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I'm Jennifer Myers, Founder of Agent Grad School and host of Confessions of a Top Producing Real Estate Agent, The Agent Grad School Podcast.  My goal for each episode is to give you actionable steps you can implement today to grow your real estate business.

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I share my story in this first episode of the How They Did It series where I’ll be highlighting different agent’s stories. We’ll be talking about how they got from where they were to where they are today. We’ll talk about how they changed their businesses and applied the things that we are teaching here at Agent Grad School.

Warning–there are three instances of adult language in this one, so if you have kiddos around put on your earphones and if you don’t like that kind of language, kindly skip this episode 🙂

I am sharing my story of how I went from rock-bottom to millionaire real estate agent, and why I created Agent Grad School. The number one question I have been getting asked is why start another business when you already have a thriving real estate business.

In this episode, I set the record straight and answer the question of why I created Agent Grad School.
I’m also going to share a few things that I hope you can directly apply to your own business. I share the pivotal question that I asked myself when going from struggling and rock-bottom to making over a million dollars a year selling real estate.

I’m also going to share three strategies that I applied to my business that turned out to be the cog that turned the wheel:

1.) The riches are in the niches

2.)  Choosing a unique selling proposition (usp), which means being able to answer the question, “why should someone choose you, among all other options, including doing nothing at all.”

3.)  Have a weekly email that went out to these clients that I chose and attracted so that there would be consistent contact with the information they needed that they couldn’t get anywhere else.
Doing these three things, at the same time, is what changed my business and I started to get clients seeking me out.  I never had to pay for an online lead, but instead learned how to create my own leads for free.

Take a listen to the entire episode now and I’d love for you to subscribe and even review it over on iTunes too!

I hope you can apply these lessons to your own business and it helps you feel like you have a magic wand that you can just move anything separating you from where you are to where you want to be.  That’s how it feels once you get this all figured out.

Links and Resources Mentioned In This Episode:
Rich Dad Poor Dad
Rock Bottom Brewery
Tony Robbins
Dan Kennedy

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Episode Transcript

You’re listening to Confessions of a Top Producing Real Estate Agent with Jennifer Myers of agent grad Today’s episode is part of the How. They did it Ceres. And today is all about my story, how I went from rock bottom to millionaire real estate agent and Why Agent Grad School Came to Be Welcome to this episode of Confessions of a Top Producing Real Estate Agent with your host Jennifer Myers from aging grad Learn the secrets of real estate success that no one else will tell you. No fluff, no theory. Only exactly what’s going on in her own record, breaking business right now in today’s market. Yes. You can have the real estate business of your dreams. Here’s Jennifer hello? Agents Who Rock So those brands out there who are a part of the age of grad community, thank you for being here. I am so excited for this episode today because it’s the first of our, how they did it series in this series, through the podcast, I’ll be highlighting different Agents stories, how they got from where they are or where they were to where they are today and how they changed their businesses, how they applied to the things that we’re teaching here at age and grad school to their business and changed it for the better. So in today’s episode, I’m going to talk about my story, how I went from rock bottom, truly rock bottom to millionaire real estate agent, and also how and why agent grad school came to Be. And it’s funny, the number one question I get asked right now from friends or family, you know, clients, and even the agents in my office is you have a thriving real estate business. You worked really hard to get where you’re at. You sell houses to your own clients. You help the agents in your office sell homes to their clients. Collectively you’re selling $80 million worth of real estate a year, and it continues to grow. So why on earth would you want to create another business? Why not either keep building the one that you have, or just chill out and set back and relax. Why are you even messing around with creating agent grad So I’m gonna answer that question. I’m going to set the record straight, so to speak. And I want to warn you. This episode is a tad long, but stick with me because I’m going to give you a few things. I hope you can apply directly to your own business. And these are what they are. The one question that I asked myself that was the pivotal turning point to go from struggling to truly rock bottom. And it’s a funny story. I can’t wait for it to tell you in every way to slowly but surely making over a million dollars a year, selling real estate. I’m also going to go through three strategies. I applied to my business that turned out to be the cog that turned the wheel. So to speak, I’m going to go through what those three are. They are super easy. Everyone can apply them to their business, and I hope you apply them to your business after hearing them. And that’s my intention. My intention with this episode is not just a brag are tied in my story, or, you know, we have a rags to riches for no reason monologue, but I really hope that you can take what you learned from this episode and apply it to your own business. My goal with agent Grad School is I want you to feel like you have the knowledge that you almost feel like you have a magic wand to move any obstacle from where you are to where you want to be anything that’s in your way. That is my goal, not just with this episode, but with everything that age and grad school, I want to help you get to have the business that you always dreamed possible. If you’re not there already. And if you are there already, I love to know how you did it. And actually have you had the guest on this, on this podcast? So let’s get started. Let’s go way back. The reason I wanna go this far back, because I really want to paint a picture of the despair that I was in because people sometimes see where I am now. And they say things like, Oh, easy for you to say, or, yeah, it works for you because you’re you. But I want you guys to realize that this was a no means where I started and maybe you’ve been in a similar struggle. And so I want to just start from the truly the beginning. So here it goes. So it’s 2001. I’m fresh out of college and I think I’m killing it. And the PR industry and my J crew suits, I at least on the outside, that’s what it seemed like. I got hired in the midst of the tech bubble bursting. I worked for a reputable PR firm and I was helping clients all over the world. Everything from throwing parties, where it Toby McGuire and Leonardo DiCaprio were on the guest list to create a communications plans for fortune 500 companies and trade associations that created policies for our country. I thought I had made it. I was big time, but inside I felt completely out of alignment. I felt suffocated. And just this whole thing of like waking up and having to be at the same place at the same time, every single day, I just felt terrible to me. And right around that same time, I’d read the book. Rich dad, poor dad. I had grown up kind of like the poor Dad in the book. We were by no means Poor, but both my parents worked for the government. I’ve learned by example, not to take any risks, just play it safe, put it on your own time. I have two weeks of vacation and life was grand that way, and nothing is wrong with that way of living. And when I first read the book for the first time, I was just showing this other way to the other potential. And I loved it. And in that book, buying real estate was the ticket to that new rich Dad freedom that would change my life. So at 23 years old, I had no money. I was making about $45,000 a year. And I bought my first house because I read that book. And I will tell you that the experience was terrible. I felt like I was just throwing spaghetti on the wall. I had no direction from my agent. I had no idea how much I should spend. It was kind of like spend as much as you were approved for. I had no idea where to buy. There was no questions. Like what kind of lifestyle do you want to live? Or how do you want your commute to be? I was never asked questions. Like how long do I want to live in this house? That might’ve helped me narrow down my, my criteria a little bit, because my criteria had all sorts of complex in it, which makes it hard for me to make a decision. I felt like we just got in the car and drove to places that I picked out. And it was a terrible experience and it got even worse. Not only did I feel like it was the blind leading the blind, but two things happened that literally made me ugly cry. One, I got a call from the lender, my lender, the night before closing that I was not approved for the loan. All of a sudden, and I had to come up with $10,000 by tomorrow, or I was going to lose the house and also lose the deposit that I had put up. So $10,000 at that time was a quarter of my income and I needed to get it by 9:00 AM. The next morning I had already put every single dollar I had into the deal in the first place. But then I remembered something. I remember that my mom had a wedding fund for me, and she was saving for me to be able to use that money for a wedding one day. So I called her up and I said, mom, I’m not getting married any time soon, but I needed that $10,000 to buy this house that I promised I was going to buy it. And I would replenish this money when it came time for a wedding, because I was going to be rich in real estate. And I save the deal. So thanks mom for giving me my wedding fund. And that’s how I got the $10,000 by the house. But another thing happened, and this is what really kind of felt like I got punched in the gut about two months after I bought my first home, I’ve found out. And I don’t know how that I’ve found out that in the city where I have purchased at the time, it could have received a $50,000 grant from the city for my down payment, because I was considered low income at the time. It’s like, hello. That was more than I made the entire year. And I would have never had to spend every single dollar Plus my wedding funds to buy that house. And my, my agent number told me about it, my lender number. He never told me about it. These were the experts and they didn’t even know about it. But here’s the thing when I didn’t realize at the time was that this experience was so life changing and so necessary for her to me to be exactly where I am today. So even though it was one of the worst times of my life, it turns out that sometimes the worst experience is actually turning to be exactly what we need to get from where we are to where we don’t want to be. So I tell this, and today, or not to bash the Agents are not to bash, you know, my experience, but more to just illustrate the point is that even if you think something terrible is happening, try to figure out a reason or try to use it for good. Because if I had never had that terrible first time home buying experience, I would literally never have been able to change the business, my real estate business from scratch, Struggling to Millionaire and here’s how that happened. So here’s What started happening. Not only did I have That experience, but other ones, People that were buying a house and telling me about their experience were having a similar experience when they bought their first house. No, I just kept thinking, should I be buying your first home, be like one of those, The best experiences of your life? Like to me, its one of those moments that you should look back on when you were old and gray in think how great that was to have bought your first house. But no one that I Knew was having that experience. So I thought, well there seems to be a need there There’s a whole lot of fill. Perhaps I could fill that hole. I wasn’t really that happy in my PR. So I wasn’t really making that much money. Anyway. I thought that I could Become a real estate agent and I’d be able to at least make what the $45,000 that I was making per year. Right. So without much more thought than that, I just thought it was going to be easy. I thought if other agents were doing it Poorly and I had an idea of how I could do it better that I just quit my job like two months later and I was going off to solve the world’s real estate problem. But here’s the thing. I didn’t know how I thought that it was, If I wasn’t real estate agent in a high, I had good intentions that I was smart, that I was successful in my corporate job. And I truly wanted to help people that I could at least make what I was making at my PR job. And I wouldn’t have to do it working nine to five Monday through Free. Right. But here’s what happened, literally nothing. I didn’t know how to get clients, even, you know, My own friends weren’t working with me because they were either a not buying houses or B knew that I had never sold a house. A why the hell would they work with me? But then because I would not shut up about why people should own a house instead of renting, renting. Every time I was with my friends, one of my friends bought A house with me and Honestly I think she did. So just so I would stop talking to her about It. And the reason I was talking about it so much, it was honestly not even just to make a sale. It was because I was so passionate about this idea of like, why would people, Why wouldn’t you be a homeowner, right. I just kept touting this. Like you need to be a home run On or a message and I wouldn’t shut up about it. So Finally she bought it Honestly, I think she just used me because she felt that it is two years into my real estate career and I had not sold a house. So I had one sale in two years at this point and I was quote unquote working at my real estate office all day nine to five because it was the only thing I knew what to do, but I wasn’t making any money that way. Basically I was just trying to get leads. I was doing what everybody else was doing. I was kind of a glorified receptionists because I would sit there on a floor duty answering the phones. And if somebody’s call it about when I need to see a house, I would try to convince them that I could show it to them. And then if I just show it to them and that it wasn’t the right house for them, which it usually wasn’t, I would just try to convince them to work with me to find the right house. So none of that was working. I asked every single agent and the office that I was working and what they were doing to your clients and how they were making money. And I literally did everything. They told me to do open houses, floor duty postcards, knock on doors, cold call, right? Notes you name it? I literally did it. And every now and then someone would talk to me about real estate or buying a house, but it would never actually turn it into a client or an actual sale and certainly not a commission check. So the only place that I was making money at the time, this is two years into my quitting, my job at the PR from the only place I was making money. It was at the local bar Rock Bottom, Brewery I’d swing beers every night, literally to live, which I think is hilarious because you, the universe has this many sense of humor. It literally, I literally was hitting rock bottom in every single way. And then I was literally at rock bottom every single night. So I think it’s hilarious, like a serendipitous thing. And I just love that part of the story, not at the time, because at the time my life was literally falling apart in every single way I felt ashamed. I felt useless. I felt bad about myself because I couldn’t do what I set out to do. I was smart. I could outwork anybody and I felt like I was outworking everybody. And then I also had really good intentions. I actually wanted to help people become homeowners because I thought it was the path to wealth, to lifelong wealth. And I was getting nowhere. I just kept not understanding why nothing was working, everything that everybody else was doing in the real estate industry and in my office was not working. So one day I sat myself down and I have, what’s called a coming to Jesus with myself. And I said, alright, you’re two years. And you’ve got nothing. You got one pity sail. And you either have to figure this out or you are going to have to start applying to PR jobs again. And I just could not bring myself to go back to the corporate world. I felt like that was me admitting that I had failed and I couldn’t do it. And you know, you’ll learn this about me, but I just, I don’t give up. I’m kind of a dog that won’t let go of the Stick like I can’t, I have to just keep going. So this is the question I had asked myself and I hope that you guys can ask if you’re struggling with real estate, your real estate business or anything in life. Somehow I realized I had to ask myself not how I was going to be successful or why not, or why it wasn’t anything more here. It was. I was asking the wrong questions. The question that I had to ask myself, which I did, which was the turning point was what is it going to take for me? The operative word was me to be successful. I don’t know why that was the defining moment or the question I had finally realized I needed to ask myself, but I did. And it changed everything. And it’s interesting because I have you ever going to a Tony Robbins event, which is personally how I like to vacation is that Tony Robbins events, but he always says successful people ask quality questions. If you want a quality life then ask yourself quality questions. So I guess that’s why I didn’t realize I was doing it at the time. But, but by asking myself that question, two things came up for me. The first one was I have to stop looking at what everybody else was doing. And by the way, I started to realize that because I’m two years in, I didn’t, I didn’t like doing what everybody else is doing. Like I didn’t like floor duty. I didn’t like open houses. I didn’t like cold calling. Like, it all felt shitty, but behind the curtain, there was only like one or two agents in my office that were even successful in an office of like a, a a hundred people. So not only was what everybody else was doing, not working for me, but it actually wasn’t working for the majority of agents in the office either. So that was the number one. And number two, I actually did the math. So what was it going to take for me to be successful? I realized that in order to replicate what I was currently making at the bar, I only needed to sell like eight houses a year. And if I wanted to do a little bit better, like not feel like I was scraping by, I had to actually sell 10 houses a year or so. All of a sudden this ginormous notion of being successful felt attainable to me because I had a number. I thought to myself, I live in Washington, DC. There are thousands and probably hundreds of thousands of people here. Could I convince eight people to buy a house this year? All of a sudden we had two years for two years, felt impossible, suddenly felt attainable for me. I thought to myself, okay, all I need to do is figure out how do I get eight people to one of my house with me out of hundreds of thousands, the odds felt pretty good. So because everything that everybody else was doing in my office, it wasn’t working. And it felt like shit. When I was doing at all, I decided, and this is pivotal. I decided to look outside the real estate industry and what other ways that I could get clients. I thought, what are other ways that I was being sold too? And what were the ways that it felt good for me to interact with clients? And I loved marketing. I majored in it in college. I essentially did it out of college and my PR job. And I thought, okay, I got to learn how to market myself. So all of a sudden I started going to a lot of these marketing conferences for all types of businesses, not for real estate. There was not a real estate agent in that room that I hadn’t met. At least maybe there were some there, but this was not a real estate. It’s a real estate marketing conference. These events that we were going to were people from all industries, but all types of like small brick and mortar one-on-one client type of industries, not like a big marketing conferences for like big companies. And I started learning so much. And what was interesting. And even though it was a marketing major in college, and the things that I was learning at these conferences were blowing my mind. Like why was no one doing these things? I felt like I was entering some secret world of marketing that actually worked. I had never heard of these concepts before. I had never used them in college. I had never used them in my corporate marketing job that I had. And it was working for not only one industry, but all sorts of industries, all of these different types of businesses, the same concepts were working for me. And I became obsessed. I read every book. I listened to every tape, every, I mean, everything I can get my hands on. I became obsessed. And I started to see patterns. All of the people in these conferences that I were meeting. And they were all, all the people that were actually successful at the top were doing some of the same things. And I started implementing those things and coincidentally, or not online marketing at the time, it was just going to be a thing. So I was being, you know, and, and real estate at the time, it was a lot of like cold calling door knocking or there wasn’t a lot of people teaching real estate agents, how to attract clients through the internet. So that’s what I started doing. I applied so many different things and some things worked and some things didn’t work, but slowly and surely, I started to see the gear shift in the wheel start turning. And it was almost like the snowball, right? Like it started really slow. It’s kind of like you start packing things together and then it slowly, but surely you can shape this ball, then you can start rolling it down the Hill. And then it starts to be able to roll itself. That’s kind of what it felt like when I started applying these techniques to my own business, but three things I did. And then you still continue to this day, to this day, changed my business forever. And the lessons here are number one, implement. So number two, consistency, I’ve been doing it for over a decade and also just adjusting things lightly for, until they work for you. These three things, I was completely changed my business and therefor my life forever. So here’s what they were to have them. I credit Dan Kennedy. He is like the God, your father who are truly of small business marketing. And he is an honorary genius of a man. And the first two things I do, I learned from him the first is this concept of the riches are in the niches. And the other concept that he taught me was what’s called a unique selling proposition. And one of our unique selling proposition is, is being able to answer the question, why should somebody choose U among all other options, including doing nothing at all? He said, if you could find a good answer to that question, and you can adequately Niche, you were marketing to a target person or a target niche, and answer that question for them that that would change everything for your business. And if you could figure out how to do that, he would be successful. The third concept I learned was from essentially somebody I had met at a Dan Kennedy marketing conference with having a weekly email, to a list of people, you know? So those were the three pieces of the puzzle that could be completely changed my business. Now, mind you, but stop right there. Once I understood these concepts or heard these concepts, I still have to figure out how to use them and apply them to my business. And then I had to do it consistently enough to actually see the results. So none of these concepts, as I’m telling them to you, or even at this moment seem revolutionary and they did not seem revolutionary at the time, either nobody ever handed me the answer, I had to figure out what the answer was for myself and for my own business. Yes. And I didn’t know how to do that. So like the nurse and I am, I started studying again, I start, I started seeing her, everybody else at these conferences that I was meaning and on the online world and any solo entrepreneur or person who is kind of in this one, on one client type of marketing, I I just studying them. And I started to see some patterns again, and then I have, And a second coming to Jesus moment with myself. And I asked myself a bunch of questions because I, it was two years, two years have gone by. So we’re four years in to a real estate career and I have sold two houses, but I at least understood the concept that I knew it was going to bring me success. And my job was to go about answering those calls. So at that point, I answered this question. Why should somebody choose you among us doing all other options, including doing nothing at all. And at the same time I picked my niche and oftentimes those two things go together. If you could answer those two questions for yourself, it will literally unlock is like the key to the door of success. It will unlock everything for you. And then I realized that Is that it was the first time home buyers, but here’s the question Why and how did I pick that to be my next Watch? Two reasons. It was the only person Or people that I knew anything more Than, because all the way up, You know, the only sold two houses, I at least had bought a house. So I knew more than people who had never bought a house because I actually did it myself. And to, because I have such An unappealing personal experience buying my first house, I thought, well, if I can know more than them and I can actually make it a fun experience, Why wouldn’t they use me? Like it gave me the confidence to keep going with it For it, and actually be able to have the confidence to help these people. And I reminded myself that All I needed was eight or 10 people. And I thought, okay, I can do this. I want to mention that I fought the niches. The whole niches are in the richest thing. I fought that so hard. This concept, I literally have to arm wrestle every single agent that I coach into. It’s like the hardest fight. In fact, I ask you, So we wrote a chapter in a book called Shift Happens about this concept and about how choosing a niche completely changed my business in the middle of the recession. This was like in 2010, I had written this book because while so many other real estate agents, like businesses were falling part, my business actually grew. And so I was interviewed and that interview turned into a chapter and a book. And you can actually download that for free. I’ll put that link in the show notes. So you can learn more about niches. I’ll also do another podcast about how to choose your niche and, and all about niching. But the point of the story is you have it, The Niche don’t fight It okay. So I know who my target audience was. I knew it was Why are they should choose me among doing all other options, including doing nothing at all, which would have meant continuing to be renters. And then I to answer, how was I going To get Them to pay attention? And how was I gonna get them to realize that I was the reason that the person that they should choose to do Helped them. So notice that you need to know who, and you also need to know how to do. You felt like I have just gone through this graduate program. It had been four years. It was like, I just went to college again. I was learning all about concepts, but not just this big nebulous concept of marketing, but marketing for the type of business that real estate agents have, which is one-on-one local meeting people and convincing them that to choose to work with you. And then not only that stick with you for period of time, until they actually reached their goal of buying a house. And that was not the marketing that I had learned in college. It was not the marketing I was doing at my PR days for trade associations and corporations. It was a totally different way of communicating and getting clients. So I was like, why are they teaching this stuff in school? This is the stuff that actually works, but that’s for a different story another day. So with those three things who my target audience was how it was going to communicate to them. And the fact that I was going to communicate to them, why they should choose me and why they should buy a house at all. Once I figured once I put those three concepts together, my business, You cook off. Holy shit. I literally could not handle at all. I was making, I went from making like tips at rock bottom to making $80,000 per month. Practically overnight, mind you, I didn’t have a team at the time. It was literally me and an unlicensed assistant who was doing my paperwork in the back office. So when I tell you The riches are in the niches, it is true. I promise you if you take nothing away from this podcast, and if you never hear from me again, please just Niche down who you are talking to them and talk specifically to them in your marketing and your business will change forever. Okay? So that I started So having way too much business and I realized I needed some help. I wasn’t a big fan of growing a team. So I decided I was going to grow a Brokerage Instead. And I thought to myself, I can type, I can create an entire Brokerage off of this concept off of my Niche off of specializing in the first time home buyers, no other company had done this, at least that I had ever heard of. And definitely that nobody in the DC area, where I lived in was working, had done that. So I apply this concept of marketing the first time home buyers on a larger scale, there was demand for it because I was way too busy. All of a sudden, I can’t reiterate enough that the more you Niche, the more business you’re going to have. So what happened was I created a Brokerage Dwell Residential brokerage. And I specialize in all of our marketing or a website. Everything is specialized in first time home buyers and how we can help them a realize that that was possible for them and be why they should choose us. So we became the one and only Brokerage that spoke to specialize in the first time home buyers. And guess what? Not only did we start, did I start attracting a ton more clients? My business grew about 30%, but I also started at attracting a real estate agents who want to, to work with those clients. When I opened the Brokerage, honestly, I had no foresight. I had, I had no desire to hire a bunch of Agents. I honestly didn’t either. So I just wanted a way to build a bigger brand and have something that perhaps I could sell one day. I thought maybe I would have a few additional assistance, but I never really thought I was going to grow like a, a a hundred person office. That was never my goal. That was never my plan. But when the Agents started knocking on the door in mind, you, this was 2011, right after the 2008 and 2010 crash, I was doing more business than ever when most other agents were starting to get out of business. So a lot of Agents were in dire straits, and some of them started knocking on the door and saying, can you teach me what you did? And can you teach me how to do what you did? And can you teach me to how to have all the clients like you have? So I started hiring the Agents, who seemed like they we’re a good fit for the brand that were truly interested in helping first time home buyers and who generally had an interest in this concept of niching and doing right by their clients. So then what happened is a bunch of Agents started joining, but it was like every few weeks. So one agent would join and I would spend time and energy teaching them everything that I knew. I taught them how to get clients. I taught them exactly what to do once you’ve had a lead, I have this step by step system that I created for myself and I, every few weeks was having to train the next agent who is joining. So I had to explain exactly how they were going to be successful each month a new agent would join and I’d have to teach them all over again, which took me away from servicing my own clients and also took me away from running now, the Brokerage with other agents. So I took a page out of the online marketing book that I have learned through Dan Kennedy. And I said to myself, I can’t keep doing this over and over again for every new person, I’ll record it once. And I’ll put it online. And anytime an agent comes and joins the office, they’ll have something online. They’ll have eight modules to go through and they’ll learn it themselves. And after they learn the concept through what I had built online, I would meet with them and we could talk about it and then answer questions for them. So rather than me having to teach the concept, same concept over and over again, to an agent every few weeks who joined, they can learn it themselves. And then we could just come together after they understood the concept internally in our office at Dwell. I call this Training agent Grad school. Don’t ask me why. It’s just what I decided to call it. But the reason I decided to call it agent grad school was because I was taking a real estate agent to a higher level or the ones that were joining Dwell. They were required to go through this agent grad school training program. And they had to have more than just their license I’m. They had to have a higher level of training and create a higher type of experience for the clients that I was giving them. So I created this step by step formula for a new buyer leads. And any time I gave a lead because I was getting so many leads through our marketing, any time I gave an agent a lead, they had to put that lead through what I call it, the buyer addition program. It was eight modules of exactly what to do from the minute you heard from a lead step-by-step from the initial consultation, or how to write a winning off her for them, how to keep in touch with them each week during being under contract, how to stay in touch with them after, so that you could have a repeat client and also get referrals, essentially, everything that I was doing to create the one of a kind experience that was getting me so many leads in me. So many referrals in me, so many repeat clients, I essentially put that all online in the form of buyer edition. So one example is we have an email that we sent to every single lead that comes in. When, when we first got to lead, we don’t show Holmes to any client until they come in and meet with us and have this initial conversation. First, we explain why that’s important to them in the email. And then we go through an initial consultation. There are scripts, everything. So this training program, which was supposed to only be for agents who joined Dwell Residential Brokerage became agent Grad School. It was honestly just a way for me to be able to train agents without me, physically having to train Agents every single day. And that would have been my full time job, but I already had other jobs. So here’s what I realized. I realized that I loved that almost more than anything, more than even helping my clients. Certainly more than running a brokerage. I love seeing agents go from either being brand new or having struggled elsewhere and having them go from that experience to thriving, like watching how their lives, their demeanor, their expectations of themselves, even their weight changed from feeling like they finally had control of their business, that it was easy for them to get clients. And it’s almost like once that was figured out for them, they could go on to living the rest of their lives and all sorts of ways that they really actually truly wanted. I loved it so much that I said, I bet other real estate agents could use this. And I wasn’t interested and growing a huge, a large brokerage. I’d never, that was never my intention. I didn’t want to manage a a hundred Agents in Washington, DC. I knew that I could attract them. I knew that I could train them, but I did not want my day-to-day job. You to be running a brokerage with a bunch of Agents. And frankly, I’m just not very good at that. I’m good at training agents. I’m not good at managing them. I’m not good at managing the Brokerage. So when I realized that about two years ago, I partnered with another company. I had spent about a year interviewing for me, but he is from all over the country, right? And I chose a company, real living at home to help me manage the broker side. So I could free up my time to bring this concept of agent grad school, two other agents across the country. I felt like other agents needed this just as much as the agents that worked at Dwell and coincidentally, again, serendipitously around that same time, I was getting a bunch of emails from real estate agents in places and people that I’d never heard of. And I don’t know how frankly, how they found out about me all the time, but people, as far as like California, two people way out in Virginia, I just started getting these emails from them saying, can you teach me what your doing? Your marketing is so different. I’m struggling in my business. Like, can you teach me how to do what you did? And so I started mentoring them. I started teaching them exactly what I was teaching the agents in my office. And I loved that job. I realized that whether it was first time, home buyers or sellers that I was helping, or my own agents, that I was that I still continue to help to this day or the agents across the country. I love helping people take something that they think is impossible and showing them exactly how to make it possible for themselves. That’s what I love about helping the clients, the buyers, and the sellers that I still help today. And that’s what I love about helping real estate agents. I truly in my bones believe that whatever you want in life, you can have it. You just need to know how you need the exact step by step roadmap showing you how to get from point a, which is where you are to a point B where you wanna be. And then, and this is crucial. You need to have the courage to do it. You have to then also have the perseverance to keep going until you get there. And if you get lost along the way, you have to be able to know when it’s time and how to get back on course. So that’s my story. That’s how I went from slinging beers at rock bottom to selling over a million dollars worth of real estate a year. And that is how and why EG in grad school came to be. So that’s why I still love helping my own personal clients buy and sell homes. And that’s why I still love working with the Agents at Dwell Residential, which is now Dwell, Residential an RLAH Company. I love seeing that as their businesses grow, helping them with adjusting the course and making sure that they’re getting exactly what they want to be, not where I think they should be. Not where some other agent in our offices, but what are they specifically want out of life? So stick around. There was so much good information here on agent Grad School dot com. It’s never a theory. It’s never a fluff. It’s always what I’ve personally applied to my own business. That actually works what I’ve mastered. And then sometimes it just takes me a little longer to figure out how do I present it to you in a way that makes it easier and quicker than it took me in future, how they did an episode. You’ll learn from the Agents at my office at 12 who have applied these same concepts and how they have adjusted for their own business and goals. It’s so fascinating. I can’t wait for the upcoming episodes. And as age and grad school grows, I’d love to have more of you on this podcast. I want to hear what worked, what, didn’t, what you’re struggling with, how you got from where you are to where you wanna be. And I went to help you get there any way that I can so stick around and stay connected. And there was a few ways that you can do that. Number one, subscribe to this podcast Confessions of a Top Producing Real Estate Agent on iTunes every single episode. The intention is to give you a exact how to, or highlight somebody who’s done it. So hopefully you can have some confidence that you can do it to the other way that you can stay connected is head over to agent grad, sign up for my free weekly trainings. Those trainings are based on things that I’m applying to my own business, or based on questions that I get from the Agents at Dwell or Agents across the country. So it’s not theory. It’s not, maybe it will work. It’s actual stuff that we’re using in our businesses, and we’re sharing it with you. You can also stay connected on Instagram at agent grad school or on Facebook at age and grad school. Thank you for listening and I’ll see you next time. Thanks for listening to this episode of Confessions of a Top Producing Real Estate Agent with Jennifer. Myers be sure to head over to aging grad can leave a comment about what you’ve learned today and what you’d like to implement into your own business. Once you’re there be sure to sign up for Jennifer is Free Weekly Training opportunities, exclusive content, insiders tips, and personal notes. You won’t get anywhere else. Let Jennifer help you make your real estate business greens a reality.

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