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I'm Jennifer Myers, Founder of Agent Grad School and host of Confessions of a Top Producing Real Estate Agent, The Agent Grad School Podcast.  My goal for each episode is to give you actionable steps you can implement today to grow your real estate business.

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Do you ever daydream about owning your own real estate brokerage one day?

For many teams and high-producing agents, opening a brokerage might be the end goal.

But, being a great agent or having a team is very different than owning your own brokerage.

I will be the first to admit–opening a brokerage was not at all what I thought it would be like.

When I opened my own brokerage, I had no idea what was involved. I had been an agent for over a decade. I had more clients coming to me than I could ever handle on my own. I thought the only answer for me at that point in my career was opening my own brokerage.

And, although I LOVED the agents and clients I got to work with solely because of the brokerage I opened, ultimately running my own brokerage was not the job I wanted.

My guest today, on the other hand–Lindsay Dreyer–was born to be a broker owner.

She’s had her thriving real estate brokerage, City Chic Real Estate, for over a decade in one of the most competitive real estate markets in the country.

Before that, she was crushing it as a real estate agent for years.

What I love most about her is she’s an open book. She’ll tell you the good, the bad, and the ugly of not only starting your own brokerage, but how to keep building it year after year so it keeps getting better–better for the agents she serves, better for the clients they serve, and better for her as the business owner.

Listen in as she shares her advice on:

  • why being a great agent doesn’t guarantee you’ll be a great broker-owner;
  • the different set of skills you need to run a brokerage;
  • the key steps she took that made real estate agents want to work at her company;
  • how she created a one-of-a-kind company culture that attracts the exact agents she wants;
  • the one step she regrets skipping early on that would have fast-tracked her business;
  • and so much more.

If you think opening your own brokerage is something you’ll do in your career, listen to this episode so you can know whether it’s the right move for YOU and, if so, how to do it successfully and love every minute of it.

To your success,


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