Tip Tuesday for Real Estate Agents

Tip Tuesday

The Perfect Way To Keep In Touch With Past Clients
During Tax Time

The Perfect Way To Keep In Touch With Past Clients
During Tax Time

Today’s Tip Tuesday is a perfect touch point to keep in touch with past clients during tax season.

Not only does this touch point add value to your buyers and sellers who worked with you last year, but it keeps you top of mind, makes you look organized and professional and naturally brings in more business by way of repeat clients and referrals. Win-win for both you and the client!

The total time of to complete this project is about an hour or two, depending on how much business you did last year and how organized you are in keeping your files straight. If you need help organizing your files, check out a past Tip Tuesday on getting your online files organized and set up.

Watch the tip in the video above and follow along with these three easy steps.

Step One: Gather a list of all all the clients you did business with last year. Hopefully, you keep your information organized in a database for easy retrieval! You’re going to send them an email based on what type of client they were for you so add if they were a buyer, seller or buyer and seller to your notes.

Step Two: Find a copy of their final settlement statement. Again, being organized with your files will help you be able to easily find this.

Step Three: Go down the list! Every person will get an email. The email that you send them depends on what they did with you last year. The general wording is that you are sending them whatever settlement document they had as an attachment so they can use it to prepare their taxes.

This is how you add value to your clients’ lives even past the time that they’ve done a transaction with you. Even if you don’t hear directly from them, they are grateful and they do appreciate it and they will think of you when they hear of anyone looking to buy or sell a home.

I hope this touch point helps you in your business!

To your success,


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