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How to Grow Your Business By Six Figures This Year

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My guest grew his business from $12k to $180k in just nine months. Less than a year later, he made it to $800k and he’s been growing ever since.

Along the way, he realized there was a specific formula for this level of business growth and he’s sharing it with us on today’s episode of Confessions of A Top Producing Real Estate Agent.

We talk about everything from how doing LESS leads to more profits, how you know when you’ve found the right niche and even how to create an irresistible offer your ideal clients can’t refuse.

Listen in on our conversation as we talk about what it really takes to grow by six figures in less than a year.

The Formula For Six Figure Growth

Dave Moreno has grown several six figure businesses and grown each by multiple six figures in a very short amount of time–six figures in less than a year.

Along the way, he discovered there was a simple formula to achieve this level of growth.

Sound too good to be true? It’s not.

Dave has done it, I’ve done it and you can do it too.

Here is the simple formula Dave credits his six figure growth in less than a year:

Step 1: Purpose + Passion = Profit

Step 2: Build a Strong Foundation with the Six Pillars for Six Figure Growth

Step 3: Organized Success

Purpose + Passion = Profit

Dave says all you need to start moving towards six figure growth in your business is a purpose that goes deeper than just making money. If you can find that, then your passion becomes ignited and you will do what it takes to create a successful business.

The Six Pillars For Six Figure Business

After finding your purpose, you then have to put these six pillars into your business that create the strong foundation necessary for big growth:

Pillar 1: Discipline

Any problem with your business is a discipline problem with the business owner. You need to create daily habits that lead to six figure growth and do what you say you are going to do each and every day.

Pillar 2: Create a Six Figure Niche

Creating a niche creates MORE clients, MORE business, MORE income, not less (but you already know that if you’ve been around Agent Grad School longer than about two minutes).

Pillar 3: Six Figure Website Copy

Next, you have to learn how to communicate with your niche by answering to these four questions:

1. What problem is your ideal client experiencing right now?

2. What are the benefits that your clients immediately receive from working with you? In other words, what do they receive that eliminate their immediate problems right away?

3. What are the specific, tangible things they get from working with you? Example: a virtual tour, flyers, etc.

4. What are the results your niche will experience after having worked with you? You want to paint your client’s dream picture.

Pillar 4: Positioning. Is it clear what part of the market you are best at helping?

Pillar 5: Create Your Alter Ego. Who are you at your core and how can you use that during the “moment of impact.”

Pillar 6: What are you offering? You have to figure out and communicate what is the most compelling part of the services you offer and what is the “Mercedes” or the irresistible piece of what you offer.

Organized Success

Once you know your purpose and once you building your strong foundation for growth, you need to stop being busy being busy and do ONLY the things that will help your business succeed and grow. Do less to get more.

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Agent Grad School is the best online business school for modern real estate agents. We teach a proven system to have a successful real estate career using smart, unconventional strategies and modern marketing methods to attract clients. 

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Hi, I'm Jennifer!  I'm a real estate agent, founder of Agent Grad School and host of the podcast Confessions of A Top Producing Real Estate Agent.  I couldn't sell a house the first TWO years I was a real estate.  After trying everything we've all heard, I decided to look outside the real estate industry for marketing know-how, applied what I learned and became one of the top 100 agents in the US.  Now I teach other real estate agents everything I did.  

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Hey there!

Agent Grad School is the best online business school for modern real estate agents. We teach a proven system to have a successful real estate career using smart, unconventional strategies and modern marketing methods to attract clients. 

About your Instructor

Hi, I'm Jennifer!
 I'm a real estate agent, creator of Agent Grad School and podcast host. I teach real estate agents the exact steps I used to become one of the top 1% of agents in the US.  Become a student, binge on the podcast, or take a free class and let me show you how you can make your own real estate dreams come true too!

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