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I'm Jennifer Myers, Founder of Agent Grad School and host of Confessions of a Top Producing Real Estate Agent, The Agent Grad School Podcast.  My goal for each episode is to give you actionable steps you can implement today to grow your real estate business.

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We’ve declared October website month here at Agent Grad School.

Why? Because your website is the most underused resource and asset you have available to you as a real estate agent.

It’s a tool you can use in your real estate business to attract clients, convert leads and keep in touch with your past clients too.

It’s the place you want to make as the home base of your entire real estate business.

It’s the most effective marketing tool you have, because it can work for you when you are off doing anything else that is more fun than generate leads.

No other marketing tool can do that–not door knocking, not popping by people’s houses, not calling your sphere, not buying online leads. Not ads that tell people to call you.

Not only that, but using your own website to generate leads allows your business to scale.

What does it mean to be able to scale your business? It means you can grow your business without spending more time trying to generate leads or keep in touch with people.

Generating leads this way allows you to sell more houses by focusing more time on all the clients coming your way, not spending time calling people or knocking on doors to get clients.

Clients come to you rather than you having to hound them.

Using my own website as the main way I generated leads and clients and grew my real estate business, truly was the best decision I ever made to become a successful real estate agent.

It was the one decision that changed everything for me for the better.

It is what allowed me to sell a house a week personally, without a team, while running a real estate brokerage. I had so many clients coming to me, that I couldn’t handle them all and I was able to give them to the ten agents that worked at my company, which helped them grow their businesses too.

Today’s episode is the second of four episodes this month all about how to use your own website to get clients and grow your real estate business.

Listen in and start using your website as the lead generation tool it was always meant to be.

Also listen to last week’s episode about how to turn your website into a lead generation machine.

If you want to learn how to attract, convert and keep in touch with your leads and clients using your website, that’s one of the things we teach you how to do inside Agent Grad School.

Join Agent Grad School so you can start using your website to grow your real estate business too.

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Episode Transcript

On today’s episode of Confessions of a Top Producing Real Estate Agent the five reasons you aren’t getting leads and clients from your website and how to fix it. Welcome to this episode of Confessions of a Top Producing Real Estate Agent I’m your host, Jennifer Myers. Listen in as I share exactly what I did to go from not being able to sell a house for years to becoming one of the top 1% of agents in the US even opening my own brokerage full of agents taught me, serve all the clients that are coming my way. I taught those agents, those same strategies I used and to become the top producing agents. Now through this Podcast and AgentGradSchool.com, I’m sharing those same modern marketing and business strategies with you. Most of which I learned from looking outside of the real estate industry, no fluff, no theory, no outdated sales techniques or paying for leads, just the exact steps to get you the real estate business you’ve always wanted. And the life outside of your business, you’ve always wanted to let’s make it happen and dive into today’s episode. I declared October Website month here at agent Grad school. And so what that means is on the Agent Grad School, Podcast the Confessions of being a top Producing Real Estate, Agent what you’re listening to every week in October, I’m going to take another aspect of how you can use your website to grow your business and get clients and market yourself as a real estate agent. I truly believe that is the most powerful marketing tool that you have at your disposal. It’s also the most underused marketing tool, that real estate agents aren’t using enough, and it using my website to grow my business and get clients, and really use it as the home base of my entire real estate business is what that decision alone is what got me going from hardly making any money at all, being hardly able to sell any houses to growing, not only a brokerage, but a million dollar per year in revenue, being able to sell a house a week myself while also having a brokerage with 10 agents and give them Leads as well. It was that decision to use my website as the epicenter of my marketing and the epicenter and the Homebase for my entire real estate business. And so I’m spending all month of October teaching you how you can do use your website and use your website as the same and how you can do the same in your real estate business and buy the same. I meant, I mean, to think about your real estate business as the place you’ve sent everybody to, to learn about you, to keep in touch with you. And it’s really the place that like, it’s like your home. You, you bring people back to over and over and over again. So last week I talked about how to use your website as your lead generation machine. And that really is its purpose for being there. Like any of your marketing is to get leads, not just sit there and look pretty. And I got a question from a listener. So before I dive into today’s episode, which is the five reasons you aren’t already getting leads from your website, I’m going to, I thought her question was, was something that everybody should hear the answer to. So this question comes from Brittany and she posted in our free Facebook group, it’s free to join as long as you are a real estate agent and have a couple of questions to answer, and then you can join. So she says, hi, there I’m a realtor in Burbank, California, and I have been bingeing on all of your podcast episodes. Thank you for sharing your knowledge. Thank you, Brittany. For listening. She says I was on a team in Kansas city for a few years and was taught all of the old ways of doing things, which made me question even being in real estate at all. Brittany, I hear you. I had the same feeling early on, on, in my career until I figured this stuff out from looking outside of the real estate industry. So stay tuned. She says, I can’t begin to help to tell you how refreshing it has been to hear your story and learn about some ways, some fresh ways to approach this industry. Thank you. My biggest question, as I am starting to build my website is how to choose a website name. I already have my own website domain secured with just my first and last name, but is it smarter to have a website name that is more geared towards your niche? And so the answer I told her was, yes, you want both not either or both. And all you do is you point your name and your kind of more of a marketing, a URL to the same place. So for example, I had my name for years pointing to my real estate website, which was where do you dwell.com? You see, it’s really important to have both you, your name, you want to secure that, and you want it pointing to the same place as the URL that you’re going to use in your marketing. And your URL is something that really should be a marketing piece on its own. It should be something that just by the URL name drives people to want to go to the website. So the answer is both. They’ll have both places pointing to the same website. Thank you for asking you a question, Brittany, if you have any questions you can always post in our free Facebook group. And not only will I answer you in their, but if I feel like it’s a question that our other listeners would learn something from, and then I’ll also bring it up here on this podcast. So please, please push your questions in that Facebook group. All right, let’s dive into today’s episode. The five reasons that you aren’t getting any leads and Website from your website yet. So just to recap, as we established last week, your website, like any marketing that you do, the whole purpose of it is to get leads and clients to grow your real estate business, and truly use it as a way to market yourself, which means to attract people to your business. And there are three ways that your website should do this, this, again, a recap from last week, it should one, and these are the jobs your website should do for you. It should. Number one, Capell your casual visitors to Kik cozy and stay a while. It helps people who don’t really know you when they land on that website. You want them to feel like they were in the right place, that you, that you have a solution to the problem that they, that they have, or you have information that they need. It must, your website must immediately tell them how you are different than every other real estate agent that they’ve met. And sometimes that’s just visuals. And sometimes that’s with your copy. And ideally with both number two, the second job of your real estate website is to capture people’s names and email addresses who want to hear from you again, you want to do this because the majority of your buyers and sellers that are online, and the majority of the ones that are going to end up on your website are actually not ready to buy or sell a home, right this minute and real estate agent’s lose so many clients buy, trying to rush people along in the process before they’re ready. We’re not looking to do that instead. You want to give people a call to action. And there’s really two options. When it comes to a call to action, I call it either the emergency button where they would a book, a call are book a consultation with your book, a meeting. And I suggest doing that with a link that goes to your calendar, just like I have on my, on, on there’s a, if you sign up for our email, there’s the exact same exact thing that I, you know, that’s the call to action to book a call or you, you can give them something of value, like information, and then you would keep in touch with them and give them that item of value every week in your newsletter until they are ready to buy or sell with you. So, a perfect example of an item of value is, I mean, there’s so many examples, but it could be a free weekly list of the best off-market properties. Your, you know, people in a certain neighborhood Your for a first-time home buyers in the ECS area, or just to see a, buying a home on a one series. That’s what I use it for a long time. So number three, Your the job of your website is that it needs to be your best to keep in touch tool. So every week in your newsletter, you will direct them, your past clients who were, Leads your client’s your current clients to an article and or an item of value that is on your website, so that your website, once they’re There can answer the question, why they should use it. Who’s You among all other options and how they can buy or sell a home at all and sending them to your website over and over again. You’re not only keeping touch in a way that’s kind of a passive, right? You’re not aggressively calling them. You don’t need them to answer the phone. You don’t need them to call you back. You’re not bugging them for business. You’re just giving them information such as like how to take care of their house for it. Right? Right now, for example, we’re sending out a fall maintenance checklist to all our people, and that’s just this week’s topic. And I do that over and over again, to keep in touch with, in this case, my past clients, until they’re ready to buy herself, providing actual, valuable information every single week or every other week, until they are ready to do something or refer somebody they know in the meantime. So I explained that’s what I did last week. I explained what the job of your website is and how to really think about what the role of your website is in your business. It’s to do those three things and how to that really, it should be the number one tool that you use to get clients and grow your business. In my opinion, like I said, it’s the most powerful and effective marketing tool because it can do two things in particular, no other marketing tool can do for you. Number one, once you get up and running, it can work for you while you’re not. In other words, it can generate leads for you when you’re off doing literally anything else, whether that’s hanging out with your family or working with other clients, your Website never sleeps. And it’s your hardest working sales person. The second thing it can do is it allows you to scale, which means you don’t have to invest more time lead generation lead generating. As your business grows. You can actually spend less time. The more business, the more your business grows and get more clients unlike say, calling your sphere or calling your past clients where as your business grows, right? The more past clients you have, the more time you’re spending on the phone. So that is not a scalable way of growing your business and getting in, getting leads your website. On the other hand, once you get it up and running, you actually spend less time marketing yourself because you don’t have to recreate content on all the time. You can kind of just reuse it. So let’s move on to today’s content and today’s episode, which is looking into the reason why you aren’t already getting leads and clients from your website and how to fix it. I’m going to go over the five biggest reasons that I see that real estate agents aren’t getting leads from your website in the first is that no one knows about it. You aren’t driving traffic. There this is the one of the biggest and most obvious reasons that real estate agents aren’t getting leads from their website. It’s because nobody’s going there, but here’s the thing. No one is going there unless you tell them to. So, so often I see people get so excited about doing a website and then they spend all this time and energy and money putting it together, and then nobody goes there and they feel this level of disappointment. So how to drive traffic to your website is something I could literally talk about for an entire year. And maybe I will in 2021. But for now, just know that you’ve got to drive traffic to your website. You’ve got to tell people to go There over and over again. And the two easiest ways to do that, just like for beginners, like level one is having a weekly newsletter. Where are the articles are posted on your own website? You write an email telling them essentially why they should go there and what value, what benefits they’re going to have by clicking the link and going to read that article. And the number two is putting your website URL literally everywhere and giving people a reason to go there. An example, from one of our students, is she helps buyers in Colorado who can’t necessarily afford the house that they want. She helps them buy fixer-uppers and she is in the middle of redoing her website right now, but it’s called the sweat equity club.com. Right? That’s such a great way of driving people to your website, just with having a different kind of URL versus what her like her name, her first and last name, same thing with mine. Where do you dwell.com? It’s a little bit interesting. It’s not your typical, you know, Jennifer Myers dot com. Even though I have Jennifer Myers dot com and it for years was driving people to my, my, where are you? dwell.com. Website The, what’s more interesting. And what I used everywhere was where do you dwell.com? Because people got would go like, huh? That’s such an interesting name for a website. What do you do? Oh, real estate. Oh. And then it was a conversation starter. Okay. So the second reason you aren’t getting leads and clients from your website is because your website looks like every other real estate agents and or you make your website about you, not them. So let’s say you are a driving traffic master, and you’re doing all the things to get traffic to your website, but you still aren’t getting leads. It might be because they aren’t staying long enough. And the reason they aren’t staying long enough is perhaps it doesn’t look like anything. It looks like every other real estate agents Website out there. So if there is a one piece of advice that I could offer real estate agents out there it’s please, please, please hear me stop looking around and doing what every other real estate agent is doing. Stop getting a website that all it says in The in the top fold of the website is like, let’s find you a home search for homes. All that does is not set you apart. And your clients won’t be able to see through, Oh, the real estate agents that all look the same and they won’t be able to notice what makes you so great for them. They can’t do that. If you’re looking like everybody else all the time. And so you need a Website that is solely you and reflect. So if you love pink, make your Website pink. If you hate video, don’t do videos. If you have a great social media presence, then have a website that drives people to your social media presence. If you don’t don’t, you really have to. So you have a website that feels so uniquely, like You and helps you to stand out in the sea of sameness that plagues the real estate agent marketing. That’s the only way your clients are going to be able to pick you out of the crowd and say, Oh, she gets me. Or he gets me and I’m gonna work with them. They can’t do that. If you’re, if your web marketing and this case, your website looks like everybody else. And most real estate agent websites talk about how many houses they’ve sold, or, you know, how many, how many awards they’ve gotten and all those things are important. But really what matters at the end of the day is, is that, and this is a secret to any marketing. This is the secret to having a successful real estate business. And all I’m telling you to do is put this on your website and drive people to, to it. And all you have to do to be successful in any business. Real estate is the one that we’ve all chosen. It is you need to solve a problem for a particular group of people. And you know, able to find that group of people and tell them how you solve that problem for them, that’s all being successful in businesses. And so in real estate, all your website needs to do is write it is, is make people who are, you have a problem, understand, and even C the fact that you can solve that problem. So if you’re a Website looks like everybody else is never going to come through. What makes you different? What problem you solve, how you solve it and who you’re best at serving that’s the bottom line of what your website needs to do? The third reason that most real estate agents aren’t getting leads from our website is because they are making the way their website about searching for homes. The homes look almost every real estate template, a template website out there focuses on searching for home. Everyone Your Clients included me included when I look for a house and I’m a real estate agent, are you, they are going to Zillow and Redfin to search for homes, stopped trying to fight that it is fine, that they’re going to Zillow and Redfin to search for homes. You cannot compete with them. Your Website cannot compete with them. So what that means is that you do not want to make your website about searching for homes. They aren’t going to your website, Wait for that. So what are they going to your website for? If it’s not to search for homes, It’s two things I want to know what makes you different than every other real estate agent out there. They want to know why they should choose You among all other options available To them. And Then number two is they want to know how do you help them get from where they are to where they want to be? How do you solve their problems? Your website should be informational And about How you uniquely help them get from what they want. When it comes to real estate, not searching for homes, how do you help them get what they want When it comes to their home or their move or something, not about Searching for homes and so on all the website templates out there, it makes it, Sergeant don’t do that. That gives you a competitive advantage. It does not set you apart from everyone else. And it makes so, so instead make your Website about who you help and how you help them. What problem do you solve and for who? And If you start thinking about yourself as a problem-solver for a specific group of people, that is your entry to figuring out how to, how to market yourself really ’cause, here’s the thing. If our clients didn’t have problems that we have to solve for them, then we would be out of a job. And so it’s your job to explain how you solve your client’s problems. So, first is whose problems are you solving? How do you solve them? And you communicate that on your website. Okay? The fourth reason that you aren’t already getting leads and clients from your website is because there is no call to action. I see this so many times in real estate agent, The marketing and their website, including clue included in that you got to, I had to tell people what you want them to do next, Y have a website or do any marketing for that matter and not tell people specifically what you want them to do in a way that makes them want to go to that next step. So I’m not talking about forcing people who aren’t ready to buy and sell, to buy and sell a house before they’re ready. This is not what I’m talking about. I’m not talking about old slimy or old school marketing tax and tax is none of that. I’m talking about. If I have this problem that you solve, and I ended up on your website, I want to be able to understand very clearly how, what I should do next to help you solve that problem. And so it’s really that simple. So I teach them, there’s two different calls to action that you could have on your, and you can have both. You should have both, but sometimes it’s easier to do one first than the other. So don’t feel like you have to do both at once, but eventually you want to get to having both of these calls to action on ideally every page of your website, but definitely on your homepage of your website. And the first is what I call the emergency brake that is essentially either booking a call or booking a consultation or booking a meeting. And that’s just a button that says, if you had a need X book, a call here. So this is specifically, if this is a very, really good tactic, if you are solving a big problem that people have. So what’s a good example. A good example would be if people are, are relocating and need to move quickly, you could come up with a call to action around that, that suits your ideal clients. There’s many, many emergency breaks. And a great example of a emergency brake is what I call your program or your guarantees. So people who know they have a problem. They’re ready to go. And they’re saying, I’m ready to go, but how do I blink? For example, I need to move out of my house. And so, but I know I need to stage my house. So how do I stage my house? I moved out. You could talk about Your what I always called the stage to sell a program. And that would be the emergency break. Learn how I can stage your home for free book, a call or book a meeting. Okay. That’s just one example. But your emergency break has to do with who you’re helping and how you help them. But programs and guarantees are really a great way to put on the emergency brake. So that gets them directly to scheduling a time on your calendar. I use Calendly for this and know you’re not directing people to pick up the phone and call you because you might be busy. You might have better things to do at that moment. And if you are directing people to call you, you’re going to miss the call, direct people to book a call or book an appointment. And it leads to a Calendly page where they can schedule it at their convenience based on what your open availability is in your car, in your calendar. Okay. That’s the first call to action. The second call to action are for people who are just checking you out, they’re really not ready to do anything yet. And typically that information is, is something that is an item of value that not only can drive people to your website, but it is a call to action that collects their name and email. So for example, do you, maybe you have your URL under your signature, wherever you do anything, whether that’s like commenting on a Facebook group or on next door, on your email, and you might have like, whatever your URL is, something clever. And maybe under that URL, you’d say something like one of the list of off-market properties, you can’t find anywhere else. And then that was With lead them to a page where they put in their name and email. And if you are really honed in on your target market and, you know, for example, like You The only, I don’t know, Your really Plugged into houses in the million dollar Mark, right? You might say something like Once a week, The list of the best off market properties for homes and the one to $2 million range, right? So that’s see how that’s way more of a call to action for people in that price range. Now you wouldn’t do that unless like truly you have a way of getting off market properties in that price range. But again, that’s when you’re honed in, in that market, in that, in that niche. So those are two examples of call to actions. You need an emergency break. I need your help fast. I need you to solve my problem fast and a second emergency break. That is like, ah, I’m just a looky-loo. I may wanna understand how you do this more, but I’m not really ready to have a conversation with you. You need both. And then number five last but not least. And the reason so many real estate agents aren’t getting leads and Clients from their website is because they don’t have a website yet At all. I’m sorry, I get it. It can be, I know super overwhelming the website templates out there are not interesting for all of the reasons I mentioned earlier, you know, instinctively, they aren’t used. So you don’t go that route. And then that one pager Website that you get from your broker is not really enough to drive traffic. You can’t really use it to market yourself because of all, you know, it’s only a one pager. You can’t really add content and all of that. And then the thought of creating your own website from scratch. Scratch seems super expensive, time consuming. And who do you hire? What goes, where, what colors do you use? And then it just kind of slides off the radar if I totally get it, which is why we give every one of our students a free website template when they become a student and agent Grad School. So I’m not going to promise you that overnight, you’re going to get a ton of leads with your website because your website, again, is a tool that you we’ll use to drive traffic to and get leads. But it’s a tool. It’s not the thing that uses the tool. That’s You. So I don’t promise that it’s going to get you a ton of leads overnight. That’s not what we, that’s not what I teach. What I teach is how to build a business that can stand the test of time. That can stand recession. And essentially I teach you how to fish. I don’t give you fish. So I give you a website template that you then have to create. And it does take a lot of work, but once it’s up and running, it’s something that you can use over and over again for truly as long as you’re in business to as the most marketing tool that you have. And so we include step-by-step videos on telling you what to put, where, and we have weekly live classes to help you wherever you get stuck. So if you know, you need a Website and you don’t like the other options out there, you’ll get one. When you become an agent grad school student. So if you want to be notified, when enrollment opens back up again, go to agent Grad School dot com forward slash waitlist. And we’ll let you know, if you fill out the form there, we’ll let you know when you, when we’re accepting new students again, when we opened enrollment. And at that point, the first thing You we tell you how to do is go get a website template. We have six for you to choose from and get going, because having a website that gets you leads in Clients is just the beginning. It’s the, it’s the thing that you’re going to use to build. It’s like building the strong foundations. You can build a real estate house on top of it, which is your real estate business. So you’re Website is just step one, two, having a successful, modern real estate business that doesn’t rely on these old school ways of bothering people to get clients. And once you’ve created it in a way that can get you leads, you can use it as that tool to not only get leads, but convert leads and keep in touch with people, you know, such as your sphere, your past clients, and even keep in touch with new leads until they’re ready to buy or sell. It really is the most powerful tool that you can use to create a successful business in this new virtual world that we are living in. And I think we will continue to live in as even as Coronavirus is quote unquote over. I think it’s so exciting because it can save you this way of marketing yourself. Using your website can save you so much time and money, and you can create something that truly is a reflection of you and your uniqueness. Aaron. So answering that important question, why should somebody choose you among all other real estate agents? So thank you for being here and thank you for listening. And if you like this episode, please leave a review wherever you’re listening, whether that’s iTunes or wherever else you are listening. So just to keep, keep in mind, October is Website months. So I’ll see you next week. On another episode of the Agent Grad School Podcast, which is Confessions of a Top Producing Real Estate Agent, we’ll be talking about another aspect of how to use your website to grow your business and get clients. See you then. Cheers. Thank you so much for listening to today’s episode. Remember change happens when you take action. So apply what you learned today to your own real estate business. If this episode has helped you subscribe, leave a review and share it with all your real estate agent friends, and as always, if you want even more great resources to create the real estate business you’ve always wanted, and to have the life you want outside of your business, to head over to agent Grad School dot com and sign up for the free weekly trainings, you’ll get free classes, discounts, and other goodies that only go out to real estate agents on that email list. See you next week right here on Confessions of a Top Producing Real Estate Agent the Agent Grad School Podcast.

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