How to Get It All Done (and still have a life)

About Jennifer Myers Agent Grad School

When I was younger I used to play Mario Cart. Do you remember that video game by Nintendo?During a race, there was something you’d run over and you would go faster than anyone else for no apparent reason other than you went over something that gave you that super power.

Well, this video is kind of like that—we are going to go over something that will give you what will feel like a super power.

If you are a bike rider, there is a similar concept.

You see, if you want to go faster, you just get behind and “ride” the wind of the bikers in front of you. You can usually go faster by a few miles per hour and yet it feels easier—you don’t get as tired as quickly and you can go further.What you are going to learn in this video is like that too—there is a very simple way you can go faster—do more in less time—and not get as worn out in your real estate business.Traveling on an airplane is another similar experience. When you can ride the tradewinds, the plane goes faster and arrives at the destination more quickly with less effort (in this case, fuel).

Well, similar to Mario Cart, riding bikes and flying planes, there is a natural rhythm in real estate that you can “ride” to get things done more quickly and easier.

Click below to watch this video where I tell you all about it.

Look for the rhythm in your own real estate market and ride whatever your market’s version of the wave I explain is.  Apply the same concepts I explain in this video in your business and life will become more effortless.

You’ll barely notice, but all of a sudden more things get done more easily and without so much struggle and exhaustion.

So… what are you going to do with all that extra time and energy?

P.S. You are officially an #AgentWhoRocks. When I have more tips to help make life as a real estate agent better, I’ll share them with you. I’ll only share ideas I’m actually doing in my own business and concepts that have stood the test of time. So, stay tuned!

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