The 6 Guiding Principles for a Successful Real Estate Career


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Success is 80% mindset and 20% doing the right tactics, the right way, at the right time.

That means your success in real estate is 80% controlling your emotions and the games your mind will play on you.

With that in mind, here are six guiding principles to help keep you going when the going gets tough:

Principle #1: What You Tell Yourself Will Be Equal to The Results You Will Experience

I’ve seen self-fulfilling prophecies come true over and over again with our students.

For a decade, I’ve studied Agent Grad School students wondering why every student was given the same exact resources, yet had totally different results?

Why did some students succeed in creating the real estate business they wanted and then kept going even higher from there, while others, with the same exact information and sometimes even more support because they were “struggling” never experience the results they said they wanted?

It came down to two things—the first is the students who told themselves this would work for them, got the results they wanted and the students who said “it might work for her or him, but it won’t work for ME” didn’t succeed.

Or, how it sometimes comes out is focusing on something negative or finding something to pick apart. They spend more time finding reasons why it won’t work for them then actually doing the work that is proven to work.

The students that implemented and maybe failed the first few times but believed in themselves enough to keep getting back up, now have the real estate businesses they always wanted and the ones who were looking at all the reasons it wasn’t a good enough solution for them are still exactly where they started or are even worse because now they proved themselves right.

As Henry Ford famously said, “Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right.”

So, what’s the second difference between the students who succeed and the students who don’t see results?

That leads us to…

Guiding Principle #2: Be Willing To Be Uncomfortable

In addition to believing in themselves, our successful students are also willing to put themselves in uncomfortable situations.

They were willing to try something we outline in this course, completely bomb it the first few tries and keep getting better until they’ve mastered it.

They are willing to sit through the discomfort of being bad at something at first and they were willing to get incrementally better by trying again and again, until it becomes automatic for them, until it becomes HOW they are and WHO they are.

This leads us to guiding principle #3:

Guiding Principle #3: The Dunning Kruger Effect Is Real

The Dunning Kruger Effect is the roller coaster ride that two social psychologists, David Dunning and Justin Kruger discovered we all go through on our way to acquiring the skills and knowledge to be an expert at something.

Here’s what the Dunning Kruger Effect looks like:

Here’s what that chart means:

You start out with no knowledge and no confidence. We know we don’t know something, we know we are beginners. Both our confidence and our knowledge is low.

But what happens shortly thereafter is we learn enough to have gained confidence but not enough knowledge to support that level of confidence.

Our confidence spikes, because we’ve learned something new, we get really excited and think, I understand this, I can do this.

But what tends to happen next is when we actually implement it in our own lives, we realize just how hard it really is.

That’s when we enter the valley of despair. The valley of despair is the WORST.

This is when we feel hopeless and like we can’t do something. We get down on ourselves and go searching for something else.

We think we aren’t capable or good enough and our confidence plummets, even though we are further down the line on the knowledge and skills path.

The valley of despair is something WE ALL go through on the way to becoming highly skilled at something.

For those us who keep going, guess what comes next. WISDOM.

We are starting to be both knowledgeable AND confident because we are implementing.

For there, if we keep going even further, we become an expert and that is when you reach the plateau of sustainability, which means consistent outcomes. You’ve mastered it. It’s automatic. It’s who you are now.

So, expect to ride the roller coaster ride along your journey to a successful real estate business and know that it’s COMPLETELY NORMAL and it’s called the Dunning Kruger Effect.

Guiding Principle #4: Celebrate Your Failures

For some reason, we are taught that failing is a bad thing.

Failure is a wonderful thing, something we should be celebrating. Why? Because it’s our biggest learning opportunity.

Now, failure can oftentimes be confused with its cousin—quitting. Do not confuse the two. There is a huge difference between quitting on yourself and failing.

When you fail at something, which you will at least the first several times you try something instead, instead of getting down on yourself, ask yourself this question—what can I learn from this? Celebrate the fact that you tried something and remind yourself that if you choose, you can learn something huge from your “failure.”

You can ask any of our successful students, they TOTALLY bombed their first few listing appointments, their first few buyer appointments their first few anything they implemented. Instead of giving up on themselves, they decided to keep trying and keep getting better.

Now, they are winning almost every one of their listing and buyer appointments and they have become masters at them. They would have never gotten there without being willing to fail, pick themselves back up, ask how can I make this better?

Guiding principle #5: What You Put In Is Proportionate to What You Get Out

This one is a sneaky one!

How this looks is consciously or subconsciously is we don’t fully commit. You kind of have one foot in one foot out… because, deep down there is something preventing us from diving in with both feet.

Sometimes it’s a fear of failure and sometimes it’s a fear of success. It’s usually tied to one of those two.

The only times I’ve been successful in my life is when I am not willing to entertain a plan b. When there are no other options, the only option is to make it work and do what it takes to succeed.

You are here. You chose to be here and I’m so glad you did. And since you are here, be ALL In. Truly give it your all. Don’t have one foot out and one foot in. Tell yourself your success is inevitable and jump in with two feet.

Guiding Principle #6: Watch out for the Bermuda Triangle of Drama

Your mind doesn’t like change. Your mind wants to keep everything the same, even if the change is a GOOD thing. Even if the change means having the life you want.

Anytime you are up-leveling yourself in any way, your mind will try to keep you safe. It doesn’t know what else to do, so it’s like a child and it throws a temper tantrum.

That will happen at SOME POINT and likely MANY POINTS along your path to creating the real estate business you want. It’s definitely going to happen while you are an Agent Grad School student.

You have two choices:

You can either get sucked into the Bermuda Triangle of drama and get STUCK in there and get nowhere or maybe even disappear and we never see you again.


You can become the observer and say, “Oh, isn’t that interesting. My mind is freaking out. That must mean I’m on the right path.

And then take your mind who will be kicking and screaming to the next level along with you.

Keep these six guiding principles in mind as you make the vision you have for your real estate business a reality.

If you want help growing your real estate business, become a student at Agent Grad School.

We teach a non-salesy method for getting clients coming to you consistently that doesn’t rely on old-school techniques.

Not only will you never have to worry about when your next commission check is coming in, but you’ll actually enjoy marketing yourself to get clients.

If you want a real estate business like that, think about becoming an Agent Grad School student.

To your success,


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Agent Grad School is the best online business school for modern real estate agents. We teach a proven system to have a successful real estate career using smart, unconventional strategies and modern marketing methods to attract clients. 

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Hi, I'm Jennifer!
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