Lesson #1: Why Should Someone Choose YOU As Their Real Estate Agent?

30 Day Marketing Challenge

How to get more clients as a real estate agent

Why should someone choose YOU to be their real estate agent, among all other options available to them, including every other real estate agent they know, discount brokerages, ibuyers?

You name it, there is a lot of options out there.

Why should they choose you?

Why should they refer you?

Why should they choose to work with you again?

Even if no one is asking you that exact question out loud, that is the question in the minds of every potential client you are talking to with your marketing.

Being able to answer THAT question successfully is how you can turbo charge your marketing to start getting all the clients you need and want coming to you, reaching out to you when they are ready to buy and sell and it will feel like they are coming to you on auto-pilot.

That is the question every single one of your marketing activities needs to answer–whether it’s your website, your emails, your conversations, however you are getting clients.

However you are choosing to bring in clients to your business has to answer that question in a way that resonates with who you are marketing yourself to/who you are talking TO.

I was first asked this question by a man named Dan Kennedy who I met when I started looking outside the real estate industry to learn how to bring in clients without feeling like it was a full time job.

When he asked me this question, I felt like a complete failure because not only did I not have an answer to that question, but I realized that the fact I couldn’t answer this question was exactly why I was struggling to get clients.

After I stopped feeling sorry for myself, I realized that this was such a gift. I know knew what question I had to answer to be successful.

I started to feel grateful for the fact that I knew that was the question I was supposed to be answering.

He also told me that if I answered that question well enough, I’d have all the clients I ever needed coming to ME, seeking ME out.

That sounded like a dream real estate business to me, so I went off trying to figure out my answer to that question.

I come from a line of scientists. Everyone in my family is a researcher of some kind, except me, so I naturally went into study/ research/testing mode.

I made my business my laboratory and I started seeing ways that other small businesses were answering that question successfully.

I started seeing patterns and I started applying those techniques to my business.

It took me YEARS to figure out how to answer that question, but once I did, sure enough, I had enough clients coming to me that I was able to create a million dollar (plus) per year real estate business AND had to open an entire brokerage full of agents to help me handle all the leads that were coming my way.

Instead of it taking you years to answer that question, I’m hoping today’s marketing lesson will help you answer it in as little as an hour in your business.

I walk you through the four simple steps to help you answer that question in your business.

Those steps are:

1.) First, figure out WHO you want to that someone to be that chooses you. What group of people are you best at helping? Start there. Because once you know WHO you want to choose you as their agent, then you can answer the question why you for THEM.

2.) In order to answer the question “why you?,”you have to know what the person or group you are talking TO cares about when it comes to real estate. Not just buying and selling a home, but anything related to real estate in their life.

3.) Once you understand what your audience cares about when it comes to real estate, now have to talk to them about THAT–what they care about and helping them through the reason they haven’t taken action towards what they want yet.

4.) Lastly, and most importantly, you’ve got to keep talking to them. So often I see agents try something one or two times and then quit, when they were just around the corner to success. Keep doing it. Keep talking to a particular group of people about what they care about when it comes to real estate and you’ll be answering the question, why they should choose you, just do it for long enough for them to need you or refer you.

Be patient and give yourself time to answer this for you and your business. You might not have all the answers in an hour, but just knowing that this is the question your marketing needs to answer is a huge step in the right direction.

Listen to today’s marketing lesson episode and then post your homework on The Art of Being A Top Producing Real Estate Agent’s closed group so we can see your progress.

Specifically, here’s how you can start applying this concept of answering the question, why should someone choose YOU in your business:

1.) Write down what your current marketing “vehicles” are aka where does someone come in contact with you and the fact that you are a real estate agent. Examples: your website, your signs, social media posts, your conventions, etc. These are what I call marketing “vehicles.” What you use to carry your marketing message to people you want to work with.

2.) Write down WHO you are talking to with each one of those marketing vehicles–are you talking to someone you know or don’t know? Are you talking to a specific group of buyers or sellers?

3.) Does that marketing answer the question why should that person you are talking in your marketing choose YOU? Your past success isn’t a good enough reason. Just knowing your name is not a good enough reason. It’s why THEY should want to choose you and this reason has to go beyond just the fact that they know you or you have successfully sold a house to someone.

4.) If not, ask yourself how you can edit that piece of marketing to answer that question and if you can’t make changes, as yourself if you received any clients from that marketing in the past six months. If not, think about whether now would be a good time to save money and cancel that marketing expense.

5.) Post your homework to the Facebook group.

No, this will not change your business overnight, but it will start to show you what marketing you can stop doing and what marketing you can apply the rest of the tactics to you’ll learn throughout the rest of the 30 day challenge.

That’s the goal here. Know what marketing pieces you don’t need anymore and which you’ll concentrate on to use to change your business for the better.

See you there!

You got this!

In this lesson we mentioned our free training, 3 Behind-the-Scenes Secrets To A Client Newsletter That Gets You Clients, you can sign up for that here. We hope it helps you.

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To your success,


Founder & Master Instructor at Agent Grad School

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Hey there!

Agent Grad School is the best online business school for modern real estate agents. We teach a proven system to have a successful real estate career using smart, unconventional strategies and modern marketing methods to attract clients. 

About your Instructor

Hi, I'm Jennifer!
 I'm a real estate agent, creator of Agent Grad School and podcast host. I teach real estate agents the exact steps I used to become one of the top 1% of agents in the US.  Become a student, binge on the podcast, or take a free class and let me show you how you can make your own real estate dreams come true too!

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