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I’m here to tell you what no one else will tell you about how to turn your real estate career into a raging success.

I literally went from Rock Bottom (where I was a waitress) to single-handedly selling $30,000,000 worth of real estate per year (with only one administrative assistant, no team, and no buyer or listing agents doing it for me).


So, how did that happen?

Well, I spent my first year in real estate talking to every other agent in town about what they were doing and did exactly what they did. At the end of that year, I was overworked – running around ragged, broke, bored, and feeling like I wasn’t getting anywhere.

I Decided To Do Things Differently

After a lot of frustration and almost giving up, I decided I needed to do things differently. So, I decided to look outside the real estate industry at what other small business owners were doing to grow their businesses. I started to see certain patterns that were exactly the same among these successful business owners. This all gave me a much broader perspective on how to run and market a “small business” – or in my case a “solo-business” – in a smart, efficient, and profitable way.

I started to think of myself not as a real estate agent, but as a small business person who happened to sell homes. See the difference?

Clients started to see me as a valuable expert and resource for anything real estate related and it set me apart from my competition. I was offering my clients strategy, services, and most importantly, an overall experience, they could not find elsewhere. And they told everyone they knew about it.

People started to notice I was thriving and doing things differently than every other real estate agent. Not only my clients but others:

In both 2013 and 2014, I was named one of America’s Best Real Estate Agents by REAL Trends, an honor received by less than 1% of real estate professionals in the United States.

  • I was voted a “Best Of” DC Real Estate Agent in the Washington City Paper, by my clients
  • Named “Accredited Buyer Agent of the Year” by Realtor Magazine
  • The book I co-authored of “Shift Happens: America’s PremierExperts® Reveal Their Biggest Secrets to Help You Thrive in the New Economy” is a best seller
  • I won every top-producer award at the companies I worked for and in the area I served
  • I started my own real estate brokerage, Dwell Residential Brokerage, and taught the agents there these same easy to implement strategies and they saw the same results.

What I’ve learned is that having a rock solid real estate business that grows and grows is not rocket science. But, you do need a formula. Teaching real estate agents that proven formula is what Agent Grad School is all about.

To be successful as a real estate agent, you need to do certain things, in certain ways, in order to get results. It works like a charm if you just do it.

How do I know?

Well, my formula worked so well for me that I created a new problem, the best problem in the world for a real estate agent actually. I had too much business, too many people that wanted my help to buy and sell a home! And, although I wanted to help everyone that was coming my way, I literally could not handle all the business. But, I wanted it all handled in a certain way so that each client would have the same exact experience even if I couldn’t work with them directly myself.

So, I opened a brokerage – Dwell Residential Brokerage in Washington, DC – and taught the agents there how to use the same exact tactics. These agents had the same exact results I had!

It’s actually happening much faster for them than for me, since they didn’t have to figure it out along the way. Here’s what one of my agents has to say about her experience:

So, stick around. There’s a ton of FREE training here for you to use that will give you all the nitty-gritty details of how to make you and your business thrive — both in real estate AND your life outside of real estate.

And, whenever I have a new proven strategy that can help your daily life as an agent or a product that will save you time or make your life easier, my e-newsletter subscribers are the first to know.

Agent Grad School was created as a platform to teach the real estate agents that were joining my brokerage the exact step-by-step plan to success I took, so they could do the same. And now, I’m on a mission to help as many real estate agents as possible create a business and life they love. Why? Because what would the world look like if we all were able to achieve the dream business and life we really wanted? What would we do if we were not afraid of failing? You can do this, even if you’ve tried everything before. You matter. Your dreams are important and achieving them changes what is possible for you and everyone around you. Whatever you want in life, you can make happen. You’ve chosen real estate as your conduit. Let’s do this.


Your clients, colleagues and partners will talk just like this about YOU, let me show you how.

  • You are truly (I’m being 100% sincere) one of the best agents I have ever met and one of the most outstanding business leaders. I honestly can’t say enough positive things about you! It’s amazing what you’ve accomplished!

    Lori Mankin | Agent
    Rockville, MD
  • I’ve worked with Jennifer for the past nine years and consider her to be an expert in the real estate industry. She has very specific processes for every step. Her clients love her communication and the details to make things happen .even when there are big obstacles. Jennifer has also helped me become a better lender; by seeing her processes and steps, I have translated this information to my lending profession.

    Jay W. Richardson | Lender Washington, DC
  • Thank you so much. You are terrific and we could not have done this without you. With more gratitude than you know…

    David & Talia | Washington, DC
  • Jennifer Myers is the only person in the process whom we fully trust and respect, and someone who handles all matters with the highest level of professionalism. She stayed in touch with us, followed through and determinedly solved problems. If everyone in real estate were like Jennifer, the whole process would be pleasant.

    Dustin & Shannon | Washington, DC
  • I don’t think we could ever thank you enough for all you have done for us during this process! You truly have been a god-send! You gave us peace of mind throughout everything. You really went above and beyond and made our lives so much easier because of that! You’re the best!!

    Dan & Alicia H. | Washington, DC
  • You know, you are probably the best agent in DC, right? Hands down. I think you should totally reform the system.

    Getinet | Washington, DC
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