Money: How To Make and Keep More Of It As A Real Estate Agent

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I'm Jennifer Myers, Founder of Agent Grad School and host of Confessions of a Top Producing Real Estate Agent, The Agent Grad School Podcast.  My goal for each episode is to give you actionable steps you can implement today to grow your real estate business.

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Whether we knew it or not, when we became real estate agents, we became business owners.

And the only difference between being a business owner and having a really expensive hobby is, well, earning money.

And while I believe the secret to success as a real estate agent comes from NOT focusing on making money, but instead focusing on truly helping our clients, I am also an advocate for learning how to create a profitable, sustainable real estate business you can rely on.

Over the last two decades of being a successful real estate agent, I’ve learned a lot about money.

How to make it.

How to spend it wisely.

How to keep more of it.

And how to grow it.

The growing it part is the fun part.

But in order to get there, you have to learn how to do the other three FIRST.

Because if you don’t know how to make money, how to spend it wisely, and how to keep more of it, you’ll end up either burning out or losing out and working way too hard for too long.

And what good is that, right?!

Here’s the best part–once we learn how to manage our money as a real estate agent, the more of an impact we can have however we choose–whether that’s being home more with the kids, being able to fund causes that can change the lives of people we’ve never even met, growing our businesses even more, paying off our parent’s house, or whatever impact you want to make out in the world.

On today’s episode, I’m sharing what I’ve learned about money and being a real estate agent over the years.

Everything I’m sharing came at a very high price and a huge learning curve.

My hope is that by me sharing the lessons I’ve learned about money as a real estate agent, you’ll be able skip some of the painful money lessons I’ve had to endure and reach your money goals much more quickly than I did.

Here’s what you’ll learn on today’s episode:

  • the three steps to making money as a real estate agent;
  • how to spend money on the things that will help your business grow;
  • the financial management things I skipped for years as a real estate agent that cost me tens of thousands of dollars;
  • what to do to keep more of your hard-earned commission dollars;
  • And more.

Listen here:

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