to be bad at whatever it is you are doing at first, when we’re new at something, we generally don’t come out of the gate, doing it perfectly. It’s uncomfortable. It feels hard. We’re pretty bad at it at first, keep going anyway. You know, how can you expect to, when you first start doing something, how can you expect perfection from yourself or to really feel like it’s good. Every single one of these 100 episodes. I see how I could have done it better. I see things I want to approve, improve. Some of them I’m like, oh my gosh, I can’t believe, you know, I’m just putting it out. And that’s sometimes it’s the ones that you guys like the best, because you write, you write in, you send me emails and I’m like, wow. Okay, what do I know? I’m so glad I sent that one out. Okay. So over time is, is that my, my goal instead of not putting them out, instead of trying to perfect them and not putting them into the world is I just tell myself, I’ll keep doing them and I’ll keep getting better and better. I’m just now starting to realize, after a hundred episodes feeling like I have my stride feeling like I’m kind of like, can do this in a way that doesn’t feel so difficult every single week. Like, you know, each episode feels like, okay, here we go again. Here we go again, versus, oh my goodness, this is so hard because I can tell you every single episode feels difficult, but now finally, a hundred times later, I’m sorry to be like, okay, I know what to expect. That’s just going to happen. And it slides off. And that is exactly how working with clients work. The first client you work with the first several clients you work with, I would say venture to say, the first, you know, 20, 30, 40 clients you work with, you’re still trying to figure it out. So don’t expect perfection to yourself in the beginning, expect to be bad. Like tell yourself when you’re starting something new, I’m going to be really bad at this 20 times. And then go off and find a way to do it that many times before you decide whether you’re any good at this or not. So whether it’s a podcast, whether it’s a listing appointment, whether it’s an initial consultation, whatever it is, just remind yourself, you need the repetition to get better. So often when I work with our students, they are so nervous to do their first initial consultation. And they put so much pressure on themselves to make it right and get the listing or get the buyer. And I keep telling them just plan not to plan to just go do it. And whatever the result is, don’t worry about it. Just go plan to do another one, no matter what, whether you get the listing or not go plan on doing another one and another one. And until you do 10, 20 repetitions of this just expected blow it, but keep doing them because then you’ll nail them and then you’ll get every single one. So instead of feeling awful, when what you’re doing, isn’t great, or you aren’t having the results that you want just expect that expect not to have the results that you want and keep doing it anyway, that way you’ll get better. Just keep doing more of it. And then as you go through the process, ask yourself, what did I do? Well, what could I do differently next time? And how soon can I try again? When can I do it again and go make it happen again? The more you do something the better you’re going to get at it. And don’t let being bad at first or being uncomfortable or not having the results that you think you should have from doing something one or two times. Because if you’ve never done it before, chances are, you’re not going to do great at it. You might even think that you’re quote unquote failing and do not let that stop you lesson number two, no one is going to show up at first, but you keep showing up for you anyway, and you have to be okay with it. Listen, you have to be the one to show up for yourself over and over and over again. You have to be committed to your own success first and in an unwavering way, because in the beginning of anything, we start no one, literally no one is going to be committed to showing up for you or choosing you until you choose you. And you show up consistently first. Okay? I always focus on, I don’t focus on the numbers. I don’t focus on exactly how many listeners I have every single week. What I focus on is putting out episodes that I think will actually help people, right? And in my real estate business, I don’t focus on how many clients I focus on the marketing activities I know will work. And I keep doing them. One of the first things I do when a student joins agent grad school is we do a startup call. And one of the things I talk about in that startup call is the seven phases of success. And the seven phases start with massive effort and nothing happening. And I think that’s where, so often people beat themselves up or quit because they think, well, I just made all this effort and no one’s doing anything. And I’m like, well, yeah, you got to keep doing it for people to believe you. You know, when I first started sending out my email newsletter to my clients and people that I knew, I, I, I expected nobody to listen. I expected nothing to happen. And I think something happens right at that six month mark. So especially when I was back at the brokerage and I said, okay, here’s the, here’s the plan? Here’s the business plan. We’re going to do this. We’re going to do this. We’re going to start sending out your newsletter. I would say, don’t expect anyone to do anything. Don’t expect a response. Don’t expect a client don’t expect anything until you’ve done this newsletter for six months. And it’s almost like magic in six months, stuff starts happening. So focus on being consistent, doing the right thing, adding value to people, actually helping people and not the week by week results, especially in the beginning, it’s too emotional. It’s too up and down and you can’t control what other people would action. Other people are going to do, but you can control what you do. And so I still, to this day, I tell myself if this episode helps just one real estate agent. If this episode gets one listener and I got one email about how this was helpful, then it’s worth it. But I don’t focus on, oh, next month I better have 45,000 people listen to this episode. No, I focus on one person and I focus on doing what I need to do to be consistent with these episodes and add value with the episode. So I focus on just one person. It’s so funny. Oftentimes like, he’ll say, well, how many people do you have on your email list to one of my students, they go 60 and that’s nothing. And I’m like 60 people. That’s, that’s huge. One person is huge. If you can make the difference in one person’s life, I can tell you firsthand how that then multiplies. I always say, imagine having those 60 people in your house at dinner, having to fix dinner for them all, and then they realize how many people that actually is. Okay. So that’s why sometimes focusing on the numbers and feeling, oh, I don’t have a big enough list, or I don’t know enough people or whatever that is. It just gives you reasons not to keep moving forward. Here’s the thing, because of my experience building my real estate business, I knew that if I focused on adding value, if I was clear on who I was talking to and spoke to that person, and I was committed to being consistent, that the results would come for the podcast. It happened in my real estate business. And I applied that same mindset to building this podcast to a hundred episodes back when there were four listeners and I kept showing up anyway, I remember having to do that in my real estate business. And so doing it a second time for this podcast, it wasn’t as difficult, or I wasn’t as willing to beat myself up or let myself off the hook. Cause I was like, oh, this is part of the process. Another thing I did not expect any results. And I mean, I did not expect Z any results like zero results for a full six months. I think there’s that magic number that six months. And I didn’t tell myself after one or two or three episodes that my life was going to completely change. That’s not how business works. That’s not how success works. That’s not how building a real estate business works. It’s about taking consistent action with the long game in mind and not stopping. And then the results come, keep doing it until you see the results don’t quit until then. One of the things I tell my students all the time is the biggest indicator of whether you’ll be successful in this real estate business or any business is how you manage your emotions based on what happens. The more that you can remove the drama and just get to work no matter what happens, the more successful that you’ll be. So I knew from my past experience that I would have no results for a long time and I didn’t expect them and I didn’t beat myself up about them. And I didn’t give it, give myself a reason to not do any more episodes. I removed the drama and the beating myself up about this. Isn’t working. Instead. I told myself, this is how this goes, keep going. And if I had chosen to beat myself up for only having four listeners for months, and I told myself this wasn’t working after a few episodes, then we wouldn’t be here. We would never have made a hundred episodes and believe me, those thoughts would creep into my mind. They still creep into my mind. And then I just remind myself that if I have to be committed to showing up, I have to be committed to showing up before anyone else is going to bother to show up for me. And so I committed and I show up here every single week you get to work. I focus on creating one podcast a week consistently. And I think so often in real estate agents think that you’re going to try one thing and expect to see if it produces success right away. And it doesn’t happen. And they don’t understand this concept that success takes time and consistency and how important it is to just keep showing up. So lesson number three, excuse me, lesson number two, whether it’s a podcast, clients, real estate business, losing weight, whatever it is, do not expect results. First, keep doing it. Anyway. Lesson number three, it will be harder than you think. Starting a real estate business, starting a podcast, starting any venture is hard. Well, I’ll say starting, it is not hard, but continuing to do it when you don’t see results, which builds on lesson two, that is the hard part. And believe me every time, it’s time to work on this podcast. And every time I was like, oh my gosh, I still have no clients in my real estate business. Even though I did literally everything I could think of. It felt hard every time. But something being hard doesn’t mean it’s time to avoid doing it. It doesn’t mean it’s not working. It doesn’t mean it’s not worth doing do it anyway. If it was easy, honestly, we probably wouldn’t do it. And certainly it wouldn’t feel good to have the results. Every, if everybody else had the same results, I guess this was easy. If building a business or doing something a hundred times or building a real estate career, if it was easy, a everyone would be able to do it. And also it wouldn’t feel as fulfilling. So expect it to be hard and keep moving forward. Anyway. So what if something’s hard? Someone once told me doing hard things make success easy. I think that was a Tony Robbins quote. And I think I see it floating around the internet. Doing hard things makes success easy, doing easy things makes success, heart, choose hard things. And I love that. I love that concept of choosing to do the hard things to make success easy. I love that. And next time you say to yourself, but this is hard or I’m not getting results yet. I want your next thought to be that. It just means I’m doing it right. Which leads me to lesson number four. It’s going to be hard. So do it anyway. This might seem obvious, but I think so often this gets missed. So often my students tell me, but it’s hard and they’re right. It is hard, but guess what? You can do it anyway. Don’t let be something being hard, be an excuse to stop doing. The hard thing is what actually gets you. The result that you want, the result that you’re working towards. I think for some reason, when we feel like something is hard, we take it as a sign to back off or give up entirely or you work hard and nothing happens at first. So that means everyone else can have a successful business, real estate business. And it’s just not in the cards for you, which is total BS. Why do you, why do we think having a successful real estate business or a weekly podcast would be easy? Like why are we even setting ourselves up for that expectation? If that was true, then everyone else would be doing it. And we really wouldn’t want to do it. And here’s a secret. If you do hard things long enough things do get easier. I swear. And so oftentimes when something’s hard for me, I just keep telling myself I’m going to keep doing this until it’s easy. And typically that is when I start getting results. I mean, in one sense, running a business is always hard. Even when I, when I reached a million dollars a year in my real estate business, when I had clients coming to me, too many clients coming to me, it was still hard. Right. You know, it’s harder than sitting by the pool or having a cocktail or watching the Kardashians. It’s a lot harder than doing the things that I sometimes want to do. And to me, success is about the people who are willing to do the hard things long enough until it’s easy. And sometimes when you know, earlier, one of the lessons I said, you know, keep, keep moving forward. Don’t focus on the results. Maybe it’s focused on that until it’s easy. Cause then you’ll get results. And oftentimes for me, I think about building a business, like losing weight, right in the beginning, when you start losing weight, I don’t know if anybody has been through this venture before I’ve lose trying to lose weight, but man, you can go to the gym every day. You can eat perfectly and you don’t get results for three months. At least that’s how my body works. And it’s so easy to say, oh, I’m not getting results. I don’t want to do this, but I know that three, six months later, if you’re doing this consistently and making those changes, a it’s going to hurt like physically, it’s going to hurt and mentally it’s hard, right? Cause you really have to change your habits, but you don’t give up after a week of going to the gym and not losing 10 pounds. But that is when it’s so hard, like physically it’s difficult. And then when we start losing the weight or gaining the strength or getting a healthy, that is when like the 10 pushups become easier. That is when we get results. And the same thing happens with our business. If you can get through the hard part until it’s easy and you’re willing to stick around until you get results. And then by the way, when you have the results, keep doing it, right? Just like when like losing weight or getting healthy. If you stopped doing the thing that got you there, then you’re not going to have the results anymore. Same thing, same thing in building businesses and in real estate and dealing with our clients. I recently did a training inside agent grad school for our students. And I talked about the difference between making over a hundred K. And when you get, when you’re under a hundred K your first hundred thousand dollars that you make in real estate, as a real estate agent will beat the hardest a hundred thousand dollars you have ever made in your life. But after that, once you, once you hit that, mark, everything changes. And for those of you listening, you probably know who, who have made that a hundred thousand. You probably know exactly what I’m talking about right after. And I’m not saying per year, I’m saying your first hundred thousand, you make period. And even if it takes you, I mean, it took me like five years to make that right. But after that, everything becomes easier because now you know what it takes and what you need to do to create a hundred thousand dollars, which makes doing it again easier, which means you can do it faster, which means you might be able to do it in a year. You might be able to do it in a month. And I’m going to be doing whole podcast episode here pretty soon on this concept. So stay tuned for that in the future. Okay. So this is now lesson number five, use a proven strategy and stick with it until you see results. So do you want to know how to delay results, want to know how to keep not getting results, keep changing tactics and strategies and bouncing around and doing shiny objects because you don’t see results as quickly as you thought you would do, but you have to be careful with the strategy that you choose. You have to be picky about the strategy that you’re choosing to follow, and you have to make sure it’s a proven strategy and the outcome, the person or people you are, you are learning the strategy from a are giving you the whole strategy. They’re not leaving something out, okay? They’re not just giving you a tactic, one piece of the whole large strategy, which never works. And B you have to look at their results and they, you have to ask yourself, are they the results that I want to create? And do I like the strategy? And is it something I can stick with for the long term? And for me, this is what took me so long to figure out my real estate business, because every strategy that I was learning and I learned them all, believe me and I paid many, many, many a coach to teach me. But looking back once I finally figured out my strategy was, which was quite different than what I had learned elsewhere. I realized that the reason I kept bouncing around and kind of delaying my results is because the per the people I was learning the strategies from, I didn’t actually want to do those strategies for a year. Like I didn’t want to cold call or bug. You know, everybody, I knew I didn’t want to pick up the phone over and over and over again for the rest of my life, because I kept thinking, well, wait a second. If I’m busy, if I want to create, you know, the kind of money in real estate and help the number of people that I want to help, I’m not going to have time to sit on the phone because I’m going to be with my clients all the time. That’s the kind of business I wanted. And so when I looked through the, that lens of the strategies that I was being given, I was like, no, that’s not for me. I had to go find something else. And so I think so often we’re worried about like, am I doing the right thing? And this is how you know, you’re doing the right thing is what I’m being told to do. Something I could do forever for as long as I want to be a real estate agent. Right? So whatever strategy you’re picking up, whether it’s buying leads or calling people or whatever it is posting on social media, sending out your weekly email to students, having people automatically come to you with my students, right? That’s the business we want to create or whatever it is for you. And so you have to ask yourself, does the person I’m losing, I’m learning the strategy from, do they have the results that I want for myself? And am I willing to do what they’re telling me to do for the rest of my career? Now, obviously you might change things slightly, right? But if you’re like, I can’t wait till I don’t have to call people. Then you probably shouldn’t have to build a business based on calling people. Okay. And so often, you know, I get phone calls from, I dunno, lead service, lead places, you know, who are selling you leads one way or another, or selling you, you know, SEO or that kind of thing, or telling you to do this, this and that. And I asked myself like a, is this what I want to do every single day in my business? Right? Like we have to be willing to do the things that are going to bring our clients, not like, think of it as a temporary thing. Think of it as like, am I willing to do this? Is this what I’m willing to do every single day for as long as I’m going to be a real estate agent, the answer’s no. Then it’s time to find a new strategy. But the other piece is, if somebody is trying to sell me something, then I want to know are the results, what, the results that I want in my business. Right? So, so often I see people saying like, I want to build a team or I want to, you know, sell a hundred houses a year or that kind of thing. And I’m like, well, I don’t personally want to sell a hundred houses a year on my own, because I know that having a hundred houses a year means having a team and having to manage people. And that’s great for other people, but it wasn’t gonna work for me. Okay. So really, when you think about the proven strategy and you’re asking yourself, is this the right thing I should be doing? That’s how, you know, is it a proven strategy? Is it something that somebody else is getting the results for their life that you want for your life? And do I want to do this thing every single day? Because that is the business, right? The things we truly choose to do every single day in our business is the business we’re building. So ask yourself, is this what I want to be doing? But don’t keep changing the thing that you’re doing. If you like what you’re doing. And if the results that the person that your team, that, that you’re learning this from, or the person who’s telling you to do this thing, if they have the same results that you want, then keep going. Don’t keep changing what you’re doing, because you’re not seeing results right away, keep doing it. If it’s proven, if somebody else has gotten results, even if it takes longer than you think. One thing I tell our students all the time is when you set a goal for yourself, don’t quit until you accomplish it. For example, if you say, I want to set, sell 10 houses this year or whatever your goal is, take out. And I know this goes against what you hear elsewhere. Like smart goals. Yeah. Take out the timeframe and just say, I’m going to sell 10 houses however long it takes me. And if I want to quit after that, I can, but I’m not going to quit until I get to that goal, because I promise you, if you take out the timeframe and go F go and make that happen, like the 10 houses, whatever your goal is, and then decide if you want to quit or then decide if this is for you, I guarantee you will have a totally different perspective. And so often what I see is real estate agents trying one thing then expecting like huge results in a month, and then saying it doesn’t work and then trying something else and trying something else. And that all that does is delay your success and how to know whether or not you’re doing the right thing. I’ve given you that formula for figuring that out. Is it proven, is the person who is telling me to do this? Do they have the results that I want? And is this something I’m willing to do for the rest of my real estate career? The answer’s yes. You keep doing it. Right. So, perfect example is like email marketing in the beginning. Like I said, it takes six months to get a result. And you know, in that six months, I’m not suggesting that you don’t make any changes. You start saying like, Hmm, you start looking at the same tack tactic from different almost like, like you’re, you’re holding it like up and like twisting it around and saying, how can I make this better? Right. How can I make this better? How can I do this again? How can I really connect with my audience? So you make little changes, but you’re not going from like email to, you know, this thing to that thing. Right. You’re just, you’re really trying to perfect the tactic that you’ve chosen. So how do you know you’re on the right track? That is how I knew my strategy for this podcast would work even when I had four listeners, because I apply the exact same formula I use to build my real estate business, the same strategy that I, that, that, you know, got me to six then to seven figures as a real estate agent is the same strategy. I share insight AGS. And it’s the same strategy that I apply to building agent grad school to building this podcast. And so I just applied that same formula. Right. So remember the formula is, is it proven? So yes, it was. Did it have the results that I wanted? Absolutely. And was it something I was willing to do for the rest of the career? And the answer was yes. And so I followed my own proven strategy, the strategy that I had developed in my real estate business to build it over, to, to build it to over a million dollars a year. It’s the same strategy that I applied to this podcast that I applied to growing agent grad school. And then I teach inside agent grad school. So it, it works. And it got me from four listeners those first, several months to over 40,000 listeners each and every month. And it’s exactly how, how I think it makes sense to build a real estate business. So it’s funny, you know, once you learn a tactic, you can apply it to anything and get the results. And then you start to realize, oh, I’m not going to get results right away. I don’t beat myself up. And the process becomes just so much more, so much less about beating yourself up and wondering and so much like, oh, this is the process. So those were the five lessons I’ve learned from not just doing this podcast a hundred times, but everything I’ve done more than a hundred times in my real estate business, like helping clients selling houses. My first, my first hundred buyers, my first hundred listings, I hope you’ll apply these lessons to your real estate businesses too. So first lesson expected to expect to be bad at first, do it anyway, do it at all. Do it as often as possible to get better. Number two, know that no one will show up at first, whatever it is that you do, no matter how great or terrible you are at it, it will be crickets at first, but you have to keep showing up. Anyway, lesson number three, it will be harder than you think. Lesson number four, you can do hard things. Don’t take something being hard as a reason, not to do it, or a reason to stop what you want or a reason to not have the life or the business that you want. And number five, have a proven strategy and keep using it until you get what you want until you get the results that you want. Along the way to our first 100 whatever’s in business, there will be a lot of emotions, emotions. Most of us want to avoid feelings of failure, a frustration of not being good at something and not getting results at things being really hard. And if you’re able to endure those feelings that come with building a business and you’re able to keep going anyway, get to that hundredth time, essentially results, you would have never imagined start happening. Never in my wildest dreams. Did I ever think this podcast would be listened to over 400,000 times? I never imagined the relationships that would have come from this podcast. That is the one surprising thing I have made true and lasting friendships that have come. I can, I can like directly from this podcast. I can, I can look back and I can tell you how many times I’ve been in awe and inspired by your emails that you send me about what you’ve made happen from listening and what you heard here. And so, yeah, these a hundred episodes have been hard, but they have been worth every single minute. So thank you for being here. Thank you for listening. Thank you for your emails and your notes and your reviews for your encouragement and for inspiring me each and every week, because you keep showing up and you keep doing the work and cheers to that. Here’s to 100 more episodes and listen, whether this is your first episode or your hundredth. I’d love to celebrate this a hundred episode by leaving a review on iTunes. Tell me what your favorite episode was. Tell me about something you implemented that work. Tell me anything in there. And I read every single one of the reviews and I love hearing them, and I appreciate you so much. So thank you for being a listener without you. We have, would have never made it to a hundred episodes. I know I’ve said it a few times, but truly, truly thank you for being here and thank you for leaving your review and for your notes and your emails. Keep them coming. Thank you for listening to this episode of Confessions of a Top Producing Real Estate Agent. We purposely keep this podcast sponsor and commercial free so we can focus solely on providing real estate agents with the content that will help them grow their real estate business. And how about life? They love outside of business too, but we need your help to get this podcast in the hands of other real estate agents. So please, if you liked this episode, leave a review on iTunes or wherever you’re listening, and also tell your agent friends to listen in to thank you so much for supporting the show for being a listener and supporting other agents along your way to success. That’s what this is all about. See you next time. On another episode of Confessions of a Top Producing Real Estate Agent. And until then come hang with me over at agentgradschool.com. I’ll see you there

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