Just Say NO To Single Property Websites (and What To Do Instead)

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I'm Jennifer Myers, Founder of Agent Grad School and host of Confessions of a Top Producing Real Estate Agent, The Agent Grad School Podcast.  My goal for each episode is to give you actionable steps you can implement today to grow your real estate business.

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Here’s another one of those “things” that real estate agents are told to do that makes no sense–single property websites.

You work REALLY hard to get a listing and then you are told to use a single property website to market it. But, single property websites are marketing DEAD ENDS, which is a big no-no if you like having clients coming to YOU.

I totally get you need a “non-branded single property website” as your virtual tour link for the MLS, but you don’t need to use that same link for all the other marketing you do for your listing.

If you are doing this (or not marketing your listing in other ways at all) you are missing out on three HUGE opportunities:

  1. To get MORE buyer and seller clients from your own listings;
  2. To get even more buyers interested in your listing. More interest = more money for your seller, which is obviously their goal. More $$ for your sellers, the happier they are, the more likely they are to refer you. Even MORE clients coming to you; AND
  3. Prove to your sellers you are doing more than just hiring a photographer and throwing it on the MLS.

On today’s episode of Confessions of a Top Producing Real Estate Agent, you’ll learn more about why single property websites are total losers when it comes to marketing your listings and what to do instead.

Remember, the goal of every listing is to do two things-first and foremost, get your client as much money for their property as possible. Second, it’s an opportunity for you to get more clients.

Every one of your marketing activities should support those two goals. Using single property websites does neither.

To your success,


Episode Transcript

On today’s episode of Confessions of a Top Producing Real Estate Agent, Just Say NO To Single Property Websites, learn why they are in an effective tool for marketing your listings and what to do. Instead. Welcome to this episode of Confessions of a Top Producing Real Estate Agent. I’m your host, Jennifer Myers, listen in, as I share exactly what I did to go from not being able to sell a house for years to becoming one of the top 1% of agents in the US even opening my own brokerage full of agents helped me serve all their clients that were coming my way. I taught those agents the same strategies I use the date two became top producing agents. Now through this podcast and AgentGradSchool.com, I’m sharing those same modern marketing and business strategies with you. Most of which I learned from looking outside the real estate industry, no fluff, no theory, no outdated sales techniques or paying for leads, just the exact steps to get you the real estate business you’ve always wanted. And the life outside your business, you’ve always wanted to let’s make it happen and dive into today’s episode. Here’s the shortest episode. You’ll hear a single property websites. Don’t use them the end. Just kidding. I know you’re tuned in to hear more than that. So we’re going to dive more into that and explain why single property websites, aren’t the best tool that to market your listings, but why you still need them, even though you shouldn’t use them for your marketing of your listings, you still need them. I’ll explain that. And then what to do instead that not only brings more buyers, but also helps you get more clients from your listings as well. It’s a digital marketing plan for your listings for no more printing and mailing, just sold cards there’s or excuse me, just listed cards. There’s a more effective way to broaden your reach and reach people who might be interested in that listing or who might be interested in the way that you market your listings. So that means bringing more buyers and sellers. Okay. Before I dive into today’s episode, though, just a recap of where we are not the now we’re at the end of May. I always think of Memorial day, which if you’re listening to this live, is this coming Monday for me, that signifies the kind of beginning of summer. And I always kind of go down a gear if possible, sometime in the summer. So coming up I’m over the next couple of months, we’ll be talking about how you can do the same, how we’re actually declaring the summer, the summer of EAs and what that means and how even still being very productive in your, in your business, but just take just a S a tiny step back to have a little bit more of a balance because later in the summer is typically when, you know, it’s maybe not as robust. Like I know it’s not going to change too much this year, as far as the market’s concerned, demand and supply. So it’s not probably going to be like other years when you take a little bit of a dive, like August, for example, in my market was always very slow. And then the very beginning of my career, I always got really panicky. And I was like, oh my gosh, what’s going on? The sky is falling. Sky is falling. And some of our students, every August, like clockwork would kind of come to me in this panic mode. I’m like, though, this is the time for you to rest. This is time for you to enjoy. And then lo and behold, right? It’s just because the natural flow of the market, lo and behold, it got busier on the fall. So I’m going to talk a lot about that over the summer. We’re going to declare it the summer of ease. We got a lot of fun things coming up for you, but because this period of time is kind of a transition. I just want to kind of give a recap all may long, the theme of the month, both here on the podcast and inside agent grad school, the theme of the month was why sellers to choose you right now. And this is such an important question, no matter kind of what’s happening in the market. If you want listings, you have to be able to answer that question, but especially in a competitive sellers market with low inventory listings are harder to come by. You’re competing against not only other real estate agents like you normally would be doing to get listings and having to answer that question, why a seller should choose you of all real estate agents, but in markets like this, you also are competing against a lot of off-market sales, a lot of sellers thinking they don’t need to quote unquote deal with real estate agents to sell their properties. And that’s true. They don’t, they’re probably, it probably will sound no matter what. So the theme of the month was essentially like how to get more listings and answered that question. Why should sellers choose you right now in this sellers, competitive sellers market, this hot market when sellers could probably sell their house themselves. So you’ll notice that I just want to make sure that, like, we’re kind of, as we come to a close in may on this podcast, if you’re not a student that might not be, it might not be clear to you that that’s what we did. But if you haven’t listened to the last episode, that is the topic. Why should sellers choose you right now? And the topic before that, I had the marketing director of Carpio on, because I think her BBO or a concierge-type service of brokerages are calling it different things, but essentially a Kirby type resource or tool to use, not only to help your sellers get more money for their property and defer payments to closing, but also to help yourself get more listings though, that was just one example of a tool. There’s so many great tools out here, out there right now that you, as a real estate agent, need to pull on for both your buyers and sellers, not only to help them in this competitive, but also to market yourself and get more clients that say I can solve this problem. So we are, so that was the theme of the month for may. And for example, if you’re an Agent Grad School student, listening to this, you know, that we took us a step further. My goal for the month inside agent grad school was to have every single one of our students know how to confidently answer that question, why sellers should choose you right now and how to turn that answer. Once you, you get it into action to get that listing. So every day, Monday through Friday, all month long, we had a class or a workshop devoted to helping you find your unique and powerful answer to that question. So if it was so inspiring to watch students, who’ve been struggling with that answer for a long time, and finally kind of have the goal for themselves be end the month with an answer, a powerful answer to that question and start moving forward and action to actually put your answer into the world and attract sellers, attract more listings and help those listings and sellers that you have even more get better at your craft and your job as Cal Newport says in his book is to be so good they can’t ignore you. That having your answer to that, even if you have listings being a better listing agent, being better for your sellers, finding those resources and tools you can use and putting them into action into your business. So if you’re a student listing or your new student coming in right now, and you missed any of those live sessions all month long, and may they’re, they’re all in your student portal, they’re all recorded. So I challenge all of you, whether you’re a student or not to really think about themes of the month and kind of spend your time and energy kind of closing the loop and attacking kind of one theme at a time. So if you’ve wanted listings, then spend a month thinking to yourself, okay, why should sellers choose me? And let me find my answer. And then you’ll, you’ll be amazed and inspired by what happens, especially when you’re in a community, like even in grad school to see how other people are doing it, come up with your own answer. And all of a sudden, like your business starts to shift and you have so much clarity. So that’s been really exciting. And so what we’re doing is in the next month in June, where we’re kind of just switching, we’re saying, okay, well, why should her, how can we help buyers in this competitive market? Cause they need, they need help too. So I know some, so many people are always focused on sellers, which is great, but buyers really need our help right now as real estate agents. So you’re going to hear over the month of June, a little bit of a turn on the podcast, talking to buyers and how you as an agent can help them in this competitive market. I have two really good episodes coming up about that in June and again, inside agent grad school, all June long, we were having mock buyer consultations, mock lone summary meetings, which is the step in the buyer process that I teach classes about how to write winning offers even when you’re competing against, against cash. So all that stuff is coming up here on the podcast and inside agent grad school. And I’m really excited about it. But if you hear me talking about buyers, just know that like, we’re just switching the theme because we’re kind of, we’ve already kind of spent a month solving the problem of why sellers should choose you. So we’re just going to do the same exact thing for buyers for the month of June. Also coming up on the podcast over the next couple of weeks, this summer, we’ve got the Agent Grad School, summer book club from Memorial day to labor day, which is exciting. So if you want to be on that, be sure your in the Agent Grad School inner circle. If you haven’t joined already, you can go to www.AgentGradSchool.com/innercircle. You’ll get the list of books on Memorial day and more information about how that summer book club will work. Then two, we’re also talking about why it’s so important to have an accessible website and what that actually means. I’m excited about that topic. I’ve already talked about the summer of ease and topics that will be how to juggle your family life and life as a successful agent. I’ve got a really great guest interview on that topic. And so we’ve got a lot of fun stuff coming up. So stay tuned. All right on to today’s episode, why single property websites are not the most effective tool for you to use to market your listing. So let’s break this down. You work really hard to get a listing. And then you’re told for some reason, I don’t know why, you’re told to use single property websites. Actually, I do know why there is one reason that you still need to use single property websites, and the sole reason you should do them is because when you’re putting your virtual tour on the MLS, the MLS does not allow you to do what I’m about to explain for you to do, to market your listings and other ways. Okay. So the reason I say that single property websites are in an ineffective tool is because they are essentially marketing dead ends, which if you want clients coming to you is a big, no-no what I mean by a marketing dead end is there’s no call to action for your potential clients. There’s no further place that they can get to know why they should choose you or why they should buy this property. It just kind of pictures, right? That’s not enough anymore. That’s pretty easy to come by. And that’s what you’re going to use for the MLS. That’s important and necessary for the MLS. So I totally get that. You still need a non-branded single property website as your virtual tour link for the MLS, but you don’t need to use that same link for all the other marketing that you do for your listing. Cause I know you’re doing more marketing than just that for your listings. Aren’t you, aren’t you. If you’re doing this, if you’re using a non-branded or just single property website for your listings, or you’re not marketing your listings in ways other than the MLS, then you are missing out on, on three huge opportunities to not only get more clients, but also potentially make your sellers happier about the work that you’re doing and find a buyer for them and get more money for their property. Okay. So the three opportunities that you’re not kind of thinking through this, that for your own business, that you’re missing out on is number one, using the strategy that I’m about to explain to you, you’ll be, you’ll be able to get more buyer and seller clients from your listings. That’s a great goal for you, right? But you also need to help the client that you have, right? You don’t ever want to like when you have a listing, right? But the number one goal is still to get that property sold and find as many buyers as possible so that you can drive up, you know, you can get as much money for the, for the property as possible, right? And then, in addition, you want to also kind of side, you know, benefit bead having listings is that you can get more clients from it if you do the right things. So this is one of those things. So the three opportunities that are missing are you’re you, you, you need more, you can get more clients and sellers from your listings, from your own listings. You can get even more buyers interested in your listing, which we know more interest, more eyeballs, more, a equals more money for the listing for your sellers. And then last but not least, but this is important is proving to your sellers. And everybody else that your marketing tool that you’re doing more than just hiring a photographer and throwing it on the MLS. That is one big complaint about real estate agents in general. And right now is sellers are thinking, why am I paying all this money in commissions? If, if my, if my agent is simply kind of doing what I could do, which is take some professional photos and then like throw it up on the MLS, because there are, by the way, limited service options where they could just throw it, throw picture’s on the MLS, but you and I know that there’s more to it than simply doing that, to get the most money for the property and additional clients for ourselves. So here’s what I want you to do instead of using single property websites to market your listings. And again, marketing goes beyond using the MLS. So often I hear that agents talk about I’m going to go market my listing, and then they just put it on the MLS. So this, what I’m talking about is actually marketing your listings beyond the MLS. You’re going to use your single property website for the MLS link. MLS links. MLS will not allow the strategy that I’m the, that I’m about to explain. So here’s what you’re going to do instead for the other part of your marketing of your listing. In addition to that, putting the non-branded single property websites on the MLS, you want to take advantage of this opportunity to market your listings even more so, how you do this is you want to create a digital marketing campaign for your listings. And in order to have a digital marketing campaign, which by the way, has a far deeper reach and cost way less than doing things like printing out, mailing out just-listed cards or, you know, door knocking to invite people to an open house. All those things still work. They’re just, time-consuming, they’re not scalable. So as your business grows, you can’t spend less time. You can’t delegate that activity. So what I teach you here on age in age and grad school is things that you could delegate that you could, as your business grows, does not take you more time. In fact, it could take you less time. So a digital marketing campaign for your listings. So what you’re going to do in order to have a digital marketing campaign that actually brings clients to you, then what you’re going to do is if I had a, if I was in front of you in person right now, what I would do is show you physically an example on screen of what this looks like. And I’m sorry, because of our, our format, like our podcasts, I can’t, but what I did was I did make a video of what I’m describing here. And I sent that to our inner circle members by email. So, you can see what I’m talking about. So if you haven’t seen that video or you aren’t one of our students then, try to visualize what I’m describing. What you want to do is you want to do that, drive traffic to your website. And so you want to have essentially what I call a single property post on your website for your listings. And in the video that I sent my inner circle members, hopefully you all are listening and for your students, same exact website template that we give our students that you’re seeing me put together a single property page on there. So, you know, you don’t necessarily have to start from scratch. Think of this. Like what the strategy I’m explaining is almost like, like if you were on a blogger website and it was like a design website and somebody is like explaining the details of the house, that’s kind of what it feels like and looks like. So you have a page on your website where you’re posting photos and descriptions of kind of more descriptions of the property so that your listing comes to life. And what you do is, and I’ll give you an example of what I mean here in a minute. But what you’re going to do is you’re then going to have this like link to a page on your website that describes your listing. And so much more detail allows it to come to life and you can use it in all sorts of places to not only prove your success, show how you’re different, but you know, get more reach for your sellers. So you can use this link, for example, in your weekly email, to your list on your Facebook and posts, you can turn it into a Facebook ad and not only put, put yourself in front of people online, but also show your stats to sellers about how many people you reached outside of the MLS. And then obviously your sell your client, clients past clients or friends and family. Sometimes we’ll see those ads also. And then that, you’re just like, you’re not even realizing, but you’re like proving to them that you’re busy, that you’re successful and your listing looks amazing. And you’re doing things outside of kind of quote-unquote the norm, right? Doing things like this creates a win-win for both you and your sellers. And the other reason you’re going to do this is because on your website, and this is so important when you’re selling listings, you can actually bring your listings to life way more than you can on the MLS. Again, you’ll see that in the video I sent you, but I recommend that you have a fun description beyond what you can talk about on the MLS for each one of the photos so that you are painting a picture for your buyers. For example, let’s say that you have a listing that has a pot filler in the kitchen, which is like a dream kitchen of mine, a dream feature of mine, especially coming from an Italian family. Like that that was like the pivotal thing to have in your kitchen. Right. And that’s pretty unique. So if I had a listing that had that, I don’t know that I would necessarily highlight that. So, so much on the MLS, right? There’s so much more to talk about and you have a limited space to do that. But if I was listening to that type of home on the listing post on my website, under that picture, I would have like one picture in addition to that other pictures, but I definitely would have a picture of that pot filler. And I would say something like underneath of it, “create the pasta night of your dreams with this pot filler, right at the stove, no more lugging those heavy pots across the kitchen, spilling water every step of the way”, right? That’s just one description. I’m what I’m trying to do is, is I can bring to life my listings and really get buyers excited and, and envision their life, their dream life. In, in my listing, in the home, I’m trying to sell way more than I could do on the MLS. That’s not something I can really do on the MLS because I can’t have descriptions for each picture. I kind of have to paint a big general picture in my description, see how by doing this. Just like that’s just one example of one photo and a description. I can be attracting buyers and sellers to me because I’m describing homes in a way that feels exciting and isn’t is different than what they’re seeing elsewhere. And when you create this page on your website, you can link it to that everywhere. And it also, the, what, what I would do also is send it to your sellers and say something like when you’re done with it posts, you tell them post this wherever you think your buyer may be, your Facebook page, your Facebook groups, that you’re a part of your neighborhood groups, get the word out. You never know where that perfect buyer is hiding. And what that also does is not only makes your seller happy, like, wow, she’s going above and beyond, but it also selfishly gets my listing and my name and my website into the hands of people. So if that sounds overwhelming to you, I promise it’s not. You get such a broader reach for less money than anything else out there by doing this. And you’ll not only make your seller happy because you’re going the extra mile and not just throwing photos up on the MLS and hoping for the best, but you are truly leaving no stone unturned trying to find them a buyer for you. You’re standing out, you’re showing how you’re different. You’re adding personality to your listings. You’re getting seen by buyers and sellers who will see the difference in either be interested in that property, which is your number one goal. When you have a listing they’ll be interested in you because you’re doing something that’s different. You’re adding personality to sometimes kind of just like boring links with pictures that seller wouldn’t want to work with somebody. They ran across doing something like this and how fun it is for your buyer to see how creative you are and how you think about homes. Okay. So the last benefit of doing a single property website is that you can use these links to show your potential sellers at a listing appointment, not only what you are going to do to turn their home into like, like for example, sometimes sellers are worried. Like my house is messy and you say, look, I’ve seen messier houses and this is what your house is going to look like. And so you can give them these links. Now these become like on your website and you can just pull up your website and show examples of what you can make their house look like that’s crucially important. And you can say like, here’s what the end goal is. Right? And you can also explain why you create these pages on your website and how you use them to get more buyers for their home. I’m just giving you a few examples of how to do that. You know, just above this, you know, I just did, so I can go on and on and on and on about how this strategy is so impactful to both you and yourself sellers, but I’ll end with the most important part of point of this whole podcast and why single property websites are so crucially important, excuse me, why single property websites are marketing dead ends and why doing your single listing page on your website is so important when you have a listing post on your website and you have the right website, when that answers the question, why should somebody choose you and is created to turn visitors into clients, right? Not your typical kind of real estate website, but the kind that drives traffic and turns visitors into clients or leads for you when you have that kind of website and you have listing posts and you drive traffic to that, what you do is you is, is not only on that, that you’ve gotten yourself and your listing in the hands of more people, but then they start clicking around your website because your listing post page will have other calls to action on it. And then people will start clicking around your website and you are more likely to get a client because your website is what’s called a “sticky website.” They’re clicking around, and they’re staying there. And then you’re answering that question because we show you how to do this. We even give you a template on how to do this inside Agent Grad School, but I’ve talked a lot about this on the podcast before. I’ve given you the formula here on the podcast in past episodes. So you have a sticky site, you show them on your site, why they should choose you, how you’re different, and you have ways to capture their email address and stay in touch with them. Okay? And your listing post is just another way to drive traffic and convert leads create leads out of your own website. You can not do this on a single property website on a single property website. The conversation ends with the photos in the house. And maybe sometimes there’s the typical call to action, like a little contact me form or something if you’re interested in seeing this home. But what if they aren’t in seeing that home? You just shut the door to any other conversations that they might be interested in having with you, because all you’re doing is solely talking about that listing. And frankly, not doing much more than they can get on the MLS. What I’m suggesting is that your website should get people more interested in your listing. And while they’re there, you are giving them reasons to click elsewhere and get to know you in a different way. Okay? A single property website, all they can do really is look at the photos and maybe contact you if they’re interested, but chances are they don’t. And so this is what I mean by single property websites being a marketing dead-end. There’s just nothing more. It’s just like a dead end. So to wrap this up, yes, you still need a single property website for the MLS, but it’s easy. Most photography companies, if your company has resources to get photos taken, they’re going to create that single property website for you. You still need it. You still want to use it. And that has the link that you’re going to put on the MLS. On top of that, you are going to do your own blog post, essentially highlighting the features of this property. Usually, I end up with like 20 photos and it’s just like scrolling. And there’s just like a little description that I can like highlight what’s so different. Why a buyer should choose that property. What makes it so much better than everything else on the market? And then subliminally, there’s other places for them to click for them to get to know me how I’m different. Why they should choose me, whether they’re a buyer or seller. Okay. And you’re going to use that link to market in all the places. And more that I explained here, the social media posts, your social media ads, send it to your sellers to post everything everywhere. Okay. That is the link that you’ll use and your marketing outside of the MLS. And you really should be promoting your listings outside of the MLS, both for your sellers and for yourself and the cheapest way to reach more people and actually prove. Cause like the great thing about Facebook ads for a listing instead of just sold cars is because Facebook ads gives you the stats, you know, in two days, or like over the weekend, you can print something out from Facebook. If you’ve ran an ad and say, here’s the reach, here’s how many other people saw it. Right? And so it gives you something to talk about to your sellers more than just kind of vague information, because what they really want to know is like, what did you do? That’s different? What did you do to make sure I get the most money for my house? What are you doing, agent? This is just another way to do that. Okay. This is how you sell your listings for more and get more clients coming to you all at the same time, which are the two goals of every listing that you’re doing after all, isn’t it? The last thing I’ll say about this, if you are worried about being tech savvy, do not worry about that piece to make this happen in your business, because what I’m describing requires no coding, no tech savviness. I’m telling you if you can ask anyone who knows me, I can’t even like log into most websites with a password because I can’t even remember my passwords. I mean, sometimes literally I can’t even remember the password to my own computer. Okay. So what I’m trying to say is this is not scary tech stuff. This is like so basic, kind of uploading and typing once you learn how to do it. Okay, but this is the way that you can put your business online without having to be tech savvy as a real estate agent, that brings clients that to you and helps your sellers even more. This is how you become known to be a really good, effective marketer of your listings. So if you’re an agent grad school student listening to this, how to do everything I talked about in this podcast is in the website section of the student portal in the, ‘My Listings Video’ tutorial. If you’re an inner circle member, I sent you a snippet of one of those same videos in this week’s inner circle email, because I wanted to give you a visual of what I’m talking about. And what you’re seeing in that video is an example of a website template that we give you for free inside agent grad school. So you don’t have to figure this out on your own. And whether you become an agent grad school student or not, if you have a WordPress kind of site or Squarespace, the, I don’t even know, like I’m not tech savvy. But if you have a WordPress component to your website, you can do exactly this. Exactly what I’m explaining. Okay. Now, if you liked what you heard in this episode and you aren’t yet a student and you want to learn how to do this, and you want step-by-step videos and you want to email a website template, then go to the agentgradschool.com/enroll. When you enroll, you’ll not only learn about how to apply the strategy to your business, but you, you get the free website template. And I show you how to implement this strategy and other strategies for your website that is outside the box of the typical real estate website. Okay. So if you have one of those company, one page site you can’t do this kind of thing, right? You’re you can’t add on a lot of those kinds of, you know, CMA type websites or search for home type websites, you can’t do this kind of stuff either. And so that’s why I give our students a free website template. Is it perfect? No. Could it be better? Yeah. Like that, there are a lot of our students come in with a WordPress type website of their own and all they do is make a few changes or they apply the strategy, for example, to the website they already have, and use it in a better way because it’s not about just having a website as the real estate agent. That’s kind of useless. It’s about what you do with your website to get more clients and sell more houses or your sellers. Okay. If you aren’t able to become student right now, or for whatever reason you are listening to this and you go to that enroll role part of agentgradschool.com and you see that there’s a wait list because we are close to capacity. I’m very hands-on with our students. So I purposely keep our student body small. So if ever you go to that AgentGradSchool.com/enroll, or you hit become a student on our website and you get a wait list that just means join the inner circle. It’s the free place that you can hang out and get help. In the meantime, whether we don’t have space to add more students, or if you’re just not ready, that’s fine too. I still want to help you. And that’s why I created the inner circle, because every week I give more than I can give on this podcast. I give an email to our inner circle members. And sometimes we talk about topics in there that I can’t really talk about on the podcast. So joining the inner circle is completely free. I share a ton of information and you can join by going to www.AgentGradSchool.com/innercircle. So lots of options for you. I hope that this is just the beginning of you kind of thinking differently about the way that you, that you market your properties. And my hope, my goal of an intention of this episode is to remind you that you really can get more clients. If you do just a tiny bit, that little bit above and beyond just doing the single property website and posting that to the MLS. If you’re only doing that to market your listings, you’re missing out on a lot of opportunities to help your sellers and better ways. And at the same time, bring the more clients. So when I talk about Agent Grad School, my goal, and what we do is teach you how to have clients coming to you, right? You want to be doing this strategy that I explained in this podcast for sellers, but by doing that, you also spread your message. You spread your way of doing real estate, be well beyond what you could ever imagine in that is how you have clients coming to you. It’s this little stuff over and over and over and over again. And you might be saying, well, what if I don’t have any listings are there strategies to use the same type of thing? Even if you don’t have listings, you might, for example, talk to your broker and say, like, for example, I was talking to one of our students yesterday and she’s a new agent. She doesn’t have any listings. I said, well, talk to your broker because she is targeting, move-up buyers. And downsizers, people who are buying and selling at the same time. And I said, well, you know, talk to your broker, see if they would be willing to allow you to post listings of the brokerages on your website that are really great. Either downsizer listings or move up listings. You know, my niche was first time home buyer. So what I would do if I didn’t have any listings, I would just say, you know, here’s, here’s the best first-time home of the week. And I would, not pretend like I was selling it. I would do like why this would be a great deal for a first time home buyer. Right. So I would just talk about it differently. I’m not trying to pretend like it’s my listing. I would just say, you know, here is my listing of the week for first time home buyers. And I would describe why that home would be great for first time home buyers. Okay. So the fact that you don’t have listings is also not an excuse, but again, you’ll wait for that. You’re going to need permission from your brokerage or the agent who’s listing it or both, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t stop yourself from marketing yourself in this way. Okay. Let’s just another example of how you can use the strategy. All right. Cool. I hope this episode has helped you start thinking about marketing your listings in a more impactful way than just using the single property website to not only get more clients for you, but get the best possible perfect buyer. Who’s going to pay as much as the seller wants as quickly as they want and give them the best terms to thanks for being here. And I’ll see you next time. On another episode of Confessions of a Top Producing Real Estate Agent, Thank you for listening to this episode of Confessions of a Top Producing Real Estate Agent. We purposely keep this podcasts sponsor and commercial free so we can focus solely on providing real estate agents with the content that will help them grow the real estate business. And how about life. They love outside the business too, but we need your help to get this podcast in the hands of other real estate agents. So please, if you liked this episode, leave a review on iTunes or wherever you’re listening, and also tell your agent friends to listen in to thank you so much for supporting this show for being a listener and supporting other agents along your way to success. That’s what this is all about. See you next time. On another episode of Confessions of a Top Producing Real Estate Agent. And until then, come hang with me over at www.AgentGradSchool.com.

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