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The real estate market is HOT right now and you know that means homes are selling and selling FAST pretty much no matter what.

But, what happens in a sizzling seller’s market like this is many sellers don’t understand the value we, as real estate agents, provide.

They don’t “get” why they should “have to deal with real estate agents.” These are not my words, by the way, but actual words I hear from people out in the wild (the wild being everyday life).

They don’t “get” why they should choose one agent over another. They think the cheapest option is the best option, for example.

Bottom line, during a hot seller’s market, it can be even MORE difficult to get listings because sellers have so many other options to chose from. They could even sell their home themselves and “save on the commission”…or at least that’s what some think.

So, if homes are selling “no matter what” then, how do you get sellers coming to YOU, wanting you to list their homes above alllllll of the other options they could choose from?

It’s simple. You’ve got to give them a good enough reason why they should.

Right after I say this, many real estate agents freeze up. What I’m saying sounds so obvious, yet, when most agents think about their answer, it’s hard to come up with something truly compelling enough or something that sets them apart.

Oftentimes an agent will say something about how they will provide great customer service and make sure everything goes smoothly and start listing out all the things they will do for a seller client once they are a client.

The problem with this answer is making sure everything goes well is what should happen no matter what. It’s definitely what the client should experience, but is that a powerful enough reason for someone to choose you in the first place?

I’d argue it’s not.

Good customer service and making sure everything goes well is what’s expected, not WHY a seller should make one decision over another in the first place. That’s like your doctor saying, “I’ll take good care of you.” It’s just what’s expected.

So, why should a seller choose you right now, when their home will sell quickly no matter what in this historic seller’s market?

Listen in to this episode to hear how you can answer that question and what you need to do right AFTER you come up with your reason so sellers start coming to you.

After you listen, the most impactful thing you can do is IMPLEMENT what you hear and go out there and get yourself a listing! You can totally do this.

To your success,


Episode Transcript

On today’s episode of Confessions of a Top Producing Real Estate Agent, Why Sellers should be choosing You to list their homes right now in this hot sellers market. Welcome to this episode of Confessions of a Top Producing Real Estate Agent. I’m your host, Jennifer Myers, listen in, as I share exactly what I did to go from not being able to sell a house for years to becoming one of the top 1% of agents in the US. So even opening my own brokerage full of agents helped me serve all the clients that were coming my way. I taught those agents at the same strategies I used in date to became a top producing agents. Now through this podcast and AgentGradSchool.com, I’m sharing those same modern marketing and business strategies with you. Most of which I learned from looking outside of the real estate industry, no fluff, no theory, no outdated sales techniques or paying for leads, just the exact steps to get you the real estate business you’ve always wanted. And the life outside your business, you’ve always wanted to let’s make it happen and dive into today’s episode. Before we dive into today’s topic, I just want to say thank you for the reviews that you’ve been leaving on iTunes each and every one of them helps our little show get in the hands of more real estate agents. And for that, I’m so grateful, but it also helps us not have to take on sponsorships or interrupt what we talk about here with commercials. So it’s really appreciated and I’m so glad that we can continue to do this as a free resource without sponsorships or paying anything for this content. So thank you. Thank you. Thank you. And on that note, once a month, I do a listener. Shout out. Here’s how this works. Once a month, I pick a listener who has left a review about how they’ve implemented, what they’re learning here. I read it out loud and that listener gets an Agent Grad School price pack. 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So you can get started a little head, start on ordering your books and started reading. You got that on Sunday and you’ll, as you are invited as Agent Grad School, to be part of the discussion at the end of every month, we’ll be sharing our book club discussions on this podcast at the end of June, July, and August. And we actually even have a bonus back to school by the book for September this year. So if you aren’t yet in Agent Grad School student, I invite you to still read along with us. All you have to do is be part of that inner circle. So to get the reading list of the week of Memorial day, you just need to join. If you haven’t already The Agent Grad School inner circle at Agent Grad School dot com forward slash inner circle. Cool. Okay. That was a really long way of saying thank you. Two, one of our listeners, C T photo man, leaving your review on iTunes. CT photo man said I’ve had my license for three years and never found a way to get my business going. After listening to the series on using your website to get more business, I realized I was not utilizing it in a way that I should say is updating my website to gear towards my niche. I have gained more organic leads and I have already started to create natural, long-lasting relationships. This has done more for my business in two short months than everything that I have tried in the last three years. CT photo, man, this is freaking awesome. Congrats, modulations on the results that you’re getting. And thank you for implementing what you’re hearing here and actually getting new results. That’s the whole goal. So congratulations on your hard work and thank you for leaving your review CT photo, man, if you just email me at Jennifer at Agent Grad School dot com with your mailing address, we’ll get your prize pack out to you. Okay? Now onto today’s episode, if you want more listings, this is what goes for it. I’m about to tell you guys goes for any type of real estate market, whether the market’s up down all around doesn’t matter. But if you want more listings, especially in a hot seller’s market, it actually can be a little bit more difficult. So if you want Sellers reaching out to you, wanting to work with you and saying things like, like calling you and saying things like, can, can you sell my house? Can I sell my house with you? Or can you sell my house? What happens in a hot seller’s market like we’re having right now is that many sellers don’t understand the value that we as real estate agents provide. They don’t really get that why they shouldn’t have to quote unquote deal with real estate agents. This isn’t, these are not my words, by the way, these are words that I hear people say out in the real world, they don’t really get why they should have to deal with real estate agents because they think their house will sell for, you know, no matter what and the Right it will sell no matter what, or, and it will sell quickly right now in this market, right? They also don’t get why they should choose one agent over another. A lot of times and minds, they don’t see the difference between one Agent or another or why they should choose one over the other. Sometimes they then go to who’s the cheapest of everybody to them as the same, then it goes into, okay, well, if everyone’s the same and I’m going to get the same result, then let me go with the cheapest option, for example. So what that means during a hot sellers market is it can be even more difficult to get listings because there’s more competition and the sellers have way more options to choose from. They could sell it to their neighbor. I mean, everybody wants to buy a house in most markets right now. And so they don’t necessarily need to work within a real estate agent. And then why they should work with you is not obvious either. So if a home is selling our homes in your market are selling no matter what then how do you get sellers to come to you, wanting you to list their homes above all of the other options that they could choose from? The answer is you’ve got to give them a good enough reason why they should. It’s pretty obvious, right? You’ve got to give them a good enough, a compelling enough reason why they should choose you above all other options above other real estate agents, above selling it on their own above selling it to their friend above, Oh, the other options available to them. And on, you know, I’ll give you a kind of a spoiler alert where we’re headed here is you have to give them a reason to want to use real estate agents at all. So once you come up with a good enough and compelling enough reason why a seller should choose you, which we’re going to talk about how to go about doing that today. But right after I say this usually real estate agents that I talked to kind of freeze up, because what I’m saying sounds so obvious yet when we start to think about what our answer is to this question, it comes, it becomes really hard to come up with something that really feels truly compelling, or that sets us apart. Right? Oftentimes what will happen when I ask an agent, this question of an agent comes to me and says, I want to get a listing. Are how do I get seller listings? I say, well, what’s the reason why they should choose you. And oftentimes an agent will say something about how they provide great customer service. And they’re going to make sure that everything goes smoothly and that they’re going to be taken care of. And, and they start listing out all the things that they will do for a seller client once they are a client. But the problem with this answer is making sure that everything goes well and that what should happen does happen. And the experience is good for the seller. It’s definitely what should happen, but it’s not a powerful enough reason for somebody to choose you in the first place. For example, like good customer service and making sure everything goes well is what’s expected. It’s the baseline, it’s not, Y a seller should choose one decision over another or in the first place, it’s kind of like your doctor is saying, I’ll take good care of you. It’s just, what’s expected. It’s not the reason you’re going to choose one person over the other or one option over the other. So why should a seller choose YOU right now when they’re home also quickly and sell, no matter what in this historically high and historically robust and quickly moving Seller’s market, what is your compelling reason Sellers? Should I choose you versus all those other options that they have available right now? You know, it’s so funny because oftentimes I think about, you know, so many real estate agents get into the business when the market’s hot like this. Cause you think like you’re hearing all about real estate, it’s a popular topic and you think, well I can make money and I could have freedom, right? But now is actually the hardest time to get listings because people don’t really believe the value is there for real estate agents. So it’s kind of almost like a, I don’t know an oxymoron or something. It’s like everybody’s talking about real estate. So many real estate agents are getting into the business yet. It’s harder to get the, especially the listings will talk about Sellers here soon. Excuse me, buyers, not in this episode, but an episode coming up, why buyers should choose you. But today we’re going to focus on why sellers should choose you. Because I think those are the that’s the business that most real estate agents want. So it’s even more competitive these days. I get a downmarket it’s way easier to get on a listing than it is to get a buyer. And so here is how you get Sellers attention right now. And here’s the framework to use so that you are, what I want to do is teach you a skill. So how do you, I don’t want to just necessarily give you the answer, although I am going to give you an answer or my answer to this question right now, but I also want to teach you how to find the answer for yourself so you can apply it to your own market, your own business, and the market’s going to change. And I want you to still go through these questions. So the first thing you have to think about is what are all the other options out there for the seller really put yourself in their shoes and say to yourself like, what are they thinking? Now? The things I’m about to say are what a lot of sellers are thinking. And I don’t think these aren’t necessarily bad things that they’re thinking, they just are thinking this in this market. So the things that they think are I’m going to get my house sold no matter what I’m going to get my house sold quickly, no matter what, I don’t really have a C Y I need to do things like stage in my house, get it ready. Why do I need to have hire a real estate agent? If my house is going to sell, no matter what, why would I pay the five, 6% commission? Why not just sell it on Facebook to my neighbor or next door or things like that. And we’re seeing a lot of that throughout the country. So here is how you get Sellers attention right now. A lot of it takes educating your sellers as to why you as a real estate agent provide value in this hot Seller’s market. And so the way that I look at it right now is yeah, and you, and you talk to your seller’s like this, or when you do your marketing, you talked like that. So you can say a house is going to sell no matter what right now in this market, but it’s not about getting your house sold. It’s never about just getting a house sold. That’s easy. It’s also not just about getting your house sold quickly. That’s easy to do to all you do is under price it. So when any market getting a house sold and getting a house sold quickly is pretty easy. Anyone could do that. What you want to be doing now in the hottest Sellers market in history is you want to be capitalizing on your biggest investment. You want to be selling your home for the very most money possible in this kind of market. And you as the real estate agent need to know how to, how to do that. That is the value you provide because a lot of real estate agents out there they’re not getting in the house prepped. They’re not even using Producing no, no photography because even though they think it’s gonna sell. So no matter what, so why bother. So we cannot join our clients where they are with that same mindset, whereas we really aren’t providing value. And so the reason why Sellers should choose you right now is not because you can get their home sold or sold quickly. It’s because you, if done correctly can get their home sold for the most money possible. And you have a way of making sure that happens. So inside Agent Grad School, well, for example, we give you a whole step-by-step plan to put your Sellers through and why it’s so important, no matter what’s going on in the market, that that plan is followed. ’cause the value you provide to the transaction is that you can guarantee by following in the steps that they are going to sell their house for as much money as possible, which when it comes to a hot Seller’s market, why wouldn’t, why if you’re gonna sell your house in the hottest market, in the highest market, Right? It’s like economics one Oh one sell high buy low. So you’re selling high quote unquote in a seller’s market. But, but that is the time to sell for the very most money possible. And for a seller selling their home is, is their biggest investment. And sometimes they’re leaving thousands or tens of thousands of dollars on the table. If they skip steps or just focus on getting their house sold and not getting it sold for the most money possible. So there’s the difference there. And that is the mindset that I want you walking around with. And only if you know how to do that, obviously, but there are steps to make sure that happens. It involves prepping the home in a particular way. It involves marketing the home in a particular way. It involves doing the under contract things in a particular way to make sure that you don’t have any appraisal issues and this and the buyer actually makes it to the settlement table. There are certain things that have to happen that really do add value to the transaction and only you as a real estate agent know how to do those things. So when I’m talking about how to do this, I also want to make sure that you actually do the things that are going to make that happen. In other words, I don’t want you to be going around and saying, well, if you use a real estate agent, you’re guaranteed to get the most money possible. That’s not exactly what I’m saying. What I’m saying is you as the real estate agent need to have a process to get, to make sure that you are getting your Sellers the very most money possible. And you need to have that conversation with Sellers when your meeting with them at the listing appointment, but also in your marketing. Okay? So our job as real estate agents, always in this market in other markets is always to identify with where our potential client like our target market, the person we’re trying to attract to us the first step is always meet them where they’re at and really, truly understand why they think the way that they think almost agree with them. Right? Like I agree at the pur perspective that a lot of sellers have not because I think that they are correct, but because I can see why they think the way that they do in this moment and not saying they’re accurate, I’m just saying like I get where they are at, where their head is at. And until you get to that point, only when you get to that point, will you be able to come up with the reason why Sellers should choose you? Okay. So, so that is the reason why I think real estate agents are so crucially important still in this hot sellers market. When, when Holmes will suffer for anything. When, when, so no matter what, and we’ll sell usually more than they think they’re going to sell for, right? But the goal, and this is how I talk to myself, our clients, the goal is not just to get your house sold. The goal is not to sell the house quickly. That is easy. It is any market. Anytime the goal, especially in mobile, most importantly in a hell of a hot sellers market like right now is to get your home, to sell for the very most money possible and make sure that you, Mr. Seller, Mrs. Seller do not leave any money on the table in a hot seller’s market. The goal, especially the goal is to get the seller the most money possible because it is possible in a down market. Sometimes the seller has to be really flexible to do it. It takes to get their home sold. You don’t necessarily have to do that. So if you’re going to bother why not do what it takes to get the most out of it in Agent Grad in school this month, our theme of the month is Why Sellers should choose you and all month long. So I think every work every day, Monday through Friday, we have a class focused on helping our students confidently answer that question and then know what to do to go out and get them, sell our clients. And in one of our, we’re doing a lot of workshops kind of working together. Cause it is something that’s a process that you kind of need feedback on. And one of our students, so brilliant, brilliant. You brilliantly said, as I was explaining this concept, he said, you know what? It kind of makes me think of her. A good analogy that I think it can bring up is it’s kind of like selling stuff at a punch, right? Like, you know, you’re gonna get it sold quickly. No, no you’re probably not gonna get it sold for the most, but it’s off your hands and you can kind of move on. And in this market when Sellers skipped steps or decide not to use a real estate agent or to sell a sales thing, it was off-market to their friend or whoever that is kind of what they’re doing now. Obviously that the knowledge analogy is not going to work for everybody. But for you, I think it’s a great illustration of like, that is an option, but most people don’t want to do that. They don’t want to take it because they want more for their stuff. So yeah, the compelling reason right now is because you want to capitalize. We want to take advantage Mr. Seller, not in a negative way, but just in a who wouldn’t want to take advantage and that best time to sell it. Why would you want to leave money on the table? Get as much money as you can out of your biggest investment. That is the goal, not getting it sold. See the difference there. Now on top of it, I love that. That’s just kind of baseline. And for a lot of you, a version of that can work. Do you have to find your own language kind of your own way of telling that story, but there are other compelling reasons why Sellers should choose you on top of that as well. And a perfect example. It is w the last Podcast we had Kirby’s on. So if you haven’t listened to that, the whole reason I included that this month is because that is a reason. If you’re in Agent and Kirby or a Kirby like services in your market, or you can create one on your own, like I did in my business, that is a reason why, why not a compelling enough reason why somebody should choose you on top of it? Why are they, you know, you know, it helps get the most money possible for their home, right? You can have more than one compelling reason at a time and stack it on. You just don’t want to dilute it too much. But, you know, for example, how I would use that program or how I would use it in my marketing would be something along the lines of, you know, I’d still say, you know, it’s not about getting your house sold or sold quickly. It’s about getting the very most money possible in a hot seller’s market. That’s the goal of selling a house right now. Don’t leave thousands or tens of thousands of dollars on the table on this, Sarah. And I could make it, make sure that it’s not a, it’s a hassle-free experience for you. You can just hand me the keys and I can get it done. I can get my way, I can prep it and get it done for you. So see how that makes it like a total, no-brainer. What we’re doing, we’re going for is having a compelling reason that makes using You a no-brainer for somebody who’s ready to sell their house. Okay. Now, how do you get, once you find your compelling reason, how do you actually get to it? Sellers reaching out to you? Or how do you get somebody coming to you saying, okay, I want to use you. Okay. So first you need a compelling enough reason. Second, you need to talk to people, you know, and people, you don’t know, you need to get your offer. What you’re offering Sellers into the hands of people, you know, and people you don’t know, you probably heard me say a million times. There’s only two people you can ever market yourself to in real estate and really anything, but especially in real estate, the two people, people, you know, and people you don’t know, and the approach and how you market yourself to those to different groups is different. So for example, for the past, do you know what I teach in Agent Grad School? What I did to grow my business from zero to a million dollars a year is you have a, an email list and week after week or every other week, once a month is never enough. You don’t just send them an email newsletter, have all these articles about, you know, what the drive-in movie theaters are now, or the hottest restaurants. You absolutely can do that, but what’s most important if you actually want clients is to communicate this reason to you. So for example, this month in Agent Grad School, every single week were creating a new article to send to our, to our email list, just educating our people about what’s happening in the air, in the hot Seller’s market right now, Now, and for example, this week, it’s, you know, are you, are Sellers leaving thousands of dollars on the table and a hot Seller’s market? Yeah, they are. And here’s how they’re doing that. Right? And we explain why that’s happening because people are skipping steps. So we have a whole article that we created together as a group, which is even really cool on how to do that. Then we have another article in the next week about a different topic on the hot seller’s market. So it’s about educating your people, the people you know about what’s really happening in the middle right now, because what they’re hearing out there in the news isn’t necessarily accurate or really what’s happening in their market. I know at least in my DC market right now, for example, The single-family home market is gangbusters. The condo market is taken up a tiny little dip. It’s not as robust. So especially that’s another article that I would Right, is you’re hearing that the market is really strong. It is, but then a whole educational article about the deal difference in the market because they’re not hearing that. So then you have a condo Sellers come and think that they’re gonna have, you know, 160 offers and everything, they were singing in the paper and that is not necessarily true. So I’m educating my people. I know my email list every single week on what’s really happening. Okay. And it’s my job as an agent to be able to know what the heck the hearing out there. And what’s really true. And I always tell them the way I look at myself is I’m kinda the reporter in order to my people, right? Like, you know, hearing this news, but now I’m on the ground in the trenches growing like, and like from the, you know, how you have reporters that are like on the accident scene are on that, right? Like it’s like live from like, I kind of I’m like the live reporter from the real estate trenches for them and it don’t share every single detail. And my goal is always to educate about people about what’s going on. So you can see why that article about the condos. For example, it would be really helpful to people. And even if, and I write it in such a way that even if they aren’t selling are buying a house anytime soon, they’re still getting information. And what’s So great about that is then they could go and have that knowledge so that when they are talking to their friends or family right in their friends or family, or just saying like, Oh the real estate market. So hot. Cause you know that, that’s what people talk about for some reason at parties and stuff like that, which they will then remember that unique perspective that you provided them. And you can say, you know, that it is true, but I’m hearing the condo market is not you and Greg. Well, that kind of thing. So you were value to people’s lives, not about you selling the house. Although when you educate them, they naturally will you do that? Do you, when they are ready, it’s about educating them and giving, arming them with the information. So that’s just one example of how you talk to people. You know, now when you talk to people that you don’t know, here’s how you do that. First and foremost, you have to pick a neighborhood that actually has turnover. So I see so many real estate agents marketing to neighborhoods that like one house sells a year. That’s not a good, like, out result. That’s not a good, those aren’t good odds. Right? So a perfect example was like my mom’s neighborhood, everybody who lives there has lived there. Like their whole, like my mom bought the house in 1983, the whole court. It was a 90% of the day. The people who originally bought the house in 1983, which is great because we know everybody on the block and we’ve grown up with them and all that stuff. But that is not a neighborhood that I would find farm because of that. Oh the house’s in that neighborhood. Nobody’s moving. And that’s just proven year after year, after year. So I’m not going to invest in that neighborhood when the turnover isn’t there. So the number one thing that you need to do is pick a neighborhood that actually has turnover. And then you talked to them about why they should choose YOU. What makes you different, right? And if you have a different message and you, and you know, give them compelling reasons and you do it over and over and over again, a bed in a neighborhood that has turnover. Yes, it might take a month or two or six. But if you have a compelling enough reason and, and that there are people in a particular neighborhood ready to sell it, Now they will call You. It’s like science, it’s marketing. It’s how it works. And if that’s not happening, then yeah, you’re either. Then I would really look at the statistics and say, okay, has anybody sold a house since I’ve been marketing here? And if the answer is yes and you’ve done it for six months and you’ve gotten no calls, then I would look at your messaging, look at your phone, a compelling reason. Is it compelling enough? And really got to ask yourself, like really ask yourself, will this get my attention? If I was thinking about, would this stop me in my tracks and get me? It’s a no-brainer reason to reach out to this person. And if the answer is not quite, then just hone your message a little bit MORE. OK. So that’s one thing, especially in areas that people are farming, pick up the neighborhood that actually has turnover. And then don’t beat yourself up. If you’re looking at your statistics and you are going, wait, nobody’s reaching out to me. But if nobody’s sold a home in that neighborhood in the time that you’ve been marketing, it’s not you. It’s just people aren’t moving. There’s a difference. Okay, you hear me talking a lot about, you need to come up with a compelling offer, a no brainer reason for us, for somebody to choose you. But then you also have to get it in front of people who have the, that you, that you are offering, that we want. The thing that you are offering, meaning you are not trying to do. Do you convince people to move your, trying to convince people who have already decided to move to you to call you? Are you when it’s time to move? Okay. Huge difference there. So yeah. Getting seller clients in a hot seller’s market is more difficult, but it’s, it’s the same strategy. No matter what the market, you just change slightly, the way that you talk to them. So it’s not always easy, but it is really simple. You have to find people who want to sell their house and you have to give them a no-brainer, compelling reason to choose you to sell their home. Okay. So here’s what I want you to do next. Number one, all right. Want you to come up with your compelling reason or reasons that Sellers should choose? Are you in your market? The process for that is identify, really understand why they think what they think right now and agree with them. Not because they’re necessarily Right, because you understand where they’re coming from. It’s only from that place that you can come up with a compelling reason. You have to first understand who you’re talking to and understand like how do they think what they want? What would be compelling from them, from the place that they are now? So if you refusing to kind of go where they’re at, then you’re never going to find a compelling enough reason. So first get there, get where they’re at their level. They gave you some examples of, of just some very S you know, slight examples for you to take from here and apply in your own market. Okay? Now come up with your compelling reason. And step two is talk about that reason to people, you know, and people you don’t know until you find someone who is not only just interested in selling that step one, but it wants what you’re offering, offering to them. And that is step three, keep doing that consistently over and over and over again, until you get a seller client. If you are offering a compelling reason for somebody to choose you, and you’re doing it in a place where people are buying or selling, excuse me, and you can do that consistently. For a period of time, you will get a client. Yes. It may take some adjusting. It may take flushing it out. You aren’t going to walk away from this podcast with it 100% figured out. In fact, you might have a slight idea, and then you’re going to go throw something out there and you’re gonna see what happens. And chances are, it’s not going to work the first time. Chances are, you’re going to walk through a little bit of disappointment, but you are going to get up, really analyze the situation, ask yourself, is this compelling enough? Am I in the right pool? Are there people in the pool who Want what I’m offering, right? That is how, and then you keep doing it consistently over and over. Your expectations should not be send one thing out or talk to, you know, send one email out and get a client on one postcard out, get a client, do one Facebook ad, get a client. Although that does happen quite often, but change your expectations. Okay? Expect consistency expect to do adjusting. And then you’ll nail it. All of a sudden you will nail it and you will feel it. And so will your prospective clients, okay? This is what we’re focused on all month long in Agent grad school, we are helping our students. Our students are coming up with killer reasons and strategies for how to reach Sellers and why they should use them. It is awesome to watch. There is a breakthrough after breakthrough. So if you’d like to join us, You, you can go to Agent Grad School dot com slash enroll. But if you don’t want to become a student right now, no problem. There’s a lot in this episode for you to work from, and you can create this on your own, whatever you do, just listen to this opposite. Don’t do it. Don’t just listen to this episode and do nothing at all. That’s not gonna get you where you want to go implement what you heard and no, that it might take some time to really nail it, keep going with it. Don’t expect to get it right out of the Gates. And all of a sudden you’re gonna get a car. Like all of these clients that just doesn’t happen even to the best marketers out there, right there. How do you have to try it? And you have to address, do you have to really be honest with yourself about, are you saying the right thing to the right people to get the results that you want? And nobody gets it right the first minute that they try it. But if you do it consistently have the right compelling reason and your putting it in front of people who actually want to sell their house. That is an, the alignment that you’re looking for. And then if you do it consistently, you will get a listing. So keep going until you get a listing and you have Sellers coming to you. And then what starts to happen to you? You become known as this person who can do this thing. And if it’s compelling enough, you will have people start reaching out to you. You become known for this another great, just bonus a little thing as like, think about the problems your Sellers might be having in how you solve that problem. That’s another way in to your compelling reason. So I hope that you’ll try this out. I hope this is something you’ll be thinking about that you’ll try, you’ll adjust and I want you to keep doing it until you get that listing. And then I want to hear about it. So email me, Jennifer@Agent Grad School.com or leave a review and talk about how you implemented it and the results that you’ve got. I get e-mails all the time from students who are not even students. Actually, we were just listeners and they apply what they’re learning from this free podcast. And they’re getting changes, making changes to their business and seeing results. And so that’s what I hope for from you. And if you are stuck or need help, you have another resource, which is to become a student, totally your call. I hope this episode has helped you. I hope you’ve see now that you really do in a seller’s market wants to get listings and you need to give it’s even more important to give a very compelling reason as to why a seller should choose you. And knowing that it’s even harder to get listings right now, because there’s so much competition, not just from other agents, but from other options and understanding that your sellers don’t really understand why they need to pay five or 6% to get results. It’s your job as an agent, our job as agents to explain that compelling reason and continue to provide actual true value. Okay? So go out there, get yourself a listing, and I’ll see you next time. On another episode of Confessions of a Top Producing Real Estate Agent, The Agent Grad School Podcast. See you then Thank you for listening to this episode of Confessions of a Top Producing Real Estate Agent. We purposely keep this podcast sponsor and commercial-free so we can focus solely on providing real estate agents with the content that will help them grow the real estate business. And how about light. They love outside of the business to what we need your help to get this Podcast in the hands of other real estate agents. So please, if you liked this episode, leave a review on iTunes or wherever you’re listening, and also tell your Agent friend’s to listen in to thank you so much for supporting the show for being a listener and supporting other agents along your way to success. That’s what this is all about. See you next time. On another episode of Confessions of a Top Producing Real Estate Agent. And until then come hang with me over at Agent Grad School dot com. We’ll see you there.

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