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I'm Jennifer Myers, Founder of Agent Grad School and host of Confessions of a Top Producing Real Estate Agent, The Agent Grad School Podcast.  My goal for each episode is to give you actionable steps you can implement today to grow your real estate business.

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Thanksgiving is around the corner. It’s my favorite holiday. I love it more than any other day of the year.

Of course, Thanksgiving will look very different this year, with our family joining together for dinner via Zoom, but I’m embracing it nonetheless.

I love Thanksgiving most of all because I use it as the time to truly stop and reflect on all the things I have to be thankful for–big or small. I take this opportunity to pause and be especially grateful for all the “little things” I tend to take for granted on a daily basis–things like clean water, a hot shower, being able to walk my dog to the park.

In celebration of my favorite holiday, I’m giving you a special bonus training today–a sneak peek inside a recent training I gave inside Agent Grad School.

You’ll be a fly on the wall listening into to our most recent bonus lesson of the month, The Thanksgiving Touch Point.

And no, there is no driving around dropping off pies. Hooray!!

Stop with the pies already!

What you’ll hear is the teaching portion of this Zoom meeting. You won’t see the video or get a copy of the slide deck, that’s for students only, but I hope you’ll listen in any way to learn how to implement this important touch point into your business.

The Thanksgiving Touch point is just one of the quarterly touch points I recommend our students implement in their businesses, but I think it’s the most important one.

It’s the opportunity to thank our clients for supporting us and our business, which is so crucial to do all year, but especially now.

I’ve been doing the Thanksgiving Touch point for over a decade now and I’m doing it again this year. I hope you’ll join me this year.

Listen in here to learn how:

I walk you through which clients should get this touch point, what to do, when to do it, how to do it and why it’s so important that you do.

As Randy Pausch, author of The Last Lecture, said, “Showing gratitude is one of the simplest yet most powerful things humans can do for each other.”

This year especially, we could all use a little gratitude, so do whatever you can to express gratitude to the people that support your real estate business.

And, on that note, I want you to know how thankful I am to YOU. I’m so grateful somehow our paths crossed and we get to be in each other’s world. It’s truly a privilege and an honor.

And, an additional thank you for being a loyal listener of the podcast, Confessions of A Top Producing Real Estate Agent. I just got news that our little podcast is #56 on Apple in the entire careers category! Wow.

Thank YOU for making that happen.

To your success,


Episode Transcript

On today’s episode of Confessions of a Top Producing Real Estate Agent, I’m giving you a sneak peek, but technically it’s a sneak listen into a recent training I did for our students inside agent Grad school, all about the Thanksgiving Touch learn what it is and how to implement it in your business. In today’s episode. Welcome to this episode of Confessions of a Top Producing Real Estate Agent I’m your host Jennifer Myers listen in. As I share exactly what I did to go from not being able to sell a house for years to becoming one of the top 1% of agents in the US, and even opening my own brokerage full of agents taught me to serve all the clients that were coming my way. I taught those agents the same strategies that I used to become a top producing agent. Now through this podcast and, I’m sharing those same modern marketing and business strategies with you. Most of which I learned from looking outside of the real estate industry, no fluff, no theory, no outdated sales techniques or paying for leads. Just the exact steps to get you the real estate business you’ve always wanted. And the life outside your business, you’ve always wanted to make it happen and dive into today’s episode At the time of recording this episode Thanksgiving is next week. It is my favorite holiday. I love it more than any other day of the year. Of course, this year 2020 Thanksgiving will look completely different. Our family is joining together via zoom. My husband and I have big plans to watch movies and make a big Thanksgiving meal. And I’m embracing, embracing my, my favorite holiday. Nonetheless, the reason I love Thanksgiving is because I find that it is a wonderful time of year when the real estate market slows down. And I have the opportunity to truly stop and reflect on all the things that I have to be grateful for, not just this year, but in general and my life bigger, small. And I try to spend a great deal of kind of from that Wednesday through the weekend, thinking of all the big and little things to be grateful for, and especially the little things that I tend to take for granted on a daily basis, like just having hot shot, hot shower, being able to walk my dog to the park safely, things like that. But In celebration of my favorite holiday. I’m giving you a special bonus training today. I’m giving you a sneak peek inside a recent training I gave to our agent grad school students. You will be a fly on the wall, just listening into our most recent lesson of the month, which was about the Thanksgiving Touch, Point what you’ll here is the teaching portion of this zoom meeting. You won’t hear the questions and after you won’t hear us kind of talking before I got started and you obviously won’t see the video that we were on and you won’t get a copy of this slide deck. All those things are for our students only, but I hope that you’ll listen in any way to learn how to implement this super important touchpoint into your business. This Thanksgiving touchpoint is just one of the quarterly touchpoints that I recommend, and I teach our students to implement it in their businesses. I teach that you should have one touchpoint, kind of a personal touchpoint, per quarter. And inside Agent Grad School, I give you exactly what those are. And for this quarter the touchpoint is The Thanksgiving TouchPoint. So I wanted to kind of pull back the curtain and have you see what that’s all about? I truly think this is the most important touchpoint of the year, because it’s the opportunity to thank our clients for supporting us and our businesses, which is so crucial to do all year, but especially to take a moment now, during this holiday, that’s all about being grateful and giving thanks. And so I certainly will be doing The Thanksgiving TouchPoint this year, I’ve been doing it for over a decade and I truly love doing it. And I think it’s an important touchpoint in the business as well. So if you want to learn how to do that, keep listening and I will go through which clients should get this touchpoint. Like what the touchpoint is when to do it, how to do it, and why it’s so important that you add it to your business. Now, one of the first things I say on the trainings is don’t fret. If it’s too late to implement this in your business next this year, then maybe IR market for next year. And this year. I think we can all use a little gratitude. One of my favorite books is that book by Randy Paul show. And I don’t know if I’m saying his last name, right? But he wrote that book, the last lecture, which I highly recommend you pick up if you have some, some time over the holiday, but he says, showing gratitude is one of the simplest yet most powerful things humans can do for each other. And I think especially this year, we get to all use some powerful things from other humans and showing our gratitude. So I highly recommend that you do whatever you can to express gratitude to the people that support your business. And on that note, before I dive into this training, I want to know how I want you to know how thankful and grateful I am to you. I am so grateful that somehow our paths cross and we are good to be in each other’s worlds every week. It’s truly an honor. It’s truly a privilege and I love doing it. So thank you so much for being here and an additional thank you for being a loyal listener of this podcast. Every single week, we seem to climb the charts. We’re now number 56 on Apple and the entire CA careers category. So all I can say is thank you for making that happen. I really appreciate you. Now. I’m taking a break from the podcast next week because I plan to be no, I’m just joking, but knee-deep, it’s a mashed potatoes. No, I’m just joking. I take a Thanksgiving we’re going to take a Thanksgiving break for the podcast. So I’ll see you soon. So listen into the Thanksgiving Touchpoint. I wanted to do a little over this a week early so that maybe you’ll still have time to implement it in your own business after the recording of this. And I’m certainly going to go back to my stack of cards that I’ll be sending out. So I hope that you’ll join me in The Thanksgiving TouchPoint all right, listen in. Can you see my screen? Yes. Okay, great. All right. So we are at the first Friday of every month, we have the extra bonus lesson of the month. And the point of having the extra bonus lesson of the month is not to give me more stuff to do, but just to have you keep thinking about what you should be thinking about when it comes to your business at certain points of the year. So today I’m going to talk about the Thanksgiving Touch. Now, before I dive in, I want, I want everybody to not panic. If you don’t have everything together in time to do the Thanksgiving Touch this year at the worst-case scenario, you say to yourself, okay, I’m going to put this in my plan for 2021. If you feel like you can pull this off between now and Thanksgiving please do it, but don’t beat yourself up. If you’re not in a Point just know that like, okay, I got educated about the process. I’m going to put this into my plan next year. Okay. So no meltdowns, no beating yourself up. None of that stuff happening here. Just, I want you to be thinking about this for either this year or next year. All right. So The, Thanksgiving, Touch, Point the whole point of having a Thanksgiving TouchPoint if you’ll get it, when you guys get to the after phase, I talk about how you want to have what’s called calendar-based touches after somebody works with you, but then you also want to have these calendar base, excuse me, like, like yearly quarterly touches with everybody in your database. So at one thing I want you guys thinking about is if I don’t have a database yet to start thinking about whether or not you want to have a database as to help you make things like this, these touches way more efficient in your business. So as you know, next month is our database conversation, and I’m going to be suggesting that you guys all use Real evolve. So I highly recommend whether you use Real, whether or not you can use a database to help executing things like this way easier. So the reason we want our Thanksgiving Touch. So in the after phase, as you’ll learn, this is a Q4 Touch or a quarter of quarterly for Touch to, to your, to your sphere, into everybody, you know? And we’ll talk about more about who gets that, right? So the reason that we use Thanksgiving as a perfect opportunity is because you, it was a really, a wonderful time to express your gratitude to your clients, to people, you know, and the idea is, is, you know, with any Touch that we do is to truly come from like an organic, like a genuine place and find ways to kind of kill two birds at one stone, one like keeping in touch with people, make them feel good about, you know, you being in their lives by, and then being in your lives. And then also, you know, continue to grow your business at the same time. Now, specifically, this Touch is it, it was really trying to do two things. It’s, it’s saying thanks to people that you want to say, thanks to you for supporting you and for supporting your business over the years or over there, and especially this past year, but it’s also a great way to stand out in that way before the holiday rush. So at one thing, I don’t know how you guys feel, but I get kind of when those holiday cards start running, it like coming in there is just like this big pile. And so one thing we’re trying to do is kind of stand out and express our gratitude, be in touch with people before that, we ended up in that stack of cards with everybody else. Okay. So today we’re going to go over what the Thanksgiving touchpoint is, why you should be putting it into your business, who it goes to when it goes out and how to like the, how to the logistics of it. Always remembering that we’re coming to this place as a, truly a place of gratitude in each and every one of these steps. Okay. So what is The Thanksgiving Touchpoint there are two pieces to the Thanksgiving Touchpoint, number one, no surprise. It’s in the weekly email and number two, it’s actually a physical handwritten Thanksgiving card that you’re going to send to people. Now I know that sounds overwhelming at first, so don’t worry. It doesn’t have to be stressful. I will I’ll walk you through exactly how to do it. Who gets it, all the logistics. So the first and foremost, the weekly email. Now, if you are not currently if you’re not yet having a weekly e-mail or a weekly touchpoint, then skip the step. I don’t want you guys to be like, you know, I don’t know about you, but I get like 50 automated emails from every email list that I have never joined on Thanksgiving and Christmas and new year’s. Right? So don’t be one of those people. If you have a weekly email, that’s in the process then you want to do something like this example in that week’s weekly news, a weekly newsletter email, however, you want to do it. So just a really quick, you know, graphic of appreciation. So you said you can say something simple, like happy Thanksgiving at this time of Thanksgiving celebration, you can say my thoughts turned to grateful, turn gratefully to you with more much appreciation write. So this, I sent it out by half of my brokerage, but you’ll send it on behalf of your business. And so they’re used to seeing you in a business way. So you know, it won’t be out of character. Just don’t do this. If you haven’t been doing it, and you can use the same thing by the way, if you have a habit of social media. So again, don’t do this out of nowhere, but if you are having a consistent social media presence, you can use a similar graphic or the same graphic to on your social media that week as well. Okay. So why are we sending us in that weekly email? And by the way, as I scroll through here, I’m just showing you examples of things our students have done, or I have done in the past. So just to give you some visuals and show you the different options that you can kind of pull from. So why are we doing this in the weekly email? First of all, it keeps that consistency going. And as we know, what’s most important about your email is the consistency. So whether you do it weekly or biweekly up to you, it’s whatever you can commit to on a consistent basis. So rather than having to kind of scurry around and do like two different articles for your buyer list or sell a list, or, you know, this is a great way to spend a few minutes creating a quick graphic and keep that consistency going for your readers. And at the same time, being grateful and saying, thanks for being a reader, thanks for being a Client. So how are you going to do this again? If you currently have a consistent social media and, or a weekly newsletter. So the number one as a resource for you guys, you can go to the seasonal section of swipefile. So if you go to your swipe file, content hits seasonal. There’s a Thanksgiving section in there. And, and I show you, I have a video where I’m showing you how I use Canva to create that little graphic in the past. I have hired a, you know, somebody from Upwork, or I always had a graphic designer in my business that I could call on. No, no, no, there’s different avenues. But specifically in swipefile, I’m showing you how you’ve CAMBA to create a quick graphic. So you can watch that video in the seasonal Thanksgiving section of a swipe file and create your own in Canva just quickly. I did it. I’ll just show you quickly what Canva looks like from a quick search. They have such cute stuff that you can just easily post. Yeah. Let me just show you. So I’d just put it in a Thanksgiving in CAMBA and all of these showed up, which, you know, with a few seconds, if you like any of them, you could put together something like, I like this one I’d probably would do this one. If I was trying to be a quick write, but I would put a little, I’m a similar message to what you saw in the example that Lauren sent out. Let me pull it back Up. We have a little message about thanks for being a client and, you know, thanks for being a loyal reader, something along those lines. Yeah. So you hear thank you for being such a great friend and client have a wonderful holiday, something simple. Like that is what you’d want to add to whatever CAMBA template that you use. And then all you do is upload it in that content section of your MailChimp. You know, you’ve created that MailChimp template. If you have a newsletter and then you just literally like upload it and then you want to automate it, you can set the timer so that it goes out ideally the regular day of the week if you’re a day of the week is Thursday or Friday, I would recommend that you send it on the Wednesday because we still want it to feel personal. Right? We don’t want to, we don’t want to make it. I mean, we all know, and everyone kind of knows that it’s automated, but we don’t want it to feel automated. So if you sent it actually on Thanksgiving, people are going to know that you’re not there sending it out. So something about that Wednesday and again on the left is another example. So I’m going to give you guys, when I upload this replay, I’m going to also give you the PDF of these slides. So if you want to look at any of these, you’ll have access to them. So maybe you can use this as your message or something like that. So this is an example of one that we sent out in our newsletter, I think like two years ago. All right. Any questions before I move on? Any questions about the email portion of The Thanksgiving Touchpoint? Awesome. Okay. I’m going to keep going. Okay. The second piece is the handwriting written Thanksgiving card. Now this is something that was so important in my business. And when I had my brokerage, it was something that I felt so strongly that it had to get done, that we actually facilitated this for 10 agents in our office because I knew how powerful this Touch is. And I knew a lot of logistics if it takes a lot of time. And so we would offer them, we would find the card, we would personalize the card. We would order the card. We would even split the cost of it with them. And the reason I’m telling you and I, and we would help them if they want it to pay an assistant, some, some hourly, extra, hourly time, we would have like hand-write for them, whatever they want it to do, because I believe so strongly that this is such a powerful Touch. Now you’re not going to all of a sudden get like five people calling You, you know, sell a house, but it’s like these little seeds that you’re constantly planting over and over again. So this is important to understand that this is not just one thing you’re going to do for the year, right? This is it. This is in your quarterly Touch plan. And we happened to be here in November, which is why I’m talking about it here. So I’m telling you all of this because I want you to, to on the surface that you’re going to be like, Oh, this is the first thing. You know, when I closed my brokerage, this is the first thing that agents stopped doing. And it really was to their detriment. And so I really want you to see that this isn’t just, Oh, this is an important Touch. Even if it doesn’t seem important, kind of like that weekly email, it doesn’t seem important. But what you’re doing is you’re like planting the seeds that we’ll harvest later while giving value in this case, giving gratitude, which is, you know, a is something we want to always begin in our, from our business and from ourselves. So the handwritten Thanksgiving card, it’s simply truly handwritten. I’m going to explain why I put that in quotes Thanksgiving card. So it just like a holiday card, but it’s a Thanksgiving gratitude theme card instead. And so you’re going to do this touchpoint instead of sending a holiday card. Why? Because it’s the perfect mix of standing out saying things and really meaning all those things while growing our business at the same time. And so the reason I say handwritten is because I ideally, we’re going to start, we’re going to give like ideal scenario and then you don’t have to make all of the, you can say, I’m not going to do this. I’m going to do this. Right. Get it out is the point. But the more, it feels personal, the more it’s going to land with your audience. So for me, my standard for sending out my card was I wanted the address to, to be, or look handwritten. And you’ll see what I mean by a beat or look. And a few minutes, I’ll give you some, some hacks as they say so that you don’t have to be the one writing this. So I wanted it to look like it was a handwritten card. I wanted it to look beautiful. I’m a big stationary person. I love perusing like card stores. When I used to be able to travel. If I went to a little town or something, I just loved, I love stationary. And so I use this as a way to express my something that I love And and cared about it in my own life, in my business. So I wanted it handwritten. I wanted it looking beautiful. My handwriting was, is terrible. So I never wrote these cards for myself because nobody wouldn’t be able to read them. I wanted the return address to look beautiful. I wanted the stamp to be kind of cool. So I, I was the one who would go to the post office and get like, you know how that you could, they, you could pick the stamps. I picked a stamp that kinda of like, went with a theme in some way, not just like a flag stamp. And so this is just something that like, is in my personality. You don’t have to do all of this. I’m just saying like the more personal you make it. And if you make it something like that’s fun for you or something you care about, it can, it can grate more meaning for you too. So for me, I was really proud of how they looked. The other thing that was important to me is I personally wanting to sign every single card. And I, I personally wanted to put a little note. So for me, my business was a very personal, not transactional is very relational. And so a lot of this was like the, the only time of the year that I was able to kind of like, right. A little note too, my P my, my past clients or people that I knew, but didn’t see very often. So I would ask about like, how’s the house going? How’s, you know, how’s the newborn, are you sleeping yet? You know, I hope everything’s going well with you. I tried to make something a little bit personal, kind of like you do in a holiday card, right. It’s just one little note. That’s what I spent most of my time doing. And it was fun also. I’m just like a stationary nerd. It, it was fun to like, you know, this, if I use this card, I think we did use this card one year. Do you see how black? But it was fun to like find pens that were like silver. So, you know, it would be legible, stuff like that. So anyway, you can get as nerdy as you want with this, but I think it’s fun too. This is my idea of having fun is beautiful stationery in getting to sit there in the morning with some tea and coffee and be able to kind of write these notes and really think back to the last time that I interacted with these people and have a genuine interest and how they we’re doing. And really with every single card genuinely say, like, I’m so grateful for this person in my life and then kind of send it off. So you probably are like, you’re weird, but that’s how I feel about these. And I think that that kind of went in the envelope with it. So why bother? Here’s the thing in the system that we, that I used to, to grow the business. And, and then I am sharing with you. There is that quarterly Touch program. And I will tell you, I recommend twice per year doing something Personal. Excuse me, let me let somebody In. No, somebody is chatting. I can’t see now. Right. Thanks Vanessa. I’m sorry. I thought somebody was coming in. So twice a year, I recommend that you do something personal, something personal. And for me, this was that a personal thing. I let some, I even at the end, you know, like when, when business got so big, I, I kind of stopped doing the second one and I put all my time, money and energy into this one, because it was so personal to me to be grateful to our clients. So, so not that I’m advocating for you not to follow the system perfectly, but I am advocating for you to, to devote time and energy into this particular. Touch even at the expense of maybe not doing another Touch in another quarter, if you have to. So yeah. And why, or why is this so important? Because it really does. It is a perfect way and reason to have a personal and grateful way of being in touch with your people. It just kind of makes it just makes sense. Okay. So let’s talk about who gets it. Ultimately, you get to decide who gets it every single year, and it may change over the years. So who definitely you should get. It is clients you worked with this year, past clients, both this year. And you know, for a while, you know, even if there are 10 years past people who referred you, those clients, and those, especially you might send a little, you might add a little extra note that says, you know, thanks so much for all your referrals this year. I loved working with all your friends or something like that, keep them coming or something like that. Right. I put your sphere in quotes because I hate using that word sphere. But it’s the, the name that every agent seems to kind of identify with. It’s like people, you know, right. So this particular Killer, A group of people you can decide, like, for example, if they truly are like my best, best, best, best, best, best friends, I don’t send them the Thanksgiving card because it would be a little weird kind of right. Cause they like, no, it’s like a business thing because I do put my business. So they’re like my best, best, best, best friends. I I give them actually a new year card. Cause again, I don’t want to show up and that in that stack of everybody. So I do it in the new year. It was a very small group of people, but like I would have it at dinner at my house kind of, kind of thing, or that I would spend, you know, a vacation with her. So when I say the word, your sphere, you know, you’ve got to create the boundaries for who fits in what buckets, but everybody else in my sphere, if there were in my database, if they were, you know, were, were so many, I had their address for, and I kept a really good database, they got this. I also highly recommend sending it to your current clients. So Kristin for you, these people that you were just talking about, right. They would probably get it anyway. But even if they were just new clients into your business, the fact that you’ve met with them and they put their starts on hold, I would put them in the current client list and I would send it to them. So people that, when I say the word current clients, I mean anybody that you’ve had in the initial consultation with, even if they aren’t actively looking, but obviously also the people that are actively looking the same thing with listers is, you know, I used the word initial consultation to me, a listing presentation as well. And so if you have somebody that you’ve met with the AR is going to work with you, if they are moving forward, you would put them at that list and then any active listings, seller clients as well vendors, I, I would make this list pretty short, but you know, this is a great time again, to save things to the people who help you run your business. So I would always send it to like my, my contractor or my cleaner also, or my stager. And for some of those, like a really important people that I consider like my team, right? Like my contractor would like, you know, move other jobs to get my clients in or something like that. Then I’d throw in like a, like a little gift card or something like that. So up to you as the years were on my number of vendors got really small. I just kind of kept my go-to people. I have like a mover, a lender or the title. Like it was like my little posse. I would always send them just a quick, like a gift card or something because they worked so hard for our clients all year. And I just wanted to say, thanks. So that’s generally who gets it now, how you keep track of this list. You’ll be learning next month in the CRM, a conversation that we’re going to have then is this a, your CRM is a perfect place to keep in touch with all these people. And specifically in the CRM that I use is M it’s a tag. So you can easily pull up a tag and have a list that you can quickly print or upload that you’ll see in a minute. This is a great way to get this done quickly. So that’s how I kept track of it. Another way you could keep track of it is a simple Excel spreadsheet. If you don’t want to invest, or do you feel like work like nervous about a database, which I totally get, I’m just tracking it with an Excel spreadsheet. And by the way, that can also be the beginning of your database when you’re ready to import those contacts into a database. Okay. All right. So when do you want to put this into your, I started doing this. So I highly recommend if you’re going to do this year now is the time do you order your cars? And I’ll tell you where to go for that here shortly. And then immediately upon getting them. You want to start writing them and whatever way that you want on it, to explain a little about what this means in a second, about how to do this. You don’t necessarily have to be the one to write them. It just depends on how personal, like the scale of how personal you want this touch to be is your decision. I was giving you kind of ideal scenario, but there are, there were some years when I’ve had to pull back a little bit and I, and I’ll show you what I mean here in a second. Do you want to write those out? And then you want to obviously get them out. I highly recommend it would be a little odd to get a Thanksgiving card too early. So I was very intentional about, even if I was done with these before, or as I was getting done, I would just put them in a box and I would put them in the mail, always like that Sunday night before Thanksgiving. So they were out in the mail that Monday. And hopefully, cause it was local. People were getting them like that Wednesday or Friday. Okay. Let’s talk about, So that helps you for each one of those steps. So ordering cards, I love, love, love, love minted. We used to use tiny prints, but they went downhill. So I’m not going to recommend those anymore. They always have some kind of promotion going. I will tell you, this is an investment. So maybe you start your list. Small. Maybe you only use you. Maybe you only start with sending it to your past clients or people who’ve referred your business and as your business grows you turned this into a bigger touch. So for me again, this was the big investment of the year when it came to the touchpoints. And you know, as my business grew the expense of this group to a point where it became like, you know, almost $1,500, but I knew how important it was. And it was like the investment I made in my people every single year. So again, if, if money is an issue, which it is for all of us, just decide who is going to be on your list this year. And then as your business grows, that can grow too. So with minted, they are, you know, they’re not cheap, but they do have, they have right now is a 15% of holiday cards. It said on there until Monday. But I’m sure that some like weird bot where like it knows it knows that I came and it’s Friday or something. So it wants me to like buy them by Monday. But anyway, there’s also a membership where you get, if you pay, I think it’s like 30 bucks a year. You get 30% off cards any time, which I use quite a bit, because as you’ll see from the after, and even the during phase, there are some notes that you would probably save a lot. If you became a member, another good option I found was gallery They’re a little more corporate-looking, but with a little creativity, you could make it look not so corporate-looking. There are other sites that you guys can find, but these were the ones that I felt were like the best price for the quantity. There are plenty of cute ones like on Etsy and stuff, but they were like five or $7 each, which I don’t recommend. So if you find any others, let me know. I love finding new car places online. Zazzle’s another one I didn’t love their cards is very much, I think there was like simply press or something like that. There are a few out there. And of course, if you, I’ve also designed some in the past where I had them printed as well. So that’s always an option too, depending on your interest in this. Okay. Let’s talk about the logistics of writing your cards. Do you remember? I said handwritten while you don’t necessarily have to be the one to handwritten to handwrite it. I just, I’m trying to tell you that it will land better. Think about it when you get mail yourself. I don’t know about you, but the one eye open, always open is the one that looks like somebody actually wrote it, right? So it was just like a fun experience to create for the people on the other side if it doesn’t look corporate or it doesn’t look printed. So I’d recommend if you can, again, there is a scale here, you can handwrite the envelope for example. Or maybe you can pay somebody, you know, a teenager, a neighbor who maybes out of work, who could use some money for the holidays. There’s a lot of ways that you can kind of spread some love around and not have to be the one to do it. So what I would always do is I would, I would pay somebody to write the cards for me and stamp them and also you’ll stay on a second. I liked to use fun return address stamps also, but I would always be the one to write the notes for the card because I wanted to add something personal. And what I would do is just like spend one weekend kind of watching movies, not doing much else. And I would just kind of watch TV and do these cards. And it took, you know, two days of a weekend doing it pretty full-time, I’m just a note again, this is just something you can, if this is up to you, but I would just always think it’s fun to receive letters that have fun return addresses. It’s just, it just makes it, I don’t know. There’s like an art to handwritten notes and, and mailing things that I feel like is lost. And so the prettier, you make it and it kind of more care you put on it, it just like rapping a gift, right? If you get yourself a fun stamp, you can use it in all of the cards. There’s a very big handwritten note component to what we teach. And so you would just, you would have one of these on file anyway, so you can use it. And so I always thought that was fun also. All right. Sending the cards. I think I said earlier, I highly recommend don’t send them a couple at a time just to kind of put them all in a box until that Sunday or Monday of Thanksgiving. So that way people are getting them kind of a timely manner because Thanksgiving cards are kind of weird. Like most people aren’t getting them. So it would be weird to get at too early, unlike your holiday card, where like, if you get a holiday card, like the second week of December, or you’re kind of like, wow, this person’s pretty impressive. Like they already have their holiday cards out. It’s, it’s kind of important for this one to land kind of right. Close to the holiday, in my opinion. All right. Last but not least. I’m going to give you just some examples of the physical card. These are also in the after-phase operations manual. So if you go to the after phase, you click on, I think the operations manual you’ll scroll down and you’ll see this, you’ll see these and other examples I’m giving you these examples just because I always found it a little hard to write these little blurbs. So maybe it’s helpful for you guys, if you see what I’ve written in the past. And I, so here’s an example to my wonderful clients, business partners and advocates of our business. I’m so incredibly thankful for you in your support. Here’s to a happy Thanksgiving. This one was my favorite. I love the design of it. If this was a minute and one from way back, and it said, happy everything with gratitude. Jennifer Myers to a residential brokerage. You may or not. I wouldn’t, it’s up to you. You have to decide what you have to do also legally, but I was the owner of the brokerage. And so that’s kinda how to help people. Like it wasn’t, it, it was almost like that was helping it for me. If I was a single agent, I wouldn’t necessarily like, and I didn’t own the brokerage. I don’t think I would put my brokerage. I did that only because like, that’s, that was like a, a benefit for me. But if I, if I was like at a normal brokerage that people, you know, if people don’t really care where You, which brokerage you were at, then I would, I would leave that part off unless you legally have to have it on there. Remember this isn’t advertising, right? I would, I would, I would say that this is more of a personal touch, so it’s up to you. So if you can’t read it, it says happy Thanksgiving as I pause to share the happiness of this Thanksgiving and truly appreciate your loyalty throughout the year. And may you enjoy joy or a bountiful Thanksgiving and joyous holiday season and a half a healthy, happy new year on with regards. And have you noticed there was this room here? That’s because I signed every single one and I would just put a little note kind of like where this white space was just to say, you know, I hope things are great, you know, two years to a new year or something like that. And you could always, right, you know, this year or something like, you know, let’s, here’s hoping for a better 20, 21 or something like that. All right. So I’m going to talk about what your next steps are. So your first step is decide whether or not you want to execute this in your business this year, as I said, at the beginning of the call, this, this is not to, I nobody here listening to this or hear live is allowed to beat themselves up. If they can’t pull this off this year, just put a note that maybe your goal would be to put this in place in your business next year. And that’s perfectly fine. If you decide step to, if you decide you want to do this year, then my advice is first to decide who is getting a card this year. So again, I’ll put these just so you don’t have to write too many notes. You know, really think through who do you want to have them go to? And, by the way, I loved this one, this one is on minted also. And I think it’s great, you know, great clients like You and PI you know, it’s like a little personality here, so you can decide for yourself. So the next step is to decide who gets it this year? And that doesn’t mean it doesn’t need to change. It could change next year. And then the third is get them ordered because it’s gonna take a week or so to get to you. And then in the meantime, I would go to the post office, get some fun stamps and decide how you want to address them. So you could have minted do it for you if you want it to that’s perfectly fine. Or you know, just get ready and get all the things so that you can kind of have this assembly line. If you are the one who is going to do it. So we get the stamp thoroughly, you know, for example, this is a dark card. So if you know, you ordered a dark card and you need a special pen so that it shows up, go get that pen while you’re waiting. And decide if you or how you want to return a dress. Well, so one year when I was like, I’m just, I can’t handle this. I had minted print, the return address to save me that much time because I think I was a little late that year or Thanksgiving was early or something like that. And I was like, how can we save time? So I, so I still had the address, their address handwritten, or I think we had, it looked like it was handwritten, but on the back of the card was the return address, my address. And if that was printed and that was fine. Okay. And then get them out if that’s what you’re going to do. So with that, with that is The bonus lesson of the month. The Thanksgiving Touch who has questions. Thank you so much for listening to today’s episode. Remember change happens when you take action. So apply what you learned today to your own real estate business. If this episode has helped you subscribe, leave a review and share it with all your real estate agent friends, and as always, if you want even more great resources to create the real estate business you’ve always wanted and have the life you want outside your business to head over to agent grad and sign up for the free weekly trainings, you’ll get free classes, discounts, and other goodies that only go out to real estate agents on that email list. See you next week right here on Confessions of a Top Producing Real Estate Agent the Agent Grad School Podcast.

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