Need Some New Strategies For Your Real Estate Biz? These Three Books Can Help

Book Club

Do you ever feel unmotivated in your real estate business and in need of some inspiration, new ideas and out-of-the box strategies but not sure where to turn?

That feeling is completely normal! Every real estate agent goes through periods when we are looking for a little motivation.

For me, whenever I start feeling that way, I turn to books. Specifically books that have nothing to do with the real estate industry. And, I’m always surprised at how much of what I’m reading can be applied to my real estate business.

I wanted to share this discovery with other agents I knew at the time, so I created a book club back at the brokerage with our agents.

The ten of us would take turns picking a nonfiction book that had nothing to do with real estate at the beginning of each month. Then we’d meet again at the end of the month to discuss what we thought of the book and how we could apply the strategies to our own real estate businesses.

The book club was surprisingly enlightening and business-changing.

Books I never thought would be helpful to my real estate business became something I’d reference time and time again.

Oftentimes, the strategies in these non-real estate books became talking points with clients who were stuck in their search for a home or stuck deciding whether they wanted to sell.

Many times, I’d give a client a copy of the book and a few weeks later, they’d come back after reading it and suddenly be able to move forward when all they saw were obstacles in their way before.

There are three books in particular that I go back to again and again and I use every day in my real estate business.

At first glance, these books may seem like they have nothing to do with real estate and couldn’t possibly be helpful in growing a real estate business. However, they are foundational in how I approach not only my business, but also how I work with clients every day too.

I wanted to share these books with you and help you apply the strategies in these books to your own real estate business all summer long.

Here’s how the summer book club will work:

We’ll read one book per month between Memorial Day and Labor Day — June, July, August. At the end of each month, we’ll have a book club discussion on the podcast about how to apply the strategies from each book to a real estate business.

Here are the books we’ll be reading this summer. Take the time now to order them from your favorite bookseller or borrow them from the library. That way you’ll be ready to follow along each month.

June’s Book:

The Paradox of Choice: Why Less is More By Barry Schwartz

This book will completely change the way you work with your buyer clients.

Here’s how.

We all have this natural tendency to think that the more options we give ourselves, the better our decisions will be. Like when it comes to finding a home, buyers think if they are open to many neighborhoods, price ranges or types of homes, that means it will be easier to find a home.

The Paradox of Choice uses scientific studies and hard data to explain the exact opposite is actually true! The more we narrow down our options first, the more quickly we can make a decision, the happier we will be about our decision making along the way, and the happier we will be with the decision afterward.

In other words, if we can help our buyers narrow down their search criteria first, they will enjoy the process of buying a home more, buy a home more quickly and eliminate buyer’s remorse.

Yes please!

July’s Book:

So Good They Can’t Ignore You: Why Skills Trump Passion in the Quest for Work You Love By Cal Newport

This book is especially good for new real estate agents, those thinking about becoming a real estate agent, or those who have become uninspired with their current real estate business and are looking for some guidance on how to reignite the fire.

The title and premise of the book comes from a comment Steve Martin made when once asked how to become a successful comedian. He replied: “Be so good they can’t ignore you.”

The entire premise of the book is that skill and ability, not passion, should drive us in our work. He has a the case studies to prove that this is the path to a successful career.

More than anything, this books reminds us that getting back to the basics and taking the time to hone our skills is the path to the success we are all looking to achieve.

August’s Book:

Turning Pro By Steven Pressfield

Steven Pressfield talks about the great lengths he took (and suggests we all take) to go from being an amateur to “Turning Pro.”

This short, but impactful, read will have you questioning whether you are a true “Pro” or whether you are acting like an amateur in your business. He doesn’t hold back and asks what you are willing to do or give up in order to create the success you want to see.

When we read this book in our office book club, it was by far the most controversial and the one that caused the most heated of discussions about what it takes to be a “Pro” and whether it’s even worth it. I’m excited to see what you think!

Get Started

Go grab these books on whatever online book seller you like best, such as Amazon, Barnes and Noble or Target or borrow it from your local library.

Want to be part of the book club discussion? Just email and together we’ll help other real estate agents throughout the country apply the strategies in each book.

To your success,


P.S. What is your favorite business book? Tell us over in the free mastermind group, The Art of Being A Top Producing Real Estate Agent, and share how this one book has helped you most in your real estate business. We’d all love to know! Maybe we’ll even add it to next summer’s book club reading list.

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Agent Grad School is the best online business school for modern real estate agents. We teach a proven system to have a successful real estate career using smart, unconventional strategies and modern marketing methods to attract clients. 

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Hi, I'm Jennifer!
 I'm a real estate agent, creator of Agent Grad School and podcast host. I teach real estate agents the exact steps I used to become one of the top 1% of agents in the US.  Become a student, binge on the podcast, or take a free class and let me show you how you can make your own real estate dreams come true too!

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